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Blueprint - Building a World-Class Data Program for Recruiting - Andrew Gadomski


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A presentation on how to set up a data analytics system and/or dashboard for all of recruiting. Andrew will review the foundations of building a strong program as well as the 6 categories of measures that matter to recruiting and sourcing and the measures themselves. We will then review how to segment data and present it in a progressive way – first for those that are beginners and just getting started, and then for full-on experts with sophisticated data sources and sets.

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Blueprint - Building a World-Class Data Program for Recruiting - Andrew Gadomski

  1. 1. BLUEPRINT Building a world class data program for recruiting Andrew Gadomski @ Aspen
  2. 2. hourly workforces high volume regulated #trenchHR data or bust exec recruiter mathlete corporate boss founder advisor ABOUT ASPEN & ANDREW
  3. 3. father husband brother crew member short order cook disc jockey ski bum baseball authority ABOUT MY LIFE & ANDY
  4. 4. Grounding the Discussion Today Analytics has advancing terrain with different level of skills required. Mastery is attained through practice and preparation. Several fundamentals are required and combined to win at analytics. Without executing fundamentals, there are no medals.
  5. 5. Report + Trend + Context = Analytics There is a Formula for Data Analytics…
  6. 6. A REPORT is a measure during a snapshot in time. Typically you show now, and then potentially other snapshots. Visualizations, tables of data, and even animation are used to present such information. Report + Trend + Context = Analytics
  7. 7. Report + Trend + Context = Analytics A METRIC or TREND is measure over a designated time period with several data points. Introduce what has been happening, what you knew previously, where you are now, and potentially where the trend is headed. Metrics can be issued as line charts or bar charts.
  8. 8. CONTEXT is the commentary about the measure to understand performance and expectations What does this mean? Does this feel good? Is this what we want? Annotations, conditions, traffic lights, targets. comparisons, and calls to action are required. Report + Trend + Context = Analytics
  9. 9. #1 Measures Work as a Team
  10. 10. CORE Measures that are understood the most, are the most visible, and likely the most influenced by HR directly #1 Measures Work as a Team Time to Present/Offer/Hire/Start; Source of AEIOU
  11. 11. Inbound Outbound Activity to a MASS AUDIENCE, regardless of its targeting, strategy and execution. Includes any activity that is done to a FINITE AUDIENCE, or even a SINGLE PERSON. The people who will respond are UNKNOWN to the message’s author at time of delivery The people who respond to this message are KNOWN to the message’s author at the time of delivery Data Tracking Sophisticated Responses Counted Personalization Low or Algorithm Examples: • Thread post • Job post on a career site or job board • a general video on a social channel. . Examples: • InMails • thread messages tailored to pre- identified community members • targeted email campaigns ? Familiar The candidate is internal, alumni, a contractor, or an employee referral. There is a strong connection to the company. Data Tracking Transactional Responses % responded Personalization High Data Tracking Source dependent Responses Source dependent Personalization Mixed Examples: • Alerts to internal employees • Succession planning • Specialized programs The candidate may respond to inbound or outbound messages, but the familiarity is clearly leveraged. #1 Measures Work as a Team Time to Present/Offer/Hire/Start; Source of AEIOU
  12. 12. ACTVITY Measures that many see and understand, but without results from effort, are seen as failures Applicant to Submit, Submit to Interview, Slate % #1 Measures Work as a Team
  13. 13. VALUE Measures that are the most important to those being serviced (mgrs, candidates…) HM / CAN Satisfaction; Money Saved; Money Leveraged #1 Measures Work as a Team
  14. 14. ENGAGEMEN T Measures that present feedback and rating on experiences that recipients have had. Candidate Experience; Hiring Manager Experience; Recruiter Engagement #1 Measures Work as a Team
  15. 15. DEVIATION Measures that highlight when standard processes or methods are not being used Messaging, Time to Disposition (Abandonment), Assessment Completion %, Interview to Offer Conversion #1 Measures Work as a Team
  16. 16. HEALTH Showcase your fitness and if the organization has readiness. HR rarely has control over such measures. Mobility, Diversity, Initiatives, Requisition Abandonment, Retention, Relocation*, Sign On Bonuses* #1 Measures Work as a Team
  17. 17. #1 Measures Work as a Team
  18. 18. Anybody ever see this? Developing Analytical Skills
  19. 19. Developing Analytical Skills Hone Based on Conditions and Speed Easiest More Difficult Most Difficult
  20. 20. #1 Measures Work as a Team
  21. 21. Speed Source Satisfaction Conversion Diversity $$ Saved $$ Leveraged Slate % Experience Engagement Abandonment Posting Mobility Disposition Retention #1 Measures Work as a Team…again
  22. 22. #2 Investigate Readiness
  23. 23. ATS + Satisfy Pushed Monthly Expenses CRM + EXP On Demand Weekly HR Brand + 3rd Full / Select Daily Ops Access, Permission, Refresh, Other Data #2 Investigate Readiness
  24. 24. #3 Match to Business Access, Permission, Refresh, Other Data ISADORA WILLIAMS
  25. 25. Enterprise Budget / Short Sourcing Business Multi-Year Keeping Local Vision Enabling Goals, Cycles, People Initiatives #3 Match to Business
  26. 26. #4 Present as Required, Not Desired 4 12|36
  27. 27. Quarterly Manual Presentation Monthly Semi-Automated Discussion Alert Ready Automated Self Service Frequency, Methodology, Interaction #4 Present as Required, Not Desired
  28. 28. Frequency, Methodology, Interaction #5 Sort and Segment
  29. 29. Frequency, Methodology, Interaction Business/Function Lead Recruiters Job Family Country / State (Requisition) Individuals Regions Nested Units Cost Centers (Req + Candidate) Teams Rooftops Products Initiatives (Media Platforms) #5 Sort and Segment
  30. 30. #5 Close Smartly
  31. 31. Trend Report + Context Analytics Story VOC Standard Visuals Annotations Intake Meetings Leader Meetings Operating Model Summits All Hands Stories, Standards, Summits #5 Close Smartly