Nonprofit Online Marketing Strategies (SEO, PPC, Facebook)


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How nonprofit organizations can effectively use search engines (SEO/PPC), Facebook and other social networks to attract more volunteers, donors and publicity for their causes.

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Nonprofit Online Marketing Strategies (SEO, PPC, Facebook)

  1. 1. Online Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations March 21, 2012
  2. 2. Phone: (617) 500-3450 What We’ll Cover Search Engines Facebook Other Social Networks Web Analytics Email Mobile/Smartphones
  3. 3. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Who Am I? CEO, Web Content Veteran SEO, PPC, Social Networking AdWords Certified/Web Analytics Focused Journalism Background
  4. 4. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Profiting on Online for Nonprofits Recruit new members Engage members Promot e events Recruit donors Build community Get recognition Forge alliance s
  5. 5. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Online Channels for Your Organization Search engines Social networks Facebook Mobile/Smartphones Email
  6. 6. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Offline Marketing Tactics Word of Mouth Flyers Canvassing Telephone Snail Mail Advertising
  7. 7. Phone: (617) 500-3450 What You Can Do Online Get people engaged in your organization Market & brand your organization Raise money Share successes (brag!) Illustrate the problem Listen better Free research
  8. 8. Phone: (617) 500-3450 How People Find You Online • Half of all Web visits start at a search engine (65% of that at Google) Search engines • 10% of all online time spent on Facebook Social networks • Still the #1 activity people do online Email
  9. 9. Phone: (617) 500-3450 SEARCH ENGINES Show up higher on Google for strategic keywords
  10. 10. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Search Engines: “Organic” Listings
  11. 11. Phone: (617) 500-3450 SEO: How Does Google Decide? • Rankings earned—NOT bought! • Long-term branding endeavors • Secret formula (like Coke!)
  12. 12. Phone: (617) 500-3450 PPC: Pay Per Click Overview
  13. 13. Phone: (617) 500-3450 PPC: Pay Per Click Overview Charged ONLY when people click on ads Quick fix to increase online presence “Quality Score” determines price, position Measurable, accountable
  14. 14. Phone: (617) 500-3450 WEB ANALYTICS Free research on what works and what’s a waste
  15. 15. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Web Analytics Benefits • Most popular pages How people use your site: What works & doesn’t • Search engines • Keywords • Referring sites See how users find out about site • Intelligence about how prospects view your org Find out which organizations users are from
  16. 16. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Analytics: Where Are Your Best Visitors? • View By – State – City, Town
  17. 17. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Web Analytics: Where Leads Drop Out Spot weaknesses in message, presentation
  18. 18. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Facebook Analytics Metrics change often. As of today: Likes: People who “Like” your page • Organic • Paid • Viral Reach: Age, Demographics, Geography Talking About This: People who created a story from your post Check-Ins: Location-based physical status update
  19. 19. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Facebook Analytics: Likes • Don’t get obsessed with Likes • They matter less (easy to Like something; harder to show up in Feed) • Focus on demographics, location
  20. 20. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Facebook Analytics: Posts Review what posts get most, best response Do more of that
  21. 21. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Facebook Latest • Likes evolving into brand-specific verbs • Read, Eat, Play • What’s yours? What’s Next: • Becomes mandatory at end of March • How can you take advantage of this? Timeline for Businesses
  22. 22. Phone: (617) 500-3450 MEASURING SUCCESS What Is Success?
  23. 23. Success = Conversions
  24. 24. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Conversions • Completion of actions showing deeper interest/engagement in your organization
  25. 25. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Engagement Funnel Not leaving Returning a lot •Viewing more pages, longer •Registering Following/friending •Commenting on content •Sharing on social networks •Subscribing to a feed Posting content •Joining/Volunteering/Donating
  26. 26. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Engagement Funnel Goal: Move people down the funnel (i.e., get people more engaged)
  27. 27. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Engagement Funnel Measure how many people progress how far down engagement funnel
  28. 28. Phone: (617) 500-3450 SOCIAL NETWORKS Get your fans to do your marketing for you
  29. 29. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Communicate directly with peers, prospects, donors Viral marketing: friends tell friends Low barrier to entry Perfect for young people Social Networking Overview
  30. 30. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Why Facebook Matters 10% of all online time spent on Facebook 2% of all online time spent on News Feed Prime way to talk to your ardent fans
  31. 31. Phone: (617) 500-3450 What’s Happening With Facebook • Timeline for Businesses (and org’s too!) • Change in how brands interact with “fans” • Likes evolving into brand-specific verbs • Read, Eat, Play • Advertising Improving
  32. 32. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Nonprofit Facebook Advertising Reach target audience Use power of friend endorsements These raise response
  33. 33. Phone: (617) 500-3450 TWITTER, OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS Focus on what works best
  34. 34. Phone: (617) 500-3450 What to do with Twitter Good for SEO Outbound: Spread news quickly among fans, peers, influencers, donors Inbound: Customer service center, be receptive to ideas, criticism, accolades Turn your network into an echo chamber
  35. 35. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Other Social Networks If you have time, bandwidth look for niche social networks (victims’ forums, etc) Focus on what works best Don’t get sucked into joining every new flavor Google+: Jury is still out Important for SEO, not as important for being “social”
  36. 36. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Other Social Networks
  37. 37. Phone: (617) 500-3450 How to Manage It All My new favorite service Time posts Multiple sites Easier to manage
  38. 38. Phone: (617) 500-3450 How to Manage it All Understand your Tweeps See best times to post Integrate with Buffer Talk to people when they want to listen to you
  39. 39. Phone: (617) 500-3450 How to Manage it All Edgerank Checker: Data on your Fans See best times to post Integrate with Buffer Talk to people when they want to listen to you
  40. 40. Phone: (617) 500-3450 EMAIL MARKETING Not sexy, but it works
  41. 41. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Source: Pew Internet “Search and email still top the list of most popular online activities” 8/9/11 Email Is Still #1 Online Activity Despite new trends, email & search consistently most- used channels 92% of online Americans use email 61% use it on an average day Youngest, college educated & wealthiest use email most
  42. 42. Phone: (617) 500-3450 What You Need to Know About Email The biggest threat to your message: Spam! 97% of ALL email is spam Don’t get sent to the Spam Folder Know, follow CAN-SPAM Act Other threat: Email OVERLOAD
  43. 43. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Use Email Effectively Subject lines: Beware default character limits for GMail, Outlook Images: Most programs filter them out; Don’t put important messages solely in graphics Include good calls to action: Get folks to DO something Measure: Not just open rates. What do people do after they click?
  44. 44. Phone: (617) 500-3450 MOBILE MARKETING Smartphones change how people get info
  45. 45. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Source: Pew Internet “Smartphone Adoption and Usage” 7/11/11 Smartphones One-third of all American adults (35%) own smartphones 58% of 25-34 year olds own a smartphone 25% of all smartphone owners do most of their online browsing on their mobile phones
  46. 46. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Leverage Mobile Make sure your site looks good on various phones Engage fans on phones through Foursquare, SMS, Maps Let people donate through texting Consider games, contests to get people to respond mobily
  47. 47. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Nonprofit Services • Google, many others offer discounts, credits for 501c3s • Google Grants: AdWords credits • Network For Good: Online fundraising service • Make it easier for people to donate to you • Good2Gether: Service to promote nonprofits contextually on media Websites • Constant Contact: 20% discount on email marketing • Look to Twitter for expert advice (@kantor)
  48. 48. Phone: (617) 500-3450 Wrapping Up Use online tools for recruitment, promotion, donations Enlist and engage your most-ardent supporters Test, test, test Dizzying number of options: Focus on what works best
  49. 49. Let’s Get Started! Josh Fialkoff (617) 500-3450