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Meeteor pitch deck v7.3


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Meeteor pitch deck v7.3

  1. 1. Meeteor gets youwarm introductionsto thecompanies and industriesyou’re interested in
  2. 2. Meeteor IsPandora for People
  3. 3. Phil – Project Manager @ Bloomberg Founded Commission Management Services (CMS) Division of Bloombergs Brokerage Led all marketing and branding efforts Led strategic partnerships to aggregate trading volume Designed first automated trade reconciliation software in the industry CMS generated $100M its first yearTeamChris – Engineering Project Manager @ Apple Senior member of Product Release team for Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard Managed development process for Mac OS X releases from idea to store shelves Created innovative features with the world’s best engineers B.S. in Computer Science from UC San DiegoBrandon – IT Director @ LaFrance Corp. Ruby on Rails Ninja Helped launch four startups in 2010 Managed for the IT operations for 3000+ person company Developed web applications to integrate various business systems
  4. 4. Steps- Friend someoneyou don’tknow?- Poke someone?- Manually searchdatabase- Pay $10 for“InMail”- Write AwkwardEmail- Create profile thensearch. Samefunctionality asLinkedInProblems- FB for social notprofessionalnetworking- Only interact withpeople youalready know- Mostly used forpublic profile oronline rolodex- Cold emails oftenignored- Job Search sites areinherently NOTsocial.- Reactive vs.proactively makingintroductionsNetworking Today
  5. 5. Sound Familiar?Recipient Didn’t Attend Temple!
  6. 6. Goal:Philip Cortes970 Friends622 ConnectionsMeet people atGoogle
  7. 7. I can probably name3-5 friends who knowpeople at GoogleCharlie KloudBest FriendWorked at GoogleLuke JohnsonRoommateWorked in TechSarah GuntherColleagueDating an Engineer at Google
  8. 8. But I have no ideawhat the actual graphlooks like…Charlie KloudBest FriendWorked at GoogleLuke JohnsonRoommateWorked in TechSarah GuntherColleagueDating an Engineer at Google
  9. 9. Turns out I have40 friends who canintroduce me to122 people at Google
  10. 10. who to ping,, andwhyAnd Meeteor knows…and why
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. People Are Doing It!
  13. 13. Sources: Milen &eMarketer, UniversalMcCann, WSJ, BLSAverage 11 jobchanges in alifetime100,000 peoplejoin workforceevery monthWho Wants to Meet People?9% peoplenetworkprofessionallyonline40% job seekersfind their jobsthroughnetworkingButOnly
  14. 14.  Targets Close knit communities with strong 2nd degreenetworks Business school students & alumni, new college grads,conferences, Meetups Tactics Networking competitions at target schools Networking with FB friends not on Meeteor Post goals on FB walls for each user FB ads directed at friends of Meeteor usersUser Acquisition
  15. 15.  Freemium model Premium services: Additional Introductions Additional matching filters Advertising Targeted advertising based on interests & professionalbackground Licensing Partner with event organizers to show connections duringticket purchase process Virtual Goods Buy a virtual coffee or actual gift card for new connectionsMonetization
  16. 16. Use of FundsSalariesFounders, Mobile Developer, Back End Developer$270,000Design FeesWeb app & mobile app$15,000Advertising $50,000Hosting $22,500Office Space $15,000Legal Fees $17,500Hardware & Misc. Expenses $10,00018 month total $400,000
  17. 17. Q&A