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From Intake to Engagement: Old School and New Cool Strategies and Techniques


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recruitDC Fall 2016

Steve Levy | Recruiting Inferno Consulting | Principal

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From Intake to Engagement: Old School and New Cool Strategies and Techniques

  1. 1. Engaging Human
  2. 2. Hello! I am Steve Levy  Engineer, Sourcer, Recruiter, Coach, Mentor, Strategist, Trainer, Therapist  Consult on strategy, sourcing, recruiting, social, training  Advisor day100, Hiretual, GigSource  Tweeting from @levyrecruits; Blogging from, RBC, ERE
  7. 7. 202 to 1 Source: [recruiter OR recruiting OR staffing OR HR OR talent OR employment] [159,907,000 employed to 791,009 in recruiting] Employed to recruiting RATIO in the US
  9. 9. OMG
  10. 10. INMAULING
  11. 11. Recruiters are
  12. 12. Most Important recruiting Tools? YOUR BRAIN
  13. 13. 72% of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills…with 48% planning to increase headcount in the coming year. [75% of] CEOs say that a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce should be a priority for business in the country where they’re based. Source: State of Recruiting
  14. 14. Tough Being a Recruiter No No No Noooooooooo Maybe… [looks at social media feeds] [referral from CEO’s cousin’s brother’s golfing partner] [that hiring manager you want to kill]
  15. 15. Yessssss!
  16. 16. When behaviors change… Source:
  17. 17. THE TALK
  18. 18. What do you really think about your job descriptions?
  19. 19. “I’ll know it when I see it…”
  20. 20. Why have a robust STRATEGY SESSION?  Convergent Validity  Talent Scout  Honest and Positive Branding  Sustainable Pipelining  Talent Community Building
  21. 21. The Strategy Session Agenda  Basics  Performance & Scorecard  Team  Network  Sourcing Details
  22. 22. Filling in the dart board…
  23. 23. Basics  In your words, tell me about the role?  What skills and experiences should a person bring with them in order to be successful?  Describe the day-to-day including a very good day and a very bad one.  Where will this position be located?  What is the budgeted salary? Will there be any internal equity issues?
  24. 24. Basics  What is your time frame to hire?  Who will be on the interview team?  What does the interview process look like?  Was anything left out of the job description that is absolutely necessary for success?  Why would the very best person in a similar title at <organization> want to come here?  What would they be doing here that they would not be doing “there”?
  25. 25. Performance & Scorecard  What will their career projection look like in this role? What has been the career path for others in this role?  Tell me about the team’s performance scorecard?  In the first 90-180 days of working here, what will a person have accomplished that will tell you that hiring them was the right move?  What would you like them to achieve in 12 months?  Examples of work team has produced?
  26. 26. Sourcing The Team  Who is or was the incumbent? Where did they succeed? Where did they fail?  What is or was the background (previous employer, role, etc.) of others in this role?  What is the difference between the best and worst performer on the team?
  27. 27. Sourcing The Network  Who is on your “Please Hire For Me” list who has remained anonymous to our recruiting team?  Have you already spoken to any people from your network who I should know about?  Who in your network should we be speaking with who can serve as conduits to others?
  28. 28. Sourcing The What  Alternative Job Titles used on the outside?  Alternative skills that translate well into this role?  Desired Target Organizations per Manager?  Desired Target Organizations per team members?  Desired Target Universities per Manager?  Desired Target Universities per team members?
  29. 29. Sourcing The Where  Are Hiring Manager & team members active in any Alumni association?  Professional Associations, Meetups, etc. (global, national, regional, local) attended by the Hiring Manager & team members? Brick and Mortar  Which Social Networking sites (global, national, regional, local) are visited by the Hiring Manager & team members? Digital  Organization’s Community work? We’re Hiring!
  30. 30. Sourcing The Where  Functional or Technical Forums where group members go to post/answer work-related questions? Interactions  Functional or Technical Conferences attended by the Hiring Manager & team members during past 12 months?  Functional or Technical Conferences to be attended by the Hiring Manager & team members during next 12 months?
  31. 31. Sourcing The Where  Functional or Technical Association eNewsletters or eZines subscribed to Hiring Manager & team members?  Specific software tools, packages or apps used (or projected to be used) by the team?  Functional or Technical Articles or Blog posts written by the Hiring Manager & team members during the past 12 months? Look at the Comments
  32. 32. Sourcing Special  Awards won by the Hiring Manager or team members during the past 12+ months  Running Meetups  Gym Shirts  Supermarket Tear-off Sheets  Patents and patent applications  Restaurants with business card bowls
  33. 33.  Plan ahead – Whom do you covet?  Assign a Buddy  Offer a Special Tour  Hand out the “Special Swag”  Hey, here’s my card…  Add a “Buddy Clause” to your Employee Referral Program Managing a meetup
  35. 35. From STRATEGY SESSION to the local precinct…
  36. 36. [little we do in recruiting comes easily] If done thoughtfully…
  37. 37. NEW COOL TOOLS
  38. 38. Conferences on
  39. 39. LISTS ARE THE LOW HANGING FRUIT ON inurl:lists inurl:members -inurl:jobs "cybersecurity" VA|DC|MD
  40. 40.
  41. 41.
  43. 43. THE Engagement PROBLEM
  44. 44. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Point made Excessive but okay if you’re really pissed off Now we’re getting a bit stupid Idiot Idiot bordering on moron Moron or Super Moron Please throw rocks at me
  45. 45. My Most Important Advice You don’t want to lead the horse to water – you just want to make them thirsty
  46. 46. Emails and InMails  Subject  First Line  Self-deprecation  The Behavioral Contract  Company Marketing  Buddah  How I found you/About me  What you can do next
  47. 47. Subject: Curb Appeal  Research your target group  Topical Jokes?  Controversial issues?  Quotes?  Specific problem to be solved?  The power of the ellipse…
  48. 48. Subject: Examples  “node.js ISN'T cancer" (Google it)…  We have shaved heads, chin hair, and the same first name…  your NAME blog, cute pic of your son, and another annoying recruiter email…  More Traffic Means More Earnings for Steve....
  49. 49. First Line: Simplicity  Don’t go the “Pick me! Pick me!” route  If you can, make it short and sweet  Continue the pace of the Subject line  Have fun…show your personality  Use antiseptics on wounds – not for sourcing
  50. 50. First Line: Examples  Good morning from slushy New York City.  We've never met but since I did grow up on Hershey's chocolate – and we're both on the Talent side of business – I feel that we're almost related.  If you were to think about taking your NAM skills elsewhere, where might you go?
  51. 51. First line fun: from dating  Is your name Wi-Fi? Cause I’m feeling a connection coming on…  Is your name Waldo? Because someone like you is hard to find.  Are you a magician? Because whenever I read your Tweets about cybersecurity, everyone else disappears!  Sorry, but you owe me a drink because when I looked at your code, I dropped mine.
  52. 52.  Life without you at my company would be like a broken pencil... pointless.  Your profile reminds me of a magnet, because you sure are attracting me over here!  On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9. I'm the 1 recruiter you need.  I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty good with numbers. Tell you what — give me yours and I’ll text you a really cool link about my company. First line fun: from dating
  53. 53.  I may not be a genie, but I can make all of your career wishes come true!  You're a Developer with Google. I'm a Recruiter with Company. Coincidence? I think not.  If it weren't for that DAMNED sun, you'd be the hottest thing ever created.  If your skills were a burger at McDonalds, I'd be calling you “McGorgeous” First line fun: from dating
  54. 54. First line fun: from literature  “Quietly, like a shadow, I watch this drama unfold scene by scene. I am the lucid one here, the dangerous one, and nobody suspects.” —Love, Anger, Madness: A Haitian Triptych (Marie Vieux-Chauvet)  “Call me Ishmael. Some years ago - never mind how long precisely - having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.” —Moby Dick (Herman Melville)  “Nobody ever warned me about mirrors, so for many years I was fond of them, and believed them to be trustworthy.” —Boy, Snow, Bird (Helen Oyeymi)
  55. 55. First line fun: from literature  "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." —The Hobbit (J. R. R. Tolkien)  “Everyone had always said that John would be a preacher when he grew up, just like his father. It had been said so often that John, without ever thinking about it, had come to believe it himself.” —Go Tell It On the Mountain (James Baldwin)  “Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.” —Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)
  56. 56. Self-deprecation: I know we’re bad  They know why you’re reaching out to them so you might as well be in on the game  They’ve already trashed 117 crappy emails and InMails this week – so they’re really good at it
  57. 57. Self-deprecation: Example Yes, I’m a recruiter – but quite a bit unlike the others who aren’t well liked by the software dev community (although I might be after this email). I came from engineering over to – by chance - the dark side of recruiting and HR. While there’s always a chance you’ll <Delete> this right away, I hope to give you a reason not to…
  58. 58. The Behavioral Contract: A/B/C  I feel your pain, I get crappy, creepy InMauls too  Jump starting the relationship begins with honesty and action; let “going farther than any other recruiter” be your professional mantra…
  59. 59. The Behavioral Contract: Example So (a) I won’t contact you anymore unless you want me to, (b) I’ll go away if you tell me to, and (c) I’ll help any friend of yours who might have a need to change jobs or find a job - even if they aren’t in software development. Not all recruiters are [add your favorite curse word here].
  60. 60. Company Marketing: We’re special  One line preferred unless you really have a story to tell that ties into why you’re contacting them  You know those novels about your company that proceed the “meat” of your job description? No.  Be honest (or authentic – if you’re being honest)
  61. 61. Company Marketing: Example Here’s the deal NAME: I work for <company> in NYC; we’ve created a fully-automated, touchless TV ad-buying platform that delivers highly-targeted impressions (the TV ad market is $70 Billion annually – so much for the demise of TV). We’re the only company doing this.
  62. 62. Company Marketing: Example I'm not assuming anything about your happiness and satisfaction at work but I am assuming that you might be open to hearing about why Gartner places <company> in the Magic Quadrant for its internally and externally facing online video platforms (Magic Quadrant link). As far as specifics, our platform is transforming the way Educational institutions teach and interact; the way Enterprises develop their employees and culture; and how Media & Entertainment companies stream and monetize content.
  63. 63. Buddah: You’re beautiful to me  There are many reasons why this person will be receiving your email – tell them why  Be prepared to go into more detail when they respond
  64. 64. Buddah: Example Our API Layer is heavy node.js. Since you’re one of its 500+ authors, I’m reaching out to you because others who use node.js probably look up to you – and you might know a few who might like what we’re doing here. I’m equally interested in connecting with someone who wants to be an employee or a consultant.
  65. 65. How I found you: Sourcing Cool  Demystifying the blackhole  I’ve seen yours, here’s mine…
  66. 66. How I found you: Sourcing Cool (Part 1) Hope you don’t mind but I used this Boolean string in Google to find your “home” page (inurl:~cv | intitle:~cv) java agile QA test automation Selenium MySQL NY -send -jobs -job -apply - writing (it looks for “resume” pages with SQA related terms; also shows a good deal of junk so I was lucky you came up on the first page)
  67. 67. How I found you: Sourcing Cool (Part 2) Then I read some of your Tweets and checked to see if Googling “FIRST LAST” forum produced posts of yours (you seem to like; I know it looks like cyberstalking but in the recruiting world it’s called “research”
  68. 68. What you can do next: Your move  Power swap  It’s up to you…
  69. 69. What you can do next: Example NAME, feel free to ping me if you need more info – here's a blog post I wrote about the API and Hadoop layers, relay this email on to those whom you think might be interested (perhaps coming off contract or pissed off that they’re not doing the things they were promised in their current role), or I suppose ignore me if this email creeped you out.
  70. 70. Subject: De acuerdo con "Visual Networking Index" de Cisco... Mexico, IP video will be 85% of all IP traffic in 2018, up from 66% in 2013; Internet video traffic (business and consumer combined) will be 82% of all Internet traffic in 2018, up from 64% in 2013; ...Ultra HD Video-On-Demand will be 5.2% of IP VOD traffic in 2018, up from 0.0% in 2013 (353.3% CAGR). I'm not assuming anything about your happiness at work but I am assuming that as someone who seems to like technology, you might be interested in how the exploding use of video has forever changed the structure and landscape of how Educational institutions teach and interact; how Enterprises develop their employees and culture; and how Media & Entertainment companies stream and monetize content… EXAM
  71. 71. ...and how <company’s> open-source video platform is poised to be the superhighway in Mexico on which the above growth travels. Por supuesto, el crecimiento significa contratación - y en este momento, significa ingenieros de ventas. So I'd enjoy connecting with you here and answering your questions about <company> and Mexico. One more thing - if anyone you know needs career assistance, I'll help them any way I can (I have a very large professional network). Even from New York. Really. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you very much for reading all the way to the end. EXAM
  72. 72. Subject: More Traffic Means More Earnings for NAME… NAME- If you were to think about taking your NAM skills elsewhere, where might you go? Link to article Thoughts? EXAM
  73. 73. Putting it all together…  This has to go down as the single best email I have ever received from a recruiter! I would definitely like to know more about the position. Do you have time to talk tomorrow?  Nice! That is by far the best recruiter email I have ever received.  It is very refreshing to see a "non" introductory email and both COMPANY & you has tickled my fancy with regard to where COMPANY sits now within the market and where it wants to head.
  74. 74. Things you can do tomorrow  For those challenging searches, schedule a Strategy Session and follow-ups; later on, extend to all positions  Hold Personalization Contests; test “risky” campaigns  Share tools and successes via recruitDC community channels  Be creative and experiment – ask your current employees how they would respond
  75. 75. Discuss ion
  76. 76. Contact me: I mean it  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Blog:  Insta:  email/Skype:  Phone: 646-535-6226