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Blogging for lead capture Presentation


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Blogging for lead capture and seo (introductory)

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Blogging for lead capture Presentation

  1. 1. BLOGGING for Lead Capture ! Brought to you by KAYAK Online Marketing & HUG Canadian Prairies
  2. 2. Sell Attract Capture Site Blog Landing Different Types of Website Pages
  3. 3. Sell Content Capture Site Blog Landing Educational, Entertaining, Actionable
  4. 4. Content Be Interesting, Provocative, Questioning Never Selling
  5. 5. Content include images, videos, infographics, illustrations…
  6. 6. Schedule Follow an editorial calendar
  7. 7. Persona Write to your persona(s)
  8. 8. SEO Craft on-page seo elements
  9. 9. Get It Now Call-to-action Prompt the reader to take action
  10. 10. 80 507 621
  11. 11. Social Connect, Share, Engage, Discuss BE Sociable.
  12. 12. s le u R w e N t 1 nten 2 o C eting f o k r a M ords eyw ce eat K tsau r #1 T ke Ho 1 Li # 11,238 With t Trus cy d Buil paren #3 ans 1 Tr # and) With r e e th or B ntify ice ( Ide 6 Us s # a Vo Can New ave ers #1 #2 H stom e u s Ar #1 C dline g Hea thin #5 very of 1E htag y t # has ilit Mos th e dab e th ea wi #fin Mak at Id s s #4 Gre mat oard b For a Cup sh 1 le # the e Tra ultip eone 1M tock ut th # Som hile n’t S ke O a o W uC a elf t [ ]
  13. 13. RECAP: minimum 800 words on a single topic include an interesting visual or video follow an editorial calendar write to your marketing persona craft a compelling meta description include on-page links to related content include a call-to-action button engage with your connections
  14. 14. Sell Attract Capture Site Blog Landing Different Types of Website Pages
  15. 15. understand your client’s buying process
  16. 16. Offer create an offer of value
  17. 17. SEND Forms match the form to the value and
 position within your sales funnel
  18. 18. Responsive prepare for conversions on all platforms
  19. 19. Act respond to leads promptly
  20. 20. RECAP: understand your client’s buying process create an offer your prospects will want create a form matching the value of the offer prep for a variety of screens respond promptly
  21. 21. Growth lead capture increases with blogging frequency