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Two main factors of SEO are Relevancy & Page Authority. This slide deck will take you through the most important elements and factors of a successful SEO campaign. Search Engine Marketing in 2013 should highlight the evolution of the Google, Yahoo and Bing algorithms. Explaining their attempt to deliver the most relevant information to their customers returning exactly what they are searching for.

Interestingly the more algo’s change the more SEO strategies stay the same. Review our slide show for a quick insight on the tactics needed to stay competitive with your search engine optimization.

The author of the presentation is John DiCristo, a SEM Consultant for the leading SEO Company, Contact John today for a SEO analysis of your website presence.

John is available for SEO speaking & training engagements. John is based in Matthews, NC a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Check out John’s Blog to stay up with latest on digital marketing,

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SEO Company Keynote Speech | Search Engine Optimization | Boostability

  1. 1. Secrets of SEO =Extraordinary Lead Generation
  2. 2. Why SEO?Increase Sales!
  3. 3. N Where on the Page?O Yes Y e s Yes NO
  4. 4. ROI!
  5. 5. How?Two main factors  Relevancy  Page Authority
  6. 6. RelevancyCritical Page Structure & Onsite Optimization Elements:  Title Tags  URL Structure  Content  NO DUPLICATE CONTENT  Image Tags called alt tags
  7. 7. Title TagsThe first thing that Google reads! Hyphen (-), colon (:), or pipe (|) are your best separators.
  8. 8. URL StructureYour URL should match the content of your page.
  9. 9. Content Is King! Minimum of 300 words per page/post. Main Rule! No duplicate content. All Content must be original. Photos are content. This Power Point is content. Video is content. Google loves YouTube so you should too. Consistency and as often as possible.
  10. 10. Image Tags Called Alt TagsProbably the most forgotten. The visually impaired needyour help.
  11. 11. Page AuthorityBacklinks-Site PopularityGoogle+ LocalDirectory SubmissionsBlogosphereArticle SubmissionsPress ReleasesInfographicsSocial Bookmarks
  12. 12. BackLinks!Attract buzz: Natural links, +1s, likes, follows... In every business theres something compelling, interesting, entertaining, or surprising that you can offer or share with your users.
  13. 13. Google+ Local
  14. 14. Directory SubmissionsThere are 100’s of 1000’s of directories. Get to work!
  15. 15. BlogosphereMillions of Blogs, Keep working- Not your Blog. If you want to be an authority on your subject post on other Blogs creating readership, relationships and backlinks. About 300 words per post.
  16. 16. Article SubmissionArticles are generally at least 700 words and contain explanations, analysis and/or visuals (screen captures, illustrations, etc.) Articles are evaluated on the value of the content to the community as well as on accuracy. As opposed to a Blog post are tips, general information, or otherwise brief information.
  17. 17. Press Releases Just off the presses!, December 26, 2012Matt Cutts of Google said in a Google Webmaster Help forums that links from press releases shouldnt have a positive impact on your rankings.Matt wrote:“I wouldnt expect links from press release web sites to benefit your rankings, however.”When you do press releases, it might get your web site in front of the eyes of bloggers, reporters and others, where what they write or link to may have an impact on your rankings. But the links within the releases themselves, Google says - they wont benefit your rankings.
  18. 18. InfographicsInformation graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations ofinformation, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex informationquickly and clearly.
  19. 19. Social BookmarksA method for people to search, organize, store and share items (i.e. blogposts, online articles, pictures, etc.) of interest using the item’s URL
  20. 20. The EndIt is not hard or hard to understand it is just work. Good Luck! John DiCristo is my blog 704-576-6234