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24 Awesome Infographic Ideas to Inspire Your Next Beautiful Creation



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Infographics are awesome, simply because they can capture and hold our attention so well - if done right. The best part is, there are so many great examples out there that we can draw inspiration from. Here are 24 infographic ideas that you can use to create your next beautiful creation.

24 Awesome Infographic Ideas to Inspire Your Next Beautiful Creation

  1. 9 Million Infographics Later, 24 Infographic Ideas To Inspire Your Next Beautiful Creation Brings You
  2. "Good artists copy; Great artists steal "
  3. So, it's perfectly fine to stand on the shoulders of giants and borrow inspiration from them. I'm fine with it, really!
  4. First, talk about your product or service - but refrain from selling explicitly. Tip: Take the opportunity to provide interesting and useful insights about your product or service to your audience.
  5. People are usually curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes of a given industry, so explain how your service/product works. Click here for full image #1 Behind the Scenes
  6. Click here for full image If your service or product has instructions or requires customer to go through a process, make a guideline infographic for them. #2 Step-by-Step
  7. If your service or product exists in a competitive market, showcasing interesting or novel uses of it will give you points for creativity. Click here for full image #3 Showcase
  8. Share tips, cheat-sheets, and hacks to your service or product. This makes it easier for new users to get on board and old users to improve their workflow. Click here for full image #4 Tips and Tricks
  9. Com parisons Click here for full image Compare the newer versions of your service or product to the older ones like “This year versus last year.” People love seeing growth and improvement from entrepreneurs. #5
  10. Potential customers want to know what makes your service or product better than others to make a decision. Creatively highlighting key features will help to convince your customers-to-be. #6 Pitch and Promote Click here for full image
  11. People use your product or service to achieve a goal. So make guidelines about how to achieve that goal - while subtly including your company as part of the process. #7 Guides Clickhereforfullimage So many choices, so little time...
  12. Have a blog for your business? Visualizing articles or small key points (microcontent) and making them embeddable can do wonders to your ‘Share’ button. #8 Visualize Articles Click here for full image
  13. Look at your business’ social media channels. Any status or photo you shared that got liked, shared, favorited, or retweeted much more than others? Build on that viral content — turn them into a visual story. #9 Repurpose viral content Click here for full image
  14. Explain your core values. Most users want to know why you do what you do, whether it’s to improve the lives of your users or save the environment. #10 Tell Your Story Click here for full image
  15. Your business has a context and a community. Actively staying in touch benefits your business and also draws your customers’ attention. Next, take a look at your industry.
  16. Share insightful tips and advice relating to your industry to be seen as a thought leader. #11 Thought Leadership Click here for full image
  17. Strange things attract attention. Highlight unique data, interesting statistics, or fascinating facts that circulate in the industry. #12 Highlight Interesting Data Click here for full image
  18. Myth-busting is fun. Demonstrate your knowledge of the industry by unraveling common misconceptions. #13 Bust a Myth Clickhereforfullimage Uh, teacher, I'm not sure that's right...
  19. Every industry has key figures. Talk about the leaders’ contributions, quotes, working styles — anything you find inspiring. #14 Be Inspirational Click here for full image Yeah, I guess I was pretty much a genius.
  20. Every industry has events, conferences, and shows. Predict the outcome, recap, and comment on what happened during these industry-specific events. #15 Summaries And Recaps Click here for full image
  21. Every industry has hot keywords too. Learning the lingo and making in-depth case studies will help you gain credibility. #16 Keyword Research Click here for full image
  22. History is a gold mine of lessons to be learnt. Show the history or progress of your industry. How did it come about? Who were the pioneers? What are the key figures everyone should know? #17 Look at History Click here for full image That's Jack Dorsey. Because you know... Twitter.
  23. The future is no less important than the past or present. Predicting, analyzing, comparing trends are all good ways to get the ball rolling. #18 ... And Into The Future Click here for full image
  24. New research about the industry just got published? Use that to get a conversation going. Discuss the content, weighing the pros and cons of the findings. #19 Dive into Research Click here for full image
  25. Your current (and potential) audience is already telling you what they want to see. Strive to be audience- centric. Definitely, listen to your audience.
  26. Take a good look at the demographics of your current customers. It’s something they can relate to. At the same time, it piques interests from people from the same demographic but aren’t your customers (yet). #20 Audience Breakdown Click here for full image Not literally.
  27. What do your users post online? Do any of their interests match your service/product’s profile? Find that sweet spot where your business can assist your audience. Lists like “10 ways that can help you be a better XYZ” fall into this category. #21 Help Them Succeed Click here for full image
  28. People love reading other people’s stories. Interview your happy customers and tell the story of how your business helps improve their life and work. #22 Testimonials Click here for full image
  29. Whether it be Christmas season or Black Friday, there's always a good reason to celebrate happy moments with your audience. Finally, take advantage of festive seasons.
  30. #23 Click here for full image #24 Click here for full image
  31. These ideas were taken from our ebook, Infographics: The Untapped Potential CLICK HERE Learn more about how the big brands use infographics, and how you can beat them. to download it