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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. A guide forhelping students with content vocabulary
  2. 2. When teaching new vocabulary words do your students look like this? If you answered yes, we will be using interactiveprogram today that your students just might beg you to use!The students think they are playing games, but you will know they are learning.
  3. 3. What is this program?• The program’s name is Quizlet.• The way it works is simple: you create a free account with Quizlet Once done, you can either create your own flashcards or use one of the many lists listed on the Quizlet website.
  4. 4. UseUses:Introduce Topic Vocab & hear pronunciationFamiliarize/Study Key TermsPractice Spelling & Listening SkillsTrack student progress if they create an account(Students must have an email address that they can access to verify account)Create short, printable vocabulary quizzesHold team vocabulary competitions using IWB
  5. 5. Familiarize• Once cards are created, students are ready to GO forward and start practicing their new words.• You can choose to have the students either look at the word, definition or both. It is at this stage that they are familiarizing themselves with their new words.
  6. 6. SpellerSpeller allows your student to practice spellingkey vocabulary words by listening to the wordbeing pronounced.Now you can tell your students…. YES! Spelling Counts!!!!
  7. 7. Learn• This feature allows students to test their skills as they type the correct word for the listed definition• The students record is listed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. It highlights:• how many words remain• how many words are incorrect• how many words are correct.
  8. 8. Learn• Learn keeps track of what terms students had difficulty with and will re-quiz the students until they have gotten all terms correct.*much of Quizlet has been updated with anauditory feature that allows words/definitions tobe read out loud to the student
  9. 9. Test• This feature allows for students to quiz themselves to see just how well they have been studying• It also allows you to print the test for a “quick” mini-quiz that you can print out for a Do Now or Exit assessment
  10. 10. Scatter• Scatter is a nice way for students to play a game that reinforces vocab skills• Students can work individually or in a group to drag the words to the matching definition
  11. 11. Monitor Progress
  12. 12. Space Race• The definitions fly across the screen.• Students must type the correct word in the box at the bottom of the screen.• If incorrect or not fast enough, the game pauses, word & definition appear to reinforce the term and the student is prompted to copy the correct word. Once this step is completed the game resumes.
  13. 13. Printable Flashcards• Quizlet provides many new formats to create printable flashcardsThis is helpful for:• Students without computers• Creating classroom set of flashcards, etc.
  14. 14. Yes…you can embed!• A great feature about quizlet is that you can link to your newest vocab, or better yet…Embed the flashcards or other activities right into your webpage!