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A how to for the education program Quizlet.

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  1. 1. By: Jessica Kerman By: Jessica Kerman
  2. 2. Andrew Sutherland Creator of
  3. 3. Getting to KnowDemo #1 Demo #2
  4. 4. Ideas forThere are many different uses for Quizlet• Learning a new language• Studying facts for social studies/science• Adapting materials to put pictures with words and definitions to help students who need a visual to learn
  5. 5. What can offer• Quizlet has a teacher page that is dedicated to the subject areas math, languages, science, social studies, and English *choose any one of the subjects and be taken to a page filled with already made flashcards and games for you or your students to use
  6. 6. My Creation• As a Multiple Disabilities teacher working with many students with Autism, they struggle to understand and recognize facial expressions. So my goal was to create flash cards that will help them learn what different expressions may look like. Look at the following slides to see how I created my very own set of flashcards
  7. 7. Pros Vs. Cons• Pros:- Great tool to give to your students that they are able to use on their own to study- The ability to add pictures to the cards to help students remember words or meanings- Fast and simple way to study instead of using the old paper and pencil method. Most students love to use the computer and what a great way to incorporate it into your school day
  8. 8. Pros Vs. Cons cont.• Cons-you can only use the pictures that are availableon the website, unless you upgrade to QuizletPro and pay money to upload your own photos-Not all students will have access to a computer
  9. 9. In the Classroom• Science-you can make flashcards for the different types of rocks, cycles in Biology, or vocabulary• Social Studies-learning different Presidents, wars, or vocabulary• Math-Studying equations and vocabulary• Languages-Studying for foreign language, helping students who need extra help in language as well as myidea of teaching students with Autism expressions, because that is there language and they needto learn it as well.• As well as using this site for making flashcards it also has a tool that will create games based off of the information you entered onto the flashcards
  10. 10. Starting my flashcard group called “expressions” Choosing the words and pictures for my flashcards After saving my flashcards I can now use them to study, using either games or the traditional flashcards