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Orientation fall 2017


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Fall 2017 Orientation

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Orientation fall 2017

  1. 1. WELCOME TO ADAPTIVE COMPUTER LAB (ACL) ORIENTATION Fall 2017 Please read all information as there are important changes.
  2. 2. OUR MISSION • We will try very hard to assist you in achieving success at Fullerton College. • We will try very hard to match your creativity, hard work ethic and persistence. In other words, if you work hard and assume the responsibilities of a college student then you are going to get a great deal of help in the ACL.
  3. 3. General ACL Hours Monday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Tuesday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Wednesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (Every other Friday to 2:00 pm) NOTE: The least crowded times are late afternoons, Tuesday evening and Friday.
  4. 4. Scanning In and Out of ACL Scan your ID card and select your class. You will not receive hours if you forget to scan in and out. Your hours are your responsibility. ATTENTION: You may scan in the ACL if another class cancels or dismisses early. NOTE: You must scan out whenever you exit the Lab and you must scan in when you re- enter.
  5. 5. Class Progress and Hours To check total Lab hours, go to myFC on the FC home page and log in as you would a Lab computer. Lab Usage will display total minutes. Each 0.5 (1/2) unit requires a specified number of Lab hours: 0.5 unit requires 27 Lab hours; 1 unit requires 36 Lab hours; 1.5 units require 63 Lab hours; and 2 units require 90 Lab hours. • You earn credit (Pass/Progress) for the Lab hours completed in accordance with your units, i.e. 0.5 unit with 40 hours earns 0.5 unit. Change your units by November 17. DEADLINES – November 17 to make any changes to units and November 19 is last day to drop with a “W”. To pass the class (P for Progress) , you must attend one workshop, training OR group instruction, in addition to hours.
  6. 6. Select Hours for Lab Usage Write down your selected hours from below for your educational plan form. Registered Lab Units Average Hours per Week Semester Hours Required to Pass Number of Time Slots to Select 0.5 1 ¾ 27 1 1 2 ¼ 36 2 1.5 4 63 2-3 2 5 ¾ 90 3 Persist and keep up-to-date on your progress throughout the semester so you won’t get a “No Progress” on your transcript.
  7. 7. • User name is your Student ID number. • Password: Each semester the password is set to your 6-digit birthday (mmddyy). Example – 030895. • Your FCnet account and MyGateway will now have the same password. • If you forget your password, you will need to reset it in MyGateway. Logging On and Printing • MyGateway – Use MyGateway portal on the FC home page to access your email, ACL announcements, and other valuable FC information. Ask for help with this, if needed. • Printing – Printing is not free on campus. It is 0.05¢ per page. Color printing is now available in the ACL (804_HpM575 ) for 0.25¢ per page. • Print Account – Go to the Bookstore cash register to add money to your account. Student ID is required.
  8. 8. Other Campus Resources Available for Help • ASC – Academic Support Center (Room 801) • Skills Center (Room 801) – some great computer programs for reading and writing. • Tutoring Center (Room 806) – only facility on campus that provides tutoring. • Writing Center (Room 808) – use it as it will improve your writing; look for their workshops and receive double ACL hours for attending. • Math Lab (Room 807) – provides assistance and support for students taking Math 007 – 43, 129, 141 and 142. • ACL website – lots of resources and free money too! • Parrot, Inspiration Software, Mathhelp, Merit Software and more are on ACL computers.
  9. 9. SOME ACL WORKSHOPS PRESENTED DURING THE SEMESTER • Livescribe Smart Pen • Inspiration (Graphic Organizing) • Time Management • Online Academic Resources • Study Strategies • Note Taking and Reading • Test Preparation • Campus Resources & Self Advocacy • PowerPoint • MS Word and Excel • Kurzweil (Screen reader) • Math and Test Preparation • Scholarship Workshop • Brain and Learning • MLA/Noodlebib for Writing & Citing • Math Review Workshop ALL students taking an English/writing class for the first time will be REQUIRED to attend an English & Writing Resource workshop.
  10. 10. Week 1 Assignment • See Lynette if you have a Math class. • Open Lab begins next week, Tuesday, September 5th. • Complete Orientation and paperwork. • Update your files in DSS office, if needed. • Obtain your FC student ID card if you have not yet. • Credit for your hours for Week 1 will be logged by Jassy once all the paperwork has been completed. • Familiarize yourself with FC resources. • Obtain a flash drive for saving documents. Back up by emailing to yourself or saving to your H:drive. • New students to the Lab: Please make an appointment with Lynette to discuss goals for your Lab class.
  11. 11. Important Dates & Computer Usage • Sep. 10–last day to drop with refund & drop without a “W” • November 17 – last day to adjust Lab units • November 19 – last day to drop with a “W” • Internet use must be for approved academic purposes. Please use another campus lab or the Library for personal Internet access. • Do not try to make changes to any computer without first checking with Lynette, Jassy or another ACL staff member. • The ACL follows the Fullerton College Acceptable Use Policy for computer usage. You may review this policy at:
  12. 12. GOOD LUCK TO YOU THIS SEMESTER! Formula for Growing Your Brain: Effort + Good Strategies + Help From Others Please ask questions if you don’t understand something. Go to the next slide to complete the required Adaptive Computer Lab paperwork. Thank you.
  13. 13. FORMS PAPERWORK A. Work to submit on-line Please fill out the following 1. and 2. forms during the first week of each semester. Please submit each of them when finished by clicking on the submit button. Complete these pages in the order listed. 1. Guidelines for the Adaptive Computer Lab (all students) 2. Student Information Sheet (all students, but there are special directions for returning students). B. Work to print After completing the following 3. Education Plan and 4. Writing Sample, print the forms and submit them to Jassy. 3. Educational Plan (all students complete, PRINT and give to Jassy). 4. Writing Sample - for all first time students to the ACL. Returning students only need to submit if they are enrolling in an English class and will be asking for assistance with their writing in the ACL. (PRINT and give to Jassy.) DON'T FORGET: Small group classes and workshops in Kurzweil 3000, Inspiration Software as well as other areas will be offered during the semester. Schedules will be posted on the Lab bulletin board and on MyGateway. Check your emails for all workshops - after attending the first REQUIRED workshop, you will earn double-time Lab credit for attending subsequent workshops. Click here when you know all the information in the orientation