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Quizlet In Class


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Teachers, check out these ideas for using Quizlet in your classroom.

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Quizlet In Class

  1. 1. In Class
  2. 2. SMART BoardReview new topics in Fullscreen Mode. Play Scatter in teams.
  3. 3. 1:1 Computers Study new topics individually in Speller or Learn.Start a friendly competition in Scatter and Space Race.All your students can log on and play at the same time.
  4. 4. Class RecordsKeep track of high scores in a class or between classes. Period 1: 10.5 seconds (Amy) Period 2: 11.2 seconds (Billy) Period 3: 12.8 seconds (Andrew) Students can compete as individuals or as a class.
  5. 5. DictationUse Speller for dictation and pronunciation practice.Adjust the speed of audio depending for the level.
  6. 6. PDFsMake a quick quiz in Test Mode. Or print out visual aids.
  7. 7. Got an idea? We want to hear about it!Visit our FAQs, Video Tutorials, and Feedback Center.