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Vemma Team Alpha Blogging Training by Moon Loh

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Vemma Blogging Training

  1. 1. Blogging TrainingVemma Team Alpha – Moon Loh
  2. 2. Moon Loh Mompreneur in Internet Business Mompreneur Coach in Online MarketingSingapore Work at Home Mom in Home Based InternetBusiness – Specialize in Internet and Network MarketingMother of 2 lovely daughters - Jun Ling & Jun Hui My Blogs: Personal Blog – Vemma Blog –
  3. 3. My Vemma Formula: Get Leads - Free & Paid Follow Up – Facebook & Blog Closing – VTA & Training
  4. 4. Today’s Topic: Elements of Good Blog Top 5 Tips for Writing a Blog Increase Traffic to Blog
  5. 5. Create a Blog Free:
  6. 6. Create a Blog Free:
  7. 7. Create a Blog Self hosted:
  8. 8. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs Its not really yours Its not really your own blog. Just read their terms of service and youll get the idea. There are "rules" Youre subject to many more restrictions than if you had your own blog. Little flexibility Theres little flexibility in terms of themes and plug ins.
  9. 9. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs
  10. 10. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs
  11. 11. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs
  12. 12. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs
  13. 13. Free Blogs vs Self Hosted Blogs Important: Do Back Up for Your Blog! Where to find the Back Up? Blogger – Setting => Basic => Export Blog Wordpress – Tools => Export
  14. 14. Elements of Good Blog1) The About page, your bio and, of course, your photo Go public, don’t hide! People love to know who you are and what you do. A picture helps people to remember you… It’s called Branding!2) Links to the programs you are promoting (may include graphic images)
  15. 15. Elements of Good Blog3) Categories This is how you organize your content and make it easy for your readers to find the subjects they care about4) A list of recent posts, recent comments, and the archives in the side-bar columns
  16. 16. Elements of Good Blog5) Links to websites, ezines, and other resources that are helpful6) A way for readers to subscribe to get blog updates from you: both email and feed readers
  17. 17. Elements of Good BlogThe Most Important Element:Autoresponder – iContactTo Build Your Own List  Free ebooks  Free reports  Free samples  Free evouchers  Newsletter
  18. 18. Top 5 Tips of Writing a Blog1. Make your content worthwhile and valuable.2. Keep posts short and simple.3. Keep your blog lively.4. Write clearly.5. Write in the same way that you talk.
  19. 19. Increase Traffic to Blog Be active in Forums and use a Forum Signature including a link to your Blog. Add a link to the blog on your email signature. Keep building content Join blogger community such as Facebook NetworkedBlogs, MyblogLog Blog comment marketing
  20. 20. Set Up a Wordpress BlogPersonal Blog or Business Blog Ket’s Blogging Training
  21. 21. Important Plugins for Wordpress Blog 1) Akismet – This plugin automatically checks all the comments and trackbacks people leave to your blog to see if any of them is spam. It is totally automatic, so you don’t have to do anything (if you don’t want to).
  22. 22. Important Plugins for Wordpress Blog 2) Subscribe to Comments – This plugin gives your readers an opportunity to subscribe to comments left to a particular post. New comments are automatically emailed to the user.
  23. 23. Important Plugins for Wordpress Blog 3) All in one SEO pack / Platinum SEO Pack – This plugin gives you tons of possibilities to make your blog more findable by Google and other search engines. It gives you detailed tweaking options to how Google can see your blog.
  24. 24. Set Up a Wordpress BlogFirst StepChoose a Domain Name 1. Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords 2. Make the Domain Unique 3. Choose .com or .net 4. Make it Easy to Type 5. Make it Easy to Remember 6. Keep the Name as Short as Possible 7. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers
  25. 25. Set Up a Wordpress Blog Second Step Choose a Hosting package Let’s Get Start! Login to:
  26. 26. Happy Blogging!