How to create a blog


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How to create a blog

  1. 1. Create WebShamma Ali - Shaikha Ali - Maryam Ahmed 200903373 - 200903550 - 200903380
  2. 2. Outline: What is the web blog? How to create an What it can use for? account? How the business women will benefits from the web Steps Benefits blog? Examples of blog How to design the blog? Other resources (links- photos) How can we add Questions information? Bibliography
  3. 3. Introduction:1- What is the web blog?Blog is an abbreviated version of "weblog," which is a term used to describeweb sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog featuresdiary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usuallypresented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order. Blogs range fromthe personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a wholerange of subjects.Many blogs focus on a particular topic, such as web design, home staging,sports, or mobile technology. Some are more eclectic, presenting links to alltypes of other sites. And others are more like personal journals, presentingthe authors daily life and thoughts.
  4. 4. 2- What it can use for?Blogs can be created for just about anything.1-They can be used for personal reflections of the owner, politicaldebates, product reviews, celebrity news, advice giving, religiouscommentary, etc.2- They’re a great way for people to share their knowledge andexpertise on pretty much anything.3-Some bloggers use blogs as a way to advertise their business, whileothers use them for advertising their “main” website!4-The uses for blogs are countless. Anything that can be written and ortalked about can be presented on a blog.
  5. 5. 3- How the business women will benefitsfrom the web blog? Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Direct Communications Media & Public Relations Brand Building Position Yourself as an Expert Competitive Differentiation Reputation Management Relational Marketing Low Cost
  6. 6. Examples (links- photos)Playstation: If you like playing games, then you must be a fanof Playstation. You can visit it here You get all you can expect from a blog of acompany like Blackberry.. You can see their blog here The Google blog is a great place for learning insightsabout their products, technology and work culture.
  7. 7. How to create an account? Video
  8. 8. Steps• Visit the Blogger homepage• Enter your username and password, and click Sign in• Enter a display name and accept Bloggers Terms of Service• Pick an address (URL) and a blog title• Choose your favorite blog template
  9. 9. How to design the blog?Add imagesYou can add an image from your computer or the Web to your blog. Clickthe image icon in the Post Editor toolbar. A window appears prompting youto browse for an image file on your computer, or enter the URL of an imageon the Web.VideoTo add a video to your blog post, click the film strip icon in the Post Editortoolbar above where you compose your blog text. A window appearsprompting you to Add a video to your blog post.Click Browse to select the video file from your computer that youd like toupload. Note that Blogger accepts AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real andWindows Media files and that your video must be less than 100MB in size.
  10. 10. How can we add information?How to publish a blog post Video
  11. 11. Benefits Establish expertise and credibility.Become a resource.Create a dialogue.Develop new relationships.Search engine visibility.
  12. 12. Other resources that canhelp you learn more • • •
  13. 13. Questions to check the listenersunderstanding What are the first three steps to create an account ? What are the benefits of blog for business women ?  What can we add in the blogs ? What Can business women post in the blog ?
  14. 14. BibliographyIntroduction to blogging. (n.d.). Retrieved April 8, 2012, from are blogs? What can they be used for?. (n.b.). Retrieved April 8, 2012, from, S. (2007). The 10 business benefits of blogging. Retrieved April 8, 2012, from benefits-ofblogging/Five benefits of blogging for business. (2010). Retrieved April 8, 2012, from started guide. (n.d.). Retrieved April 8, 2012, from