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Socialtours Nepal

  1. 1. Since its formation in 2002, socialtours hasbecome a leader in responsible tourism andsoft adventure in Nepal. For this, it hasreceived recognition through fivenominations for the prestigious ResponsibleTourism awards in the UK, and mentions inLonely Planet and National GeographicAdventure. The team strives to provideunmatched professional service with anintimate personal touch, while adhering tocore values of respect for individuals,excellence in delivery, social responsibility ofbusiness, and environmental conservation.
  2. 2. Go Local. Experience Nepal.IInsider tours led by locals. We combine a comfortable tour with an insider’sview of Nepal, giving each traveller a unique holiday full of local experiences.These trips can be as short or as long as one wants, as they are fullycustomized to meet time requirements as well as special interests. Ideal forfamilies and people on shorter visits to Nepal, these tours can take place inKathmandu and/or Pokhara, highlighting the cities’ hidden secrets that onlylocals know. These trips are guided by our well trained local guides.
  3. 3. Heritage Sites - Swayambhu, Boudhanath, Patan, Bhaktapur, Changu Narayan, Pashupatinath...
  4. 4. Pokhara - Lake Valley and the adventure playground of Nepal
  5. 5. Chitwan - Home of the one horned Rhino and the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger
  6. 6. Get Active. Soft Adventures.Trek, hike, bike, paraglide, raft, kayak, bunjee - guided by local experts. Getactive and explore the outdoors in the safe hands of reliable professionals.Customizable to each traveller’s level of fitness and interests, these softadventures aim to have people enjoy the adventure center that is Nepal to thefullest. The options are endless: trek high or low altitudes; hike for a day,venture off on a three month trek across Nepal on the Great Himalayan Trail, orleisurely meander through villages; cycle on a day trip or take off on a 14 day1000 km ride; paraglide tandem in the midst of 8000m peaks ;abseil downwaterfalls... all of these activities are tailored to your needs. We also designactive holidays for people with special needs, helping everyone enjoy whatNepal has to offer.
  7. 7. Langtang Region: The nearest trekking area to Kathmandu
  8. 8. Annapurna Region: By far the most popular area for active holidays in the country
  9. 9. Everest Region: Home of Mt. Everest and Land of the fabled Sherpas.
  10. 10. Off The Beaten Track: Spreading the benefits of tourism to remote regions
  11. 11. Active Family: Fun adventure activities enjoyed best with loved ones
  12. 12. Best of the Rest: White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, Bunjee, Paragliding, Jungle Safari
  13. 13. Get Immersed. Special Interest.The hidden secrets of Nepal - Spirituality, Yoga, Shamanism, Pilgrimage, RedPanda Watch, Coffee Farming, Village stay. Our passion for people and naturedrives us to develop trips that focus on exactly that-- creating wonderful,enriching trips for people with special interests. Experience the authenticpractice of Nepal’s Vedic heritage, combining astrology, Ayurveda and theholistic practices of Yoga on our “Trekking for Health” trip, Go searching for asight of the Red Panda, participate in organic coffee harvesting, or experiencetrue rural life in Nepal with a village stay. Whatever you choose, we guarantee aunique and authentic experience of some of Nepal’s best kept secrets.
  14. 14. Shamanism Pilgrimage Trek: A chance to experience the mystic life sciences
  15. 15. Spirituality, Culture, and Yoga: Balance for the mind, body and soul
  16. 16. Farm and Village stays: Embrace a local lifestyle - a simple life
  17. 17. Get Involved. Philanthropic Travel.Voluntouring and Charity Challenges. The best way to travel is to combineNepal’s fantastic tourism products with a little bit of giving. Volunteer your timeto teach a bit of English, mingle with and inspire youths, or nurse sickelephants. Our range of volunteer placements is vast. Our team diligentlymonitors each placement to ensure that the matchmaking is as close to therequirements of both the project and the volunteer. Along with our partner,Save the Children International, we also design Charity Challenges aimed atsupporting education in rural areas. Each trip helps to support a particularcause in the region of travel. Travel cannot be made more fulfilling than this!
  18. 18. Voluntourism: The most fulfilling way to travel and experience new cultures
  19. 19. socialtours teamCreated by:Scott CramerPhotography:Scott CramerRene JungsnickelFredrik PettersenRaj GyawaliNatacha WilsonDibya ShresthaRocky Prajapati
  20. 20. 2011, all rights reserved