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  • Our industry hasn ’ t always been the sexiest place to find interesting buzzwords…. But we ’ re almost awash with them now. We ’ re not just the place where people look to for a view on what big data is and how it will help us but we ’ re also the Omni-channel custodians. E-consultancy don ’ t like the phrase…but it ’ s what is happening, it ’ s what consumers do as we ’ ll see and given that we need to understand whether its something our businesses can capitalise on and if so, how do we do it and where is it happening. So this session is just about setting out what is going on, what to look out for and as much as anything to get you thinking about where you can go next with your cross channel (omni channel) ambitions.
  • So… lets be clear whether E-consultancy like it or not the consumer is omni channel. You know we are because you are. Looking around the room and the main age profile and demographic I ’ d say plenty of you are sat with you phone, tablet (or phablet) with you whilst watching TV, plenty of you will be of course working on he laptop in front of the tv, the mobile is the first thing you ’ ll check in the morning after going to the loo, you ’ re shopping on line and even if you are out and about at the shops the phone won ’ t be far away from you. And of course all that time you are consuming content and being served messages – or critically have the potential to be served appropriate messages. BTW…and you know this of course you are also generating data. Data that can or could be used to help you as a consumer but also help you as a business target and measure more effectively. So we ’ re in no doubt that he consumer is always on.
  • So lets just spend a minute thinking about And what type of data are we creating today. Some of it has been around for years ofcourse (transactions, demographics for ever), behaviours however that is described for some time too and now things like mobile data that in theory can understand where you are, what you do with your phone and the media you consume. It ’ s not new… but what has changed and what is key is the ability to link this data is what is exciting. It is not risk free and it is crucial we as an industry we think about what we are doing and capable of doing here ot make it work
  • The ability to link the data from multiple places is now happening. And it is the existence of digital linkage keys (phones and emails primarily) that is helping to create those links to create the 360 view of the consumer. So we could link your transactions to your viewing habits to your current or future location. Or more importantly we could do this in an anonimised aggregated and safe way.
  • A quick so what…. So we have more data, we can see what consumers are doing more deeply, more dynamically and more colourfully than ever before. So what? Well….lets re vist the old marketing lifecycle actvity. We understand more so we have insight, so we can plan, we can target, we can deploy and we can measure more effectively. Which generates more insight…. And so we go again. But just because we could just mean we must.
  • OK. So we ’ ve talked about the data and we ’ ve talked about the consumer. Lets talk about the channels. And all of this is possible because of the channels and their ability to serve messages dynamically and in a targeted way that this is possible and plausible. You ’ ve got to have execution capability. And I ’ ll talk about why I think we are now entering the newest of eras because of the steps forward being made in one channel in particular..
  • Quick reprise – We ’ re all from DM world probably and we ’ ve done these channels and learnt our craft. More recently online and mobile channels. But the one we still all love TV was a problem.
  • Now you can - Sky, Ch4 most notable but others will follow. And the ability to target across all channels using the same data now exists. It ’ s real. Sky
  • Ok – so is it really, real? So this is a live example of a project as of today. Never been done before but it points to our future. Retail brand wants to target customers across channels and in different combinations to measure channel efficacy. Think about that target customers not prospects or people generally and properly test channel combinations. How… simple really. Data is segmented into customer groups handed off to a matching partner who link the data to channels. Ad ’ s deployed when selected consumers visits sites or view programing. Purchases are measured back end to understand efficacy of targeting…. And then channel contribution. This last bit is hard…and it could be scary for media owners. But it is happening.
  • Final slides dma idm conference final

    1. 1. Data protection 2013Friday 8 February#dmadataSupported byDMA–IDM Scotland Conference:The new one-to-one futureWednesday 12 June 2013#dmascotlandSponsored By Partner
    2. 2. 1.30pm Registration and Refreshments2.00pm Welcome from the ChairRebecca Heaney, Managing Director, Rapp Edinburgh2.10pm The future of cross-channel target marketingColin Grieves, Director of Propositions and Strategy, Experian Marketing Services2.30pm Mobile Visual Discovery…bridging the void between print and digital channels forengagement, interaction, conversion and sale!Sam Grimley, Managing Director, Blippar3.00pm Break3.20pm Telling StoriesEmil Fortune, Digital Editor, Random House3.50pm Business Re-ImaginedDavid Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft4.30pm Panel Discussion5.00pm Closing Comments from the ChairRebecca Heaney, Managing Director, Rapp Edinburgh5.10pm Networking Drinks and Canapés7.00pm CloseAgenda
    3. 3. Welcome from theChairRebecca Heaney, Managing Director, Rapp Edinburgh
    4. 4. The future of cross-channel target marketingColin Grieves, Director of Propositions and Strategy,Experian Marketing Services
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    7. 7. 7©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public.Meet the ultra-connected customerThe biggest change we seeunderway is the amazinglyrapid increase in the numberof people who access theinternet multiple times a day,from multiple locations,with at least three devices.They’re ultra-connected andalways addressable. By the endof 2013, we predict that almosthalf of online adults globallywill join this revolution.Join the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotland
    8. 8. 8©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public.The data that our always on consumer is generatingSales data,basket analysis,product purchases,usage, paymentbehavioursSearch, sitesused, email clicks, content viewedLifestyle, life stage, age, gender,household incomeLocations, movement, usage,engagementTransactionsBehaviouralDemographicsMobile& mediaJoin the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotland
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    14. 14. 14©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public.Is anyone making it happen today?Join the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotlandRETAILBRANDSAFE DATAPARTNERMEASUREMENT THROUGHSPEND AND ONLINE ANALYSISData matched to users/subscribers of selectedmedia channels. Mediaplan built with ad agencyClient data segmentedand passed to datamatching partnerTargeted ad’sserved to consumersacross channelsConsumers seemessages throughcombination ofchannels. And shop
    15. 15. 15©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public.Things to leave you withJoin the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotlandThere are new data innovations that can make a differenceto your business todayFinally – none of us should forget the consumer in thisNew data is becoming available and linked to create insightReal ‘joined up’ cross channel marketing is doableThe range of channels open to communicate in a targeted way with consumersis greater than everThere are new data innovationsthat can make a differenceto your business today•New data is becoming available andlinked to create insight•Real ‘joined up’ cross channelmarketing is doable•The range of channels open tocommunicate in a targeted way withconsumers is greater than ever
    16. 16. 16©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public. Join the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotlandFinally – none of us shouldforget the consumer in this•Data owners and users must notabuse the potential•Compliance is critical•Transparency will be the watchword as we progressHow we act is key
    17. 17. 17©2013 Experian Limited. All rights reserved.Experian Public.Thank youJoin the conversation @ExperianMktgUK #dmascotlandJoin the conversation:@ExperianMktgUK#dmascotlandPick up:The SmarterMarketer’s Guide
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    19. 19. Mobile Visual Discovery…bridgingthe void between print anddigital channels for engagement,interaction, conversion and sale!Sam Grimley, Blippar
    20. 20. Updated January 2012BlipparThe power to unlock the physical world around us forinteractivity and
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    24. 24. Break
    25. 25. Telling StoriesEmil Fortune, Digital Editor, Random House
    26. 26. Business Re-ImaginedDavid Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft
    27. 27. Panel Discussion
    28. 28. Closing comments fromthe ChairRebecca Heaney, Managing Director, Rapp Edinburgh
    29. 29. Networking Drinksand Canapés
    30. 30. DMA AwardsWhat difference have you made?The 2013 DMA Awards will open for entries on 4July and close on 6 September.For more information or phone 020 72913353Visit to see a list ofcategories.