Pipelining Success Against All Odds | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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Click through this Talent Connect Vegas 2013 presentation to learn how small companies can attract talent with proactive talent pipelining.

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Pipelining Success Against All Odds | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. 1. Pipelining Success Against All Odds Wendy Whittaker Recruiting Specialist ZS Associates @Recruiter_Wendy Troy Grabel Manager, Talent Acquisition LeanLogistics @JobsatLean
  2. 2. Pipelining Success Against All Odds ZS Associates TalentConnect 2013
  3. 3. ZS Associates – who we are and what we do  ZS is a niche market sales & marketing consulting firm founded by two     Northwestern University professors, with its headquarters in Evanston, Illinois ZS is made up of 2,500 employees across 20 offices around the world (including 1500 employees based in our Capability Expertise Center in India) We provide consulting services to our clients in three areas: Business Consulting, Business Operations and Business Technology. We recruit into the same three channels 87% of our clients are in pharmaceuticals, 8% medical devices, 5% (hightech, financial services and transportation) In addition to consulting work, ZS also has a software development group based in Evanston, Illinois and India © 2013 ZS Associates 3 #intalent
  4. 4. Our primary recruiting channels include University and Experienced University recruiting Experienced recruiting  We have a strong campus brand  We have core schools that we return to  Experienced recruiting covers all roles with 12+ months of experience, including executive level  Just in the past 2 years that we have shifted to a 50/50 model  In addition to our client facing roles, we also recruit for all support positions every year  Recruit at all levels (BS, MS, PhD, MBA)  Full time employees are recruited in the fall/interns in the spring Most of our recruiters work on both University and Experienced recruiting © 2013 ZS Associates 4 #intalent
  5. 5. We are faced with external challenges to recruit top talent • ZS is still a relatively unknown player in the market, especially in new markets/spaces, which makes it difficult to attract talent  For senior level positions, we are often recruiting for expertise in a new practice area to ZS and candidates view the career move as a risk  While most of our offices are located in attractive cities, the talent is not always in the same location as our business need and we don’t offer virtual positions – Our software development team is based in Evanston, IL (strongest candidates are based on the West Coast) – Market access and pricing need is based in LA (candidate pool for this role is small; but centered on the East Coast and Europe) © 2013 ZS Associates 5 #intalent
  6. 6. We also had challenges internally when building candidate pipelines  ZS’ stakeholders and interview teams were not used to Experienced recruiting – Hiring managers expect to have a large pool of candidates to choose from for each position – Interviewers were not used to incorporating a “selling” component during the process; in the past, they often interviewed active candidates – For new positions, our teams were not always aligned with what the expectations were of the role – Our recruiters were hired to focus on the University channel and therefore have limited experience with sourcing passive candidates  Our internal policy prevents our recruiters from recruiting candidates from our clients, but our senior roles often require specific industry experience  We have a defined and rigorous interview process Glassdoor ranks ZS as the #7 most difficult interview process © 2013 ZS Associates 6 #intalent
  7. 7. Prior to beginning a search, we meet with our hiring managers to create a recruiting strategy and develop a consistent message  We spend time upfront with our hiring managers and interview team to understand our value proposition and ensure that our interview team has a consistent message about the role and opportunities at ZS  We work with our teams to determine where these candidates live – ZS has multiple competitors across our work – Companies and profiles that we target vary by position – Often, our hiring teams will have target sources in mind before we begin a search  We build targeted campaigns to network with our internal employees to identify potential referrals © 2013 ZS Associates 7 #intalent
  8. 8. Selling ZS is the most important part of our process  Outside of the university channel, our target candidates may not even know who we are – the first contact with a recruiter may be the first time they have ever heard of us  Once we are able to connect with potential candidates and share more about ZS, we have a good story to tell  While we are smaller than the big name consulting firms; the message is positive for the right candidate (quicker path to partner, roles very visible to leadership) © 2013 ZS Associates 8 #intalent
  9. 9. It is important to use a number of different sources to create a talent pipeline         ATS Job boards University channels University Alumni networks Referrals Professional organizations LinkedIn (career page, groups, postings, sourcing) Other Social media (Facebook, Glassdoor, Twitter, etc) ZS has a team of sourcers that assist our recruiters in creating a talent pipeline © 2013 ZS Associates 9 #intalent
  10. 10. We have an existing talent pipeline of people that already know ZS and we leverage it  Our applicant tracking system does not have a good way for tracking leads, but it does provide us with historic information  By tracking our extended offers, we often re-visit candidates that declined our offers for both internships and full time roles  Maintaining connections and strong relationships with ZS alumni (we love to rehire former-ZSers) © 2013 ZS Associates 10 #intalent
  11. 11. We track our sourcing efforts while developing a talent pipeline for each position  LinkedIn Recruiter has been a helpful tool for our pipelining efforts – We create Projects for each position or specific skill that we are actively or passively recruiting – When a similar search opens in the future, we have a strong starting point – We track the activity for every candidate, which allows recruiters can see each other’s activities  Capture as much information as possible that will be helpful in identifying matches in the future for those candidates who are not the right fit for a specific role – Tag profiles with keywords – Create follow up reminders  Excel Spreadsheets are a great tool to use for organizational mapping and creating pipelines to be reviewed by hiring managers © 2013 ZS Associates 11 #intalent
  12. 12. It is important to maintain a talent pipeline for current and future searches  Leveraging our University relationships – current students and alumni  Working with previous interns to build relationships on campus and in the future (if they don’t join as a full-time employee)  For our executive level searches, this is the first year that we had several repeat searches – we have been able to begin a search the relationships that we created building pipelines in the past  Keeping potential candidates updated through a variety of social channels – Facebook – Glassdoor – LinkedIn – Twitter  Maintaining relationships with good prospects provides our hiring managers with a strong network © 2013 ZS Associates 12 #intalent
  13. 13. Key takeaways  Know your employee value proposition  Have a consistent message throughout the interview process  Leverage the people that already know you – they are your best ambassadors © 2013 ZS Associates 13 #intalent
  14. 14. Pipelining Against All Odds
  15. 15. Introduction Troy R Grabel Manager of Global Talent Acquisition LeanLogistics is a Cloud base Supply Chain Software Provider, Located in Holland, MI We have global operations with over 80,000 users in 28 countries. Market Demographics • Metro area is less than 200,000 people • Heavy PHP / .NET market • Limited Software product development firms 3 hour boat Ride to Wisconsin Holland 2.5 hours to Chicago 15 3 hours to Detroit
  16. 16. Gaining Momentum – Accelerating our Talent Challenges Business:  Small Talent team (1 recruiter, 1 HR manager)  Sourcing Strategy consisted of reinvented the wheel for every search  ATS consisted of outlook and excel spreadsheets and PeopleFluent  No pipeline management strategy  No digital media presence  No metrics  Geographical challenges  We have very strict selection criteria. 16
  17. 17. Current–State Talent Acquisition  Small team (1 player-coach, 1 coordinator)  Developed a Sourcing Strategy around a proactive message campaign  Deployed pipeline management strategy using LinkedIn Recruiter Pipeline as our ATS  Implemented a digital media presence  Established metrics  Our geography still represents challenges but we know which battles to fight  We still have very strict selection criteria 17
  18. 18. How did you get there? We focused on three main areas 1. Building our Pipeline 2. Managing our Pipeline 3. Measuring our Pipeline 18
  19. 19. Building a Pipeline Invest time in developing a Workforce Strategy and define your firms Strategic Capabilities  Align your Sourcing Strategy to Win  Build a Cost-of-Vacancy model to help prioritize your recruitment efforts  Develop a compelling Branding Message  Figure out where your prospects are 19
  20. 20. Building a Pipeline BE CREATIVE - Develop a long-term Sustainability Sourcing Strategy  Source for prospects that are familiar with your area (graduates, previous work history)  Use your team member networks more than usual; they are connected (reward them)  Be active and consistent with a focused digital media strategy  Keep in mind that a sourcing strategy identifies “prospects of interest” and when the time is right those prospects will become candidates 20
  21. 21. Building a Pipeline Leverage the Technology  Skills & Expertise Endorsements who has endorsed the prospects  Leverage LinkedIn Recruiter Alerts; they will automatically build your pipelines and notify you of fresh prospects to contact. Keep the Momentum – Don’t ever Stop SOURCING 21
  22. 22. Pipeline Management  Create Tags, Sources and Statuses to help organize your Pipeline  Pipeline of your “Silver & Bronze Medalist”  Keep naming schemes simple. You can always use filters to narrow down your pools of candidates 22
  23. 23. Pipeline Management  Think-outside-of-the-Box  Start pipelining prospects that went to college around your market or lived near your market. They might have interested in moving back at some point.  Share BIG DATA that separates your market from a tier 1 market (i.e. costof-living, quality-of-life, national rankings: Best places-to-live, raise-a-family, etc…) 23
  24. 24. Pipeline Management  Be creative with your messaging   Social media campaigns were a start, great candidates hang-out in other digital media outlets an (i.e. gaming sites, college forums, local networking sites! (i.e. ) and be present Respect your Pipeline  Remember “Your worth to your network will be determined by how much you GIVE in value than you take in payment” (i.e. referrals/ or solicitation of interest) 24
  25. 25. Measure Efficiency 25
  26. 26. LeanLogistics ROI LEANLOGISTICS Source Team Referral Program Digital Media Campaign College/ University Corp. Website Job Boards Agency hires Contractor    FY2011 20 FY2012 28 FY2013 19 6 18 14 5 6 4 18 2 2 5 5 1 2 0 1 Reducing Agency cost from $115,000 in FY11 to $0 in FY13 Digital Media Campaign represents 34% of Hires Increased Team Member Referral program to 48.5% of our hires 26 26
  27. 27. Thoughts to Take Home  Pick your Battles  Don’t waste your time trying to be a superstar; think Long-term and be creative on where & who you recruit  Align your critical positions to a Cost-of-Vacancy model  Develop and deploy a digital brand management campaign that attracts passive candidates  Drive towards an ROI  Treat your pipeline with respect; provide useful and meaningful content and DON’T become noise 27