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CareerBuilders offers you seasoned recruiters with solid industry and functionalexperience. We are dedicated to placing ca...
Career Builders is a boutique generalist executive search and recruitment firm. Wepride ourselves on striving for excellen...
How we work with our Client Company•   One of our recruiters will meet with you to find out about the open positions    re...
our                                                               SERVICESOur consultants have a combination of leading-ed...
Key Consultant                                                             PROFILESManoharan DhanarajEmail: mano@careerbui...
HR information/payroll system with annual payroll costs of RM 2.4 million for a car partsmanufacturer. Rajamohan has also ...
Gopalan NairEmail: is a Senior Consultant of Career Builders. Gopal is a seasoned recruit...
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Career builders profile 2011


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Career Builders is a boutique executive search and HR consulting company.

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Career builders profile 2011

  1. 1. CareerBuilders offers you seasoned recruiters with solid industry and functionalexperience. We are dedicated to placing candidates in positions that match theirskills and personality, and offer long-term growth and success. We are equallycommitted to providing client companies with superior talent that will give them thecompetitive advantage needed in todays rapidly changing business environment. Westrive for excellence on behalf of candidates and client companies.CareerBuilders believes in establishing relationships based on opencommunications, trust and the utmost confidentiality. We work closely withcandidates to learn their qualifications and career goals. We work with our clientcompanies as an extension of their team, learning how they operate, understandingtheir corporate culture and identifying their specific staffing needs. This individualizedapproach with candidates and client companies ensures long-term relationships andwin-win solutions for everyone involved. Our Website ……identifying professionals of uncommon ability Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Career Builders is a boutique generalist executive search and recruitment firm. Wepride ourselves on striving for excellence on behalf of our client candidates and ourcompanies. And we have been successful because of the way we work with you. • One recruiter handles a complete search—including initial contact, research, communicating with potential candidates/client companies, negotiating and checking references. We do not outsource to independent contractors or use junior personnel. • All recruiters have industry expertise—each has worked in multiple industries and is knowledgeable about the industry s challenges, issues and needs. • We take time to establish and maintain personal relationships with both candidates and client companies. • We maintain an extensive database of contacts that we use to search for skilled executives and promising leaders. And we regularly network with leading, local and foreign, SME and MNC companies to stay abreast of their staffing requirements.At CareerBuilders. we promise candidates and client companies that we will . . . • Work aggressively to reach your goals and build long-term relationships with you. • Work on your behalf to fulfill your exact needs. • Offer you expert, comprehensive and technologically advanced search services. • Uphold strict confidentiality and trust throughout the search process. Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. How we work with our Client Company• One of our recruiters will meet with you to find out about the open positions responsibilities; candidates qualifications, work experience and characteristics; salary range; benefits; and corporate culture.• We gather our team of recruiters together to brainstorm potential candidates. In addition to this team discussion, we also use our powerful candidate database, networking resources and leading information technology to search for the right candidate.• We identify favorable candidates and contact them to assess their interest in the position and to qualify their skill set against your specific requirements.• We present these top candidates to you and set up interviews. We handle all travel and expense reimbursements.• We contact you and the candidate after the interview to gain insight and feedback.• When you are ready to make an offer to a candidate, we conduct all reference checks and present feedback to you in written form.• We continue to work with you to develop a compensation and benefits package. We formally present your offer to the candidate and facilitate the hiring process by answering any last-minute questions or concerns the candidate may have.• We promise to represent your company as if we were an extension of your team, dedicating ourselves to getting to know your company and its culture, giving you top priority when it comes to a search process and assigning highly experienced recruiters to work with you.• While most executive recruiters, including CareerBuilders, prefer to work on a retained basis, CareerBuilders will design a relationship that benefits your company and ours.• We guarantee all candidates for a mutually agreed period of time. And we will commence a replacement search if needed, at no additional cost to your company Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. our SERVICESOur consultants have a combination of leading-edge knowledge and practicalhands-on experience. We have strong multi-cultural skills that can be utilised tooffer a wide range of services for organisations that seek effective solutionsthrough people.We offer HR consulting services in:• Strategic and Operational Human Resources Consulting to improve yourcompany’s competitiveness. Our expertise includes competency-based HRmanagement, design and implementation of performance management systems,culture values, change management, manpower and succession planning,employee assessment and coaching systems.• Executive Search & Recruitment: Our consultants have many years of hands- Recruitment:on search experience related to leading local, international and SMI companies.We are able to source the best performers, personnel with specialised skills orSenior Executives for a wide range of industries on a confidential basis.• Payroll Processing: We process payroll for organisations. We provide acomplete service including payment to statutory bodies (EPF,SOCSO, IRB). Weensure pay information confidentiality.• Career Planning: We will prepare university and college students prior tothem entering the job market. We provide them the essential tools/skills to have asuccessful career life. We will ensure that an individual will have a customisedcareer plan which can be used throughout their career. We can successfullyprepare those who are already working to have a formalised career plan which theycan follow.• Training: We have customised training modules to meet the needs of anyorganisation. If you need help in this areas, please get in touch with us and we willbe able to discuss with you on your specific needs.• Out-Placement Sometimes business may need to change direction or certain Out-sectors are experiencing downturn. During such situations, some key businessexecutives may need additional help to revitalise their career plans and seek careeropportunities elsewhere. Due to business needs, we can house those executives inour office and organise their career search in a professional manner. We willmarket the professional through our business network is the marketplace oer aperiod. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Key Consultant PROFILESManoharan DhanarajEmail: Dhanaraj is the founder and Managing Consultant of Career Builders Consulting SdnBhd. Mano is a seasoned recruiter with more than 27 years of industry experience in humanresources related field. He has had a successful and accomplished career with internationalconsultancies, namely, PA Consulting and Andersen Consulting (Accenture). Mano was alsoheld leadership responsibilities at Binariang Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd (MEASAT) and SelectConsulting Services Sdn Bhd. His recent assignments include, being a Chief Executive Officerof a Network Telco, where he worked with a pioneering team to build the business ground-up.On banking, Mano worked as a Comptroller in a US Bank prior to working in Bank Negara inthe regulation department.His in-depth change management experience coupled with business process re-engineering(BPR), corporate finance, information technology and human resources experience, hasenabled Mano to work on many Greenfield projects in United States, Malaysia and Indonesia.Mano is known for his ability to build and motivate winning teams and develop innovativebusiness programs for his clients. He is a notable leader with a proven track record in theexecutive search field. He is a true entrepreneur and someone who appreciates the need forpremium talent and has worked with thought leaders in engineering, banking and generalmanagement areas. He is sought after by many entrepreneurs as their advisor, businessconsultant for new initiatives and JV of local partners. Mano has worked for many foreigninvestors on deal initiation and structuring. Mano is an active board member in manycommunity NGOs and church community initiatives. Mano holds a MBA from Southern NewHampshire University and BSc Engineering ( Mech.) from Strathclyde University.Rajamohan NatarajanEmail: Natarajan is a Principle Consultant of Career Builders. Rajamohan Natarajan hasdedicated his career to developing high commitment work cultures through innovative humanresource strategies and systems. In his 13-year career, Rajamohan has worked with all sizesand types of organizations in a people management orientation including firms such as SGSThomson Microelectronics, Hong Leong Group, Genting Group, Tanjong Plc.Rajamohan’s experience in people management spans wage and salary program design,development and implementation of internal administrative procedures, performancemanagement programs, employee communication programs, compensation surveys, staffingresearch, management of union relations and organizational performance research. He is alsowell versed in the labour laws and employee relations legislations of Malaysia.His key expertise lies in the areas of payroll system development, implementation andmanagement. In this context, he has directed the implementation of a RM200,000 integrated Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. HR information/payroll system with annual payroll costs of RM 2.4 million for a car partsmanufacturer. Rajamohan has also redesigned payroll systems to deliver cost savings for hisfirm.As a Human Resource Practitioner in the manufacturing and power industries, he has heldresponsibilities for the strategic aspects of human resource management including provision ofadvisory support to the HR Vice-President on matters pertaining to the implementation of HR-related strategies, plans and policies. He has developed and implemented human resourceprograms that include custom-designed pay plans for sales and contingent staff, retentionprograms and leading collective bargaining negotiations. In addition to these, he has alsoconducted a due diligence exercise in the acquisition of a foreign power plant.Rajamohan graduated from Universiti Utara Malaysia with an Honours degree in BusinessAdministration, majoring in Human Resource Management. He is also a certified trainer withqualifications in Occupational Safety and Health studies from University of Newcastle,Australia.Reza ZekEmail: is the HR-Technical Advisor of Career Builders with over 17 years of consultingexperience in Asia. Providing consulting services to a diversified portfolio of companies andindustries, Reza is a seasoned professional with vast experience in assisting clients withhuman capital strategic and operational challenges.Beginning his consulting career as an adult-learning methodologist and also a solutions-framework designer, he has developed a unique capability in helping bridge client challengeswith pragmatic solutions. This is reflected in successful client-engagements in Malaysia,Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia albeit government and quasi-government entities; large andmid-size local companies who are market leaders in their business sectors; and multi-nationalcompanies who operate either within geographies or regionally in Asia Pacific. His main areasof expertise are in Change Management, Performance Management, Training & Development,and Competency Modeling & Assessment.Reza is experienced in linking organizational transformation and transitions that are introducedby strategic, people, process and technology imperatives to human capital interventions. Hisexpertise is further strengthened with his solid Project Management skills which have beenacquired through his ample experience in managing small, medium and large-scale projects.He has facilitated top-team sessions and strategic dialogs on organizational culture/valuesdiagnostics; designing and implementing change/transformation programs; leadershipdevelopment programs; and top-team strategic dialogs. He has been invited to present on keyHR topics in a series of public forums and seminars.Reza holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters of Science in Educationspecializing in Instructional Development/Adult Education from Southern Illinois University,Carbondale, Illinois, USA. Having invested time in prominent multi-national consultingorganizations, Reza brings his mastery and professional experience to lead the consultingservices. Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Gopalan NairEmail: is a Senior Consultant of Career Builders. Gopal is a seasoned recruiter with 30 years ofindustry experience in the human resources and industrial relations field. He has had asuccessful and acccomplished career holding senior level positions in a broad spectrum oforganizations that include industrial/manufacturing, consulting, human services includingNGOs and trade unions.He has had hands-on experience while working in leading European and local SMIorganizations, and human service organizations in the United States and Malaysia. Gopal isfamilliar with the workings of international agencies including the United Nations and FordFoundation in micro-enterprise development and project management.Currently he specializes in the executive search of general human resources, corporatecommunications, training, industrial relations, marketing and business development functionalareas. His strong believe in attracting good and capable talent to SMIs led him to help to meet their needs.He gained his professional qualifications in behavioral science of management and humanresource management from the Society for International Development of Organizations(Geneva, Switzerland). Mr Gopalan obtained both his bachelors and masters degrees inhuman services (human resource development & management) and community economicdevelopment (international specialization) respectively from Southern New HampshireUniversity, USA under a prestigious Ericsson scholarship program (Marcus WallenbergFoundation, Sweden). Page 7 of 7