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Talent Acquisition Supplement

  1. 1. 64 I People Matters I july 2013 New-age practices and tools like talent screeners help recruiters reduce cost, increase efficiency T alent acquisition professionals in India are facing challenging times as the role of a recruiter in driving business outcomes has continued to increase over the years. Many factors have contributed to the increasing importance of the talent acquisition role. Recruiters have a greater pressure to hire high quality talent to fill fewer but more critical job positions. The recruiter’s role has evolved a long way since the days when he was required to shortlist candidates from a few CVs, interview even fewer candidates, and ulti- mately make an offer to one. What makes a recruiter’s job more difficult is the fact that with the growing number of professionally qualified talent, the number of applications that a recruiter has to sift through everyday has steadily increased over the years. At the same time, recruiters in India are also experiencing a very unique paradox— plenty to choose from but very few that qualify! Experienced industry professionals remark that although recruiters are seeing an increase in the number of candidates who have the academic credentials to be eligible for job positions, very few candi- dates meet the bar on quality to qualify for shortlisting. NASSCOM’s 2011 India talent market research suggests that only 25 per cent of the talent from professional courses in India are readily employable. What lends more difficulty to a recruiter’s daily job is the fact that he has very few tools at his disposal to identify the right candidate in brief New age tools and practices not only help hiring organ- isations reduce cost and effort but also help candidates make the right choices for job applications By vikram choudhury for a role. While the size of databases in job portals have steadily swelled, the services themselves have evolved very little to assist recruiters as well as job seekers to iden- tify the right fit between a profile and a job opportunity. The reliance on professional profile aggregators such as LinkedIn has, therefore, increased and has become one of the major sources of candidate sourcing for many recruiters. The number of academic institutions that offer professional degrees have increased, but many recruiters have expressed concerns on the quality of pedagogy in these institutions. Graduating batches do not have adequate skills to be effective in professional jobs. Owing to cost constraints and the demands of the consumer market, a company also does not have the time and space to groom talent. The TA Leadership think tank (a People Matters initiative comprising some of the most experienced TA leaders in India) agree that the life of a recruiter has become even more complex because a recruiter is now The life of a recruiter has become tougher because s/he is now also held accountable for the success or fail- ure of a hire The new frontier Talent Acquisition: Talent Acquisition Special
  2. 2. Recruiting companies need more scien- tific ways to shortlist quality talent because they do not have the time and resources to groom talent held accountable for a hire. There is conse- quently an added pressure on a recruiter to have maximum efficiency and zero error while shortlisting applicants during candi- date selections. In order to make the talent acquisition process more accurate and scientific, some new trends are emerging in the space. These trends span across new-age prac- tices, tools and technology and service-level innovations that are helping recruiting organisations spend lesser time and effort to hire the right candidates. Talent screeners and job previews Talent screeners are a great way for a recruiting organisation to filter in candi- dates with genuine capabilities for inter- viewing. Talent screeners are skill and situational tests based on experiences that a candidate is likely to encounter during the job. Depending on the results, a candidate will be recommended or discouraged from pursuing a job opportunity. Another trend likely to pick up quickly in India is the practice of posting realistic previews about the job and the experi- ence of working with the organisation on a career page. These help candidates map their needs and employment preferences with those of the organisation and select or reject opportunities. Y.V.L. Pandit, Managing Director of SHL India, says, “Companies that are employing such tools for applicants are experienc- ing far higher hit-rates per opportunity compared to traditional processes.” Intelligent background verifications and reference checks While background verifications and refer- ence checks have been around for a while, the rising number of incidents of recruit- ers receiving fraudulent CVs from under- qualified or over-qualified candidates have given rise to the need for additional checks and validations. Background check service companies are seeing a rise in demand from recruiting companies asking for non- standard verifications, such as social media profiling and informal reference checks. Behavioural profiling and psychometric assessments One of the key methods by which a company integrates business outcomes with the talent strategy is by identifying candidates who can take up leadership positions within the company in the future. Recruit- ing companies now look for measures far beyond aptitude and academic qualifications and hence, more evolved forms of assess- ment have become part and parcel of an organisation’s talent acquisition plan. These include behavioural profiling and psycho- metric assessments. The importance of cautious social media branding Social media employer branding has evolved from being an option for a recruiting organ- isation to becoming an integral part of the talent acquisition strategy. Many progressive companies budget dedicated investments for social media as part of their annual talent acquisition plan. Yashwant Mahadik, Vice President & Head of Human Resources, Philips India & Global Lead Learning Strategy & Philips University, says, “Philips hires from campuses of lead- ing business schools such as the IIMs, ISB and IITs. Recruiters at Philips engage with students in these campuses across the year through social media networks, case study presentations and other academic part- nerships rather than engage in a one-time exercise during placements. This helps us build a strong employer brand in our target market.” — Vikram.choudhury@peoplematters.in People Matters I june 2013 I 65 Talent Acquisition Special
  3. 3. 66 I People Matters I july 2013 ‘Reality’ checks on recruitment processes Companies resort to realistic job previews, talent screeners to make hiring processes more efficient A global trend that is expected to rapidly catch up in India is the practice of providing realistic job previews that demonstrate what a job with the hiring organisation entails. These job previews are provided through multi-media formats such as videos on company websites. Even before sending an application, a candidate gets a very clear picture about the job and the organisation’s culture to help him decide to apply for or reject an opportu- nity. Through the realistic job preview, I can also get a sense of the working conditions, thereby helping me decide whether I should apply or refrain from pursuing the job. Organisations provide job previews to attract the right talent and spend less on recruitment processes such as brief- ing applicants, interviewing candidates or putting them through assessments. This results in organisations spending less time, energy, effort and money in filtering and sifting through candidate applications right at the beginning of the process. These job previews are also a great way of building an employer brand as an organisation sends a clear signal to the talent market about being open and candid about its job opportunities and work culture. Another trend that is picking up rapidly is the use of talent screeners on career websites, where applicants are put through a series of questions and situations that can help the recruiting organisation assess and filter the right candidates. These screen- ers are typically 10-15 minute question- naires where the candidate is presented with several situations that s/he will likely encounter in the job. At the end of the assessment, the platform tells a candidate whether he or she is ready to get to the next stage or whether the job is not a right fit for him or her. Through realistic job previews and talent screeners, a recruiting organisation can ensure that the number of irrelevant appli- cations is reduced and the general quality of applicants is better. In addition, a recruit- ing organisation can also ensure that the hit-rate per recruitment process is much higher compared to traditional channels. Organisations partner with talent consult- ing organisations to build job previews and talent screeners. For middle and senior level recruit- ments, an increasing number of companies are partnering with consulting organisa- tions to conduct personality assessments and objective evaluation of competencies to combine with the interview process. Personality assessments look at an indi- vidual’s most natural and preferred style of behaviour at the workplace. They involve an assessment of an individual’s competencies required to deliver superior performance on the job. The consulting partner also helps an organisation identify traits that are needed for success in a middle or senior leadership role. Through realistic job previews, a recruiting firm can reduce the number of irrelevant applications and the general quality of applicants is better Y. V. L. Pandit Managing Director, SHL India Talent Acquisition Special
  4. 4. People Matters I july 2013 I 67 R esearch quotes that every wrong hire costs the company three times as much as the actual cost of hiring him/her. Globally, organisations are experimenting with talent acquisition in terms of technology, demand, social media and the overall outlook on the process. But all of this is futile without getting a solid handle on the numbers and data. There isn’t a better function in the HR domain where you can have fun with numbers. Attempts to measure the metrics will make it an objective process, thereby creating better predictability for both outcome and output. I would attempt to illustrate with three myths that all of us experience in recruitment. Recruitment is an art Recruitment is a “data-based decision making process”. A systematic recruit- ment technique rests on a sumptuous pool of candidates’ profile. However, that is the only artsy side of recruitment; the rest is all science – the science of demand- supply. The term art signifies the diligence of recruiter in drawing inferences out of data history, which is 70 per cent objective, service-level driven, well-governed and monitored process. Talent is just in time Lack of predictability has hampered recruit- ments. Imagine the delight if you are able to forecast demand with 80 per cent accuracy in time and skill-sets. Talent requirement of the company is all about meticulous plan- ning. One size doesn’t fit all and a size that fits well today may need to be altered at a later date. There is no right metric Most of the recruitment metrics are limited purely to record management and hindsight. The metrics would be decided on three main dimensions: Hindsight - The “What”: Analyse what is happening. Understand the efficiency of the current systems and architecture. Cycle time, fulfillment ratios are some of the metrics that will give you hindsight. Insight - The “Why”: Investigate the exact or the probable reasons of the occurrence of an event. CV adequacy ratios, source vs channel performance will give you the insights for better decision-making. Foresight - The “How”: The foresight aspect will take into account the “how” factor as to how things will shape up in future. Probability ratios of fulfill- ment, impact on sales revenue numbers, employee productivity in 12 months will be some of outputs you can expect when you start looking at the foresight. Ultimately, it’s not what you implement but how you implement with a consistent approach that would make the change for you. In conclusion, I would say in God we trust, everyone else brings the data. Three major myths in recruitment Data is becoming increasingly important to drive predictability in the recruitment process Talent requirement of the company is all about meticulous planning. One size doesn’t fit all and a size that fits well today may need to be altered at a later date shelly singh Co-Founder and EVP, PeopleStrong Talent Acquisition Special
  5. 5. 68 I People Matters I july 2013 R ecruitment has become very chal- lenging because of several factors that are driven by radical develop- ments in the talent market. The approach and attitude towards work is expected to be considerably different in the future with remote working, social media and telecommuting defining employment trends of the future. Accordingly, the ways to attract talent have become more complex and organisations need new-age tools and techniques to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the talent market. Social media, job portals and online communities have become the central source to identify talent in the market. Market leaders have understood this drastic shift and have cashed in with mammoth resume databases and solutions. But in large part, the industry is far from being maximised. We have not seen any innovation in job portals; they still offer resume data- base services. Online recruitment needs innovations both from the perspective of a recruiter as well as that of a job seeker. For example, for a job seeker, an online job database should provide intuitive features that help a candidate spend less time on updating information manually and more time in identifying the right opportuni- ties that align with the job seeker’s skills and interests. Progressive search engines are providing leading-edge functionalities that are more intuitive and provide guid- ance to job seekers on various factors that increase his chances of finding the right opportunity, including profile strength advice, mapping of opportunities and skills, and consultative guidance on job search. A trend that will likely pick up is of passive candidate sourcing through job list- ings. Recruiting service providers are devel- oping applications that allow companies to create their own organisational page on portals where they can post job offers and company highlights within the organisation. This page is also search engine optimised and therefore when a person is scouring for jobs, he/she is automatically redirected to this page and is introduced to the organisa- tion. This not only eliminates competition from other enterprises that have similar job listings but it also allows the company to tap into passive talent pool. At the same time, progressive recruiting service companies are enabling recruit- ers to become smarter with opportunity identification in the talent market by providing services that can mine intelligent analytic functionalities with big data. Talent acquisition organisations can also look forward to recruitment analytics to filter the most relevant candidates from a pool. For example, analytics can help a recruiter find out the most relevant application taking into consideration multi-layered constraints. Presently, owing to the limitations of search effectiveness in job databases, a recruiter has to skim through hundreds of applica- tions to identify and shortlist candidates. Intelligent big data analytics platforms will play a fundamental role in changing the nature of recruitment in the coming times. Role of technology & data in talent acquisition Talent acquisition will depend a lot on big data intelligence and branding for the passive talent pool Premlesh Machama Talent acquisition companies can look forward to recruitment analytics to filter the most relevant candidates from a pool Managing Director, CareerBuilder India Talent Acquisition Special
  6. 6. People Matters I july 2013 I 69 Talent Acquisition Special Behavioural profiling gains in popularity Firms look to employ behavioural profiling, informal reference checks to augment talent acquisition efforts I f you talk about talent strategy 3.0, it is all about driving business execution through integrated talent management. Business execution drivers provide the miss- ing link between HR and business strategy. As a result, talent acquisition has changed completely in the last couple of years. Recruiting organisations are increasingly facing the demand for niche competencies beyond domain expertise. Traditional recruiting firms followed a two-step process for selecting and forward- ing applications to a hiring organisation. The recruiting company would interview short- listed candidates and those selected would be sent to the hiring company for another selection process. The services, however, have evolved considerably to include behav- ioural valuation of the candidates. Many recruiting service organisations have tied up with assessment firms to eval- uate the technical and behavioural compe- tencies of candidates. Assessments have become an important part of the recruit- ment process. Many service companies now offer scientific methodologies such as Thomas Profiling, Brain Mapping or Axiom tests depending on the level and criticality of the role. Many recruiters are also developing in-house tests that assess behavioural competencies of a candidate customised to the culture and demands of the organisa- tion. As a result, the importance of employ- ing an experienced recruitment consult- ing organisation has increased manifold. Service providers are also expected to do informal reference checks during the hiring process. Earlier, the reference checks were mostly formal based on information provided by the candidates themselves. The norm is rapidly shifting to giving two to three informal reference checks in addition to the formal reference checks. In an informal reference check, a recruitment service provider typically reaches out to colleagues and managers of an individual in his previous organisa- tions, who are not mentioned in the formal reference checks. These informal refer- ence checks ask more prodding questions like asking a manager in an ex-company of whether she/he would like to hire the indi- vidual back and the key considerations for that decision. A good recruiting service organisation is one that has the ability to create a detailed behavioural profile of a candidate through informal means such as informal reference checks and social media investigations. The aspects that a recruiting consultant typi- cally looks for in an informal profile include aspects like social life of the individual on a personal networking profile, profile of the network of friends in the personal network, recommendations received on LinkedIn and skill endorsements. As the bar on quality continues to grow, more and more recruit- ers will be looking for value-added partner- ships that can help them find the right talent for business execution. Satya D. Sinha CEO, Mancer Consulting Services Informal reference checks gauge an individual’s behavioural traits and professional fitment by asking prodding and non-standard questions
  7. 7. 70 I People Matters I july 2013 B eing future-ready requires formula- tion of a strategy that focuses on selection and hiring of the right talent using scientifically designed assessment tools and interviewing tech- niques. A good recruitment strategy should ensure that those selected/hired are compre- hensively screened for authenticity of facts and documents. As a result, background checks have gained importance in the last decade and it is undoubtedly an integral part of the hiring process. With pressures on the recruitment team to hire more and fast, a recruiter has to be extra careful during a selection process. A good recruitment plan should iden- tify which aspects of a candidate’s profile are to be mandatorily screened, based on the definition of roles. For technical and individual contributor roles, a verification of the individual’s technical credentials need to be thoroughly checked while for middle and senior leadership roles, any discrepancies between the individual’s claimed personal- ity and actual behavioural traits need to be verified. A recruitment plan also needs to include a future course of action where discrepancy is proven. Global stringency on possible terrorist links, money-laundering smears, shadow of corruption or the rising incidents of criminally-motivated applicants have compelled organisations to include background verification and country- specific legal assessments as an integral part of their recruitment strategy. The health of the background screen- ing process in an organisation is a powerful indicator of the management’s commit- ment to the process. With the changed set of personal values and the workforce becoming increasingly multi-generational, policies and processes need to evolve to address newer issues. Recruiters have to verify candidates from a wide spectrum of credentials such as the relevance of corre- spondence education from an unrecognised institution, gaps in education and employ- ment history and unstated employment histories. Tactical hiring trends include employee referrals and social media as options to source candidates. While being efficient means to source applications, they also increase the need for more stringent back- ground verification. Using social media for employee verification is fraught with uncer- tainty and carries the risk of infringement of privacy. Two important elements of the background screening policy of an organisa- tion include role-wise checks and stage for initiation of the screening process. I would like to leave you with one last point. While you hire on the basis of the resume and the interview, do you validate what the resume states against what the candidate fills in the candidate informa- tion sheet once the hiring process has been initiated? If you are not cross-referencing candidate resumes against candidate infor- mation sheets, that is the first ‘risk’ you are ignoring. Firms seek talent background screening Thorough verification of a candidate’s resume is an integral part of the selection process Ajay Trehan The health of the background screening process in an organisation is a powerful indicator of the management’s commitment to the process Founder and CEO, AuthBridge Talent Acquisition Special
  8. 8. People Matters I july 2013 I 71 R ecruiting organisations in India are facing a problem of plenty. The highest talent intake for qualified entry-level talent in India comes from the engineering and the management pool. While most of this talent pool is absorbed into the IT/ITeS industry, many are also moving into other service industries such as publishing. When it comes to specific func- tional jobs such as sales, marketing, HR and finance, most recruiters acquire talent from business schools and niche professional pools such as chartered and cost accoun- tancy. If talent is so abundant, why are compa- nies struggling to get the right people in? While on paper the availability of talent is large, a peek under the surface-level reali- ties reveals that the distribution of quality talent in this pool is highly skewed and they have a limited set of skills. According to statistics and talent market research, only 15-20 per cent of the talent pool that graduates every year from profes- sional institutions is readily employable. To acquire the right talent, recruiting organisa- tions are putting together more rigorous evaluation. Good recruiting organisations have put together three to four levels of evaluation mechanisms to assess a candi- date beyond their academic credentials. Most of these assessment parameters include intrinsic and behavioural competen- cies such as the ability to craft new ideas or fluid intelligence. The shift in what corporates seek In addition to academic knowledge, compa- nies are also interested in understanding whether a candidate has the ability to learn new ideas quickly. Traditionally, fluid intel- ligence assessment was never a criteria to evaluate or shortlist candidates. The focus of entry-level hiring has, therefore, shifted from what a candidate knows to what the candidate can potentially learn. For non-entry-level or lateral recruit- ments, exemplar companies have also put together mechanisms to assess emotional intelligence and behavioural attributes through psychometrics. Some even go to the extent of putting the candidate through assessment centres to understand if a candidate will fit into the company’s culture, capabilities and delivery expectations. Engaging the young talent While in the pre-1991 era, India was a land of limited opportunities, younger millennial generations were exposed to a different set of experiences compared to other genera- tions in the workforce. While it is natural to assume that the younger generations have a different set of employment expectations, the assumption that they have a different set of values compared to the earlier genera- tions is not true. There are two areas where companies often get confused: Work ethics and personal space. Most of the younger generation have not only learnt to work hard and party harder, but also keep work and personal life separate. Assess receptivity, not academic credentials Recruiters have to look beyond academic credentials to assess employability of entry-level professionals Only 15-20% of the graduating talent pool in India is readily employable. So, there is a need for deeper assessment mechanisms Sundara Rajan Director, Thomas Assessments Talent Acquisition Special
  9. 9. 72 I People Matters I july 2013 Attracting talent? Use social media wisely While social media has become a key differentiator, a recruiter should drive social employer brand with caution T alent acquisition (TA) has become a complex business process owing to a variety of factors. The ability to attract and retain talent has become a stra- tegic differentiator. In order to build a strong employer brand in the talent market, an organisation encounters several challenges and progressive recruiters are actively using social media to attract talent and influence the employer brand. Firms that are able to communicate an environment of cooperation, exchange of ideas and flexibility enjoy a superior employer brand. It is important that organisations recog- nise not just the skills and knowledge that exists within their current talent pool, but also their attitudes to compare these with the ideal set of knowledge, skills and atti- tudes that they desire. A social media strategy has thus become integral to the talent acquisition process thanks to its ability to gather intelligence and reach out to the talent pool through adaptive methodologies. Diversity and inclusion is on the list of top priorities for recruiting organisations. Smart employers are increasingly employing social media to propagate their commitment to diversity. While social media has become an integral part of the TA process, there is still no formal or benchmark process for social media hiring. In order to be an effec- tive social media recruiter, an organisation should be aware of the following trends: 1 Be careful while choosing a social medium for reaching a prospective candi- date. Most social media is personal space. Not everyone appreciates being approached via that medium and a careless approach to social media outreach can leave a big dent on the employer brand. 2 Progressive social media recruiters have become good at using their social pages to build an employer brand and popularise job opportunities. Good recruiters make effec- tive use of trending tools such as twitter tags to capture interest and attract talent. 3 A very popular and sure-fire way to increase an organisation’s employer brand quotient on social media is by creating and propagating awareness such as employee programmes, work-life balance and other social activities through videos and other rich-media content. 4 Gestures on social media such as congratulating fresh hires and new joinees create a sense of belonging in candidates and some of the most popular employment/ career pages regularly update congratula- tory and recognition messages of existing and future employees. 5 Using social media gamification for inducting and training employees builds a strong and healthy culture of competition. Recruiters have also realised that knowl- edge sharing becomes easy when a new employee joins the firm. In addition to social media, the TA space is witnessing several other trends. There has been an increase in the incidence of organisations employing managed services / RPO route to manage TA effectively. Good recruiters make effective use of trending tools such as twitter tags to capture interest and attract talent Ajit Isaac Chairman and Managing Director, IKYA Human Capital Solutions Talent Acquisition Special
  10. 10. Profile of client MNC, Indian conglomerates, large and medium sized Indian companies. Buyers profile CHRO, VP-HR, GM-HR, HR Managers Service locations Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ban- galore, Hyderabad , Chennai, Coimbatore and Kolkata Overview Thomas Assessments provides a range of psychometric tools to the Indian corporate world, including PPA - Personal Profile Analysis - one of world’s most popular and widely acclaimed Behavioral Profiling Systems. Thomas’ range of products include Job-Person Compatibility Systems(PPA- Job), Cognitive Ability Measurement (GIA), Emotional Intelligence Measurement (TEIQ), Team Analysis System (TAS) and Skill Mea- surement System (SoL). Thomas Assessments provides the HR community with tools to assist them in the entire lifecycle of an employee - to recruit, retain, develop and manage them. For the past 15 years, Thomas Assessments has partnered with more than 700 clients across India, Pakistan and Middle East by helping them understand their human assets better, create an engaged and performance driven workforce, build them and help organiza- tions improve their bottom-line. Identifying the right person for each position Thomas Assessments has one of the most powerful solutions in the world to identify the right person for each job, using a suite of tools. These tools go beyond the obvious and understand a person and a job in total- ity and match them. These tools have the flexibility to be applied at different levels of the organization, be it an entry level posi- tion or a CXO. Creating Performing Teams Thomas Assessments’ Team Analysis System (TAS) helps leaders to understand the teams they handle, identify the level of alignment of the team to organizational goals and probable internal conflicts within the team. It helps the core man- agement team to align with the com- pany’s strategic objectives. TAS provides specific inputs on how to get the best out of each team member to make the whole larger than the sum of the parts. Thomas Be Spoke 360 Thomas Assessments provides a unique 360 degree platform and training to use this popular approach effectively in or- ganizations. The Thomas 360 platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, provides instant assistance on best practices in 360 and helps in customizing it to each organiza- tion’s needs. Thomas Emotional Intelligence Created by Prof. K.Y.Petrides of University of London, Thomas Emotional Intel- ligence tool is one of the few trait-based measurement systems in EQ space. Easy-to-understand and interpret, with a detailed explanation of each facet or and facet used in measurement, TEIQ has become a highly acclaimed tool in the world within a few years of its launch. Thomas Assessments offers this to India clients now. Key differentiators Thomas Assessments provides insightful and holistic solutions through the lifecycle of the employee - recruit, retain, develop and manage phases, helping Human Re- sources professionals at every step of the way. Known for its responsiveness and commitment to clients, Thomas Assess- ments brings in its knowledge of global practices along with its tools to India . Engagement model Initial License and Certifications, fol- lowed by pay per use basis. Pricing - Global tools and expertise at Indian Prices Testimonial - On request Thomas Assessments Pvt. Ltd. Contact details Sundara Rajan - sundara@vsnl.com Yogesh Misra - yogesh@thomasassessments.com Prateek Shrivastava - prateek@thomasassessments.com People Matters I july 2013 I 75
  11. 11. 76 I People Matters I july 2013 Profile of client SHL is the leader in talent measurement solutions, driving better business results for clients through superior people intelligence and decisions - from hiring and recruiting, to employee development and succession planning. With a presence in over 50 countries, SHL delivers more than 30 million assessments annually in over 30 languages - allowing over 10,000 business customers to benefit from both global expertise and local insight. Along with its world-class consulting practices and 24-hour support centre, SHL clients can access over 1,000 assessments through an easy-to-use technology platform. SHL was acquired in 2012 by CEB, the leading member-based advisory company. By combining the best practices of thousands of member companies with advanced research methodologies and human capital analytics, CEB equips senior leaders and their teams with insight and actionable solutions to transform operations. Headquartered in London, UK, SHL has offices in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Present in India for over 13 years, SHL India partners with more than 500 companies, including the top Indian Business Groups as well as multinational companies. Buyer’s profile: Corporates, Government Organizations, Universities, NGOs Service locations in India - Services offered pan India with offices located in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore Overview of products & services offered: • Wide range of tests including –ability, personality, motivational, situational judgment, information technology skills test, call centre Assessments, etc. • Assessment and development centres • Trainings Areas of expertise: • Assessments • Consulting Services • Training Services Solutions offered: 1) Talent Acquisition- maximizing recruitment quality • Volume Recruitment • Graduate Recruitment • Managerial/Professional Hire 2) Talent Mobility – engaging and mobilizing talent • Talent Audit • Employee Development • Succession Planning 3) Talent Analytics – quantify the impact of your talent programs. Key differentiators: • Verifiable business results–The insights provided by SHL People Intelligence results in client benefits such as increased revenue, lower costs, greater efficiencies and more effective leadership. The proven success of SHL’s assessments is demonstrated by the tangible business results recorded by our clients. • The world’s largest source of data on people at work – SHL delivers 30 million assessments every year, which gives SHL an unrivalled database of people intelligence, enabling us to provide key analytics and benchmark talents across all industries and all roles. SHL (India) Pvt. Ltd. Contact details 022-40929208 / shlindia@shl.com www.shl.com 76 I People Matters I July 2013
  12. 12. 78 I People Matters I july 2013 Profile of client PeopleStrong is a leading platform based mpHRO (Multi-process HR Outsourcing) and Technology company, headquartered out of Gurgaon in India. PeopleStrong enables Business Leaders and CEO’s in transforming their people agenda. Peo- pleStrong’s proposition value is further enhanced by the fact that customers see them as trustees of HR Transformation, partnering in their prime objective of creat- ing Happy Organizations. PeopleStrong has implemented some of the largest HR Service Centers in Asia Pacific. They are delivering employee services across regions and time zones for more than 300,000 employees and have hired more than 40,000 employees through a unique technology interface coupled with high end decision making Tools for people data. The company combines outstanding people, process and technology with strong gover- nance and compliance structures. Peo- pleStrong is the first company in the space to be successfully assessed on SSAE16. Buyers profile It services clients in Manufacturing Engi- neering, BFSI (banking, financial services, insurance), Education, Pharma and IT verti- cals for Indian MNCs and India businesses of foreign MNCs. This directly impacts the way HR is delivered in the organization resulting in increased effectiveness and su- perlative employee experience. Our clients experience cost advantages of 20% to 40% versus previous HR budgets over a period of 3-4 years. Overview of products HCM We are a leading technology-based ser- vices provider; strengthening HR with Tools that automates your complex HR processes yet gives you the simplicity flexibility to accommodate your business requirements for employee lifecycle management. This suite covers the following modules: Em- ployee Profile which gives you the complete information of employee which can also be edited; Leave module helps you to stream- line your leave and attendance process; Timesheet module offers proper tracking of attendance and working hours of the employee. Some key features are: • User interface: Highly configurable work- flow engine • Mobile: Anytime Anywhere Access • Analytics: Data driven decision making analytics • Cloud Scalable and Secure – hosted on World class Tier IV private cloud • Social: Integration with Social Platform mp-HRO We are Platform based multi process HRO (mp-HRO) company successfully adminis- tering clients’ various HR processes from the hire to retire cycle by adding reliabil- ity and accuracy to the HR output with significant expertise in process design and implementation of Shared Services delivery model. We have a proven track record of providing value benefits to customers by technology innovation, process improve- ment and re-engineering resulting into significant cost savings. Some of the key activities managed under mpHRO includes • Analytics and Insights • Pan-India reachability • Web and phone support for the employees • PMS and Training Administration RPO People Strong’s RPO service line cuts across industry and skill based deliv- ery managing 40000+ hires across 200 different locations in India. Our teams specialized in acquiring Just in time talent across industry domains like Engineering, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, BFSI, Automobile and ITES among many others enable our customers to reduce costs and improve predictability of hire. Skill assessments created to measure aptitude and behavioral traits along with the domain knowledge of a candidate make for a comprehensive solu- tion for getting the right employee. A robust recruitment technology platform helps integrate the supply, process and gover- nance elements of our recruitment delivery enabling us to deliver at a large scale and help customers efficiently manage peaks and troughs of their talent demand. PeopleStrong Contact details PeopleStrong HR Services Pvt.Ltd, A-10,Infocity,Sector - 34 Gurgaon,Haryana-122001 Tel:0124-4782400 contact@peoplestrong.com 78 I People Matters I July 2013
  13. 13. 82 I People Matters I july 2013 Profile of client MANCER Consulting Group is a leading provider of talent management solutions with service offerings that include talent acquisition, executive search, talent analytics, Start up Boot, ManCamp and RPO. Our hybrid methodology and technology enabled processes ensure timely delivery as per mandates and our services are cost effective and best in class. Buyers profile Our “The Best Fit” methodology has attracted over 200+ clients, which include Fortune 500 companies and large public sector undertakings from various industries. We also offer customized solutions to startups, SMEs and family owned businesses. Service locations MANCER’s strong presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad has enabled it to increase its client reach and build strong alliances across industries. Overview of services offered Talent Acquisition: Helps clients acquire quality talent from the market. Executive Search: Help clients get visionary leaders to achieve their long term goals Talent Analytics: A customized analysis of available talent pool in the market, which is a must for every employer to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in talent management. ManCamp: End-to-end campus hiring solution RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to fulfill clients talent requirement across level Start-Up Boot For many entrepreneurs, getting the right candidate is as much a serendipitous hunt for talent as an opportunity to hard sell their startup through every platform available. Mancer Consulting with its diversified experience in cross domains brings the leadership talent pool for startups. Areas of expertise Over a span of 10 years, we have become the preferred solution partners for many leading national and international brands. Our verticals of expertise: • EMPI • IT • ITeS • Oil Gas • Steel Power BFSI • FMCG/CD/CE • Pharma Healthcare • Research Consulting Key differentiators- • Consultative and Entrepreneurial Ap- proach • Process Driven Delivery • Industry Research • Over 90% Business through reference Pricing Our pricing strategies across business lines are based on value customers perceive. We operate on a result-based model and all services are competitively priced Testimonial/Referrals “Mancer is a committed talent acquisition organization backed with years of presence. Mancer provides to its clients deep insight in the country’s talent market and comes with a solution orientated approach. -Senior VP HR at a leading banking and financial services multinational “The most important skill-sets a consulting firm can provide to its client is, an understanding of business expectations, On-time Delivery and customized Service. Mancer provides us with all of them and much more.” -Senior Professional at a leading health- care and wellness multinational MANCER Consulting Services Contact details Visit us at http://www.mancerconsulting.com/ 82 I People Matters I JULY 2013
  14. 14. 84 I People Matters I july 2013 AuthBridge, a leading Background Verification Talent Solutions company has, since its establishment in 2005, consistently innovated now emerged as one of the leaders in the Background Verification Industry in India. A great believer in technology-led innovation, our belief has helped us achieve great results in Turn Around Time - one of the key parameters for our clients Quality of our reports Integrity of information that we compile Buyer’s profile We are proud to share that top companies from Telecom, BFSI, Pharma, Automobile and IT choose to work with AuthBridge year after year to ensure they hire authentic candidates. We also serve more than hundred small and medium scale organizations in safe hiring. Service locations We have Pan India capability with offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai We also have Global capability and can conduct verification across the globe. Overview of services offered In HR staffing space, AuthBridge creates value by playing a critical role in ensuring the talent being hired is authentic, presents right credentials and is safe for our clients across the industries. Employee Background Screening AuthLeadTM - Advanced Background Check for Top Management AuthNumberTM - Exiting employee database www.indiaverify.com - Online Verification for the retail customer Exit Interviews Key differentiators Continued certification for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Continued Empanelment with National Skills Registry Scalability and flexibility of operations Innovation: Cornell University recently published a research document titled AuthBridge Research Services: Innovating HR Operations in India after studying the automated background verification processes at AuthBridge 10 million+ checks done 2 million+ reports published Undivided focus on Background Verification AuthBridge Contact details AuthBridge is headquartered out of Gurgaon in India Gurgaon:+91 88-269 88001 E-mail:sales@authbridge.com Corporate Office: 123,Udyog vihar Phase IV Gurgaon 122 016 More info can be found at www.authbridge.com 84 I People Matters I JULY 2013
  15. 15. 86 I People Matters I july 2013 Our clients cut across industries locations across the globe. From Fortune 500 conglomerates to startup firms, IKYA provides a one-stop HR solution framework across the spectrum. Recruiting and retaining the right talent is critical to the stability and success of any organization. At IKYA, this is what we do best and in the process help over 50,000 professionals enhance their careers every year. Buyers profile CXOs Department Heads Service locations: From our 33 offices across India, we serve clients in more than 240 towns and cities. Overview of services offered Executive search: A specialized wing of IKYA, Search Partners, is defined by its expertise, knowledge and network. Our pan India presence enables us to provide customized services to large corporates and growing organizations. We have what it takes to help you hire the right person to occupy the C-Suite roles in your organization. Recruitment Services IKYA has a dedicated team of domain experts delivering high quality recruitment solutions. Domains • IT ITeS • Banking, financial insurance services • Industrial engineering resources • Consumer services, retail telecom • Pharmaceutical healthcare Our services include: • Talent acquisition • Turnkey projects • Young professional recruitment • Outplacements • Resume building • Coaching and guiding Recruitment Process Outsourcing IKYA delivers comprehensive recruitment/ HR process outsourcing services to companies. Our RPO solutions provide high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your productivity and competitive advantage. This is achieved by combining our unmatched business domain expertise with our superior technological competence. Services offered include: - End-to-end recruitment management - Back-end process management - HR business process transformation Temporary staffing solutions With over 65,000 employees on our rolls, IKYA’s staffing solutions help clients: •Deploy manpower only when required • Accommodate cyclic workloads and projects • Reduce fixed cost overheads • Assess performance before offering permanent employment Services offered • Temporary staffing solutions – Non- technology • Professional staffing solutions – Technology • Managed service solutions • Payroll compliance management • Background verification services Training skill development IKYA’s Training and Skill development vertical provides a comprehensive range of training programs for youth to improve their employability. We partner with the State and Central Governments, NGOs and corporates on training and development initiatives. We believe that quality training can create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the youth and are keen to associate with organizations and corporate for various skill development initiatives. Key differentiators At IKYA we have the experience, expertise and depth of knowledge to find you the best talent. Our team of over 400 consultants comes with domain industry expertise and is focused on hiring the right people for your organization. IKYA Human Capital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Contact details Vijay Sivaram,Director, 9740916161 86 I People Matters I july 2013