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Make Your Firm Irresistible to Clients & Candidates | Webcast


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Learn how to be thoughtful about the information you're sharing online and the resources you have in place to engage key talent pools and potential clients.

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Make Your Firm Irresistible to Clients & Candidates | Webcast

  1. 1. Make Your Firm Irresistible to Clients & Candidates Branding on LinkedIn #HiretoWin
  2. 2. Why is branding important for Search & Staffing?
  3. 3. Content is being created, consumed and shared at a speed and scale never seen before. NewsCred, 2014 3
  4. 4. 5,000
  5. 5. People do not treat BUSINESS & CAREER DECISIONS any differently. 6 #HiretoWin
  6. 6. #HiretoWin 7
  7. 7. People complete 60% of the decision making process prior to any direct interaction with the brand –and that extends to the way people now look for employment. 60% of the decision-making process is made prior to any direct interaction with a sales person. 8
  8. 8. Where do I start?
  9. 9. Build Engage Recruit Your followers & your brand Nurture your target audiences Do what you do best #HiretoWin 11
  10. 10. Recruiting is marketing AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT CONSIDERATION CONVERT #HiretoWin 12
  11. 11. #HiretoWin 13
  12. 12. Members searching other members every year Page views on LinkedIn are members viewing members’ profiles A recruiter’s profile can generate up to 10X more views than an average member 5B 76% 10X
  13. 13. What assets do you have on LinkedIn today? Your Company Your Employees 14 #HiretoWin
  14. 14. Add a logo and banner image Add a company description Point out your specialties Customize a Careers page Grow your follower base How can you best brand your Company Page? 15 #HiretoWin
  15. 15. 16 #HiretoWin
  16. 16. Add a picture (7X more views) Include a creative headline Include an elevator pitch about your firm Show, don’t tell – video goes a long way Ask for recommendations from clients & candidates you’ve placed Acquire followers How can your employees best brand their profiles? 17 #HiretoWin
  17. 17. 18 #HiretoWin
  18. 18. Followers are your brand advocates & a viable pool of candidates Responsive leads Engaged talent pool 78% Your followers are 95% more likely to respond to your recruiters and sales team’s InMail 61% of members are more likely to share information as a result of following a company 79% of members are interested in updates on job opportunities from companies they follow Brand evangelists 19 #HiretoWin
  19. 19. How can you build your company follower base? Status Updates Employee Profiles Your Company Page Targeted Ads 20 #HiretoWin
  20. 20. Maximize your Company Page presence Build your follower base Leverage your employee profiles Key takeaways: Building your brand 1 2 3 21 #HiretoWin
  21. 21. 22 #HiretoWin
  22. 22. How do you ENGAGE your audience?
  23. 23. Nurture your audience with targeted, value-add content Careers page Targeted media Content marketing 24 #HiretoWin
  24. 24. Bold, memorable visuals with lively colors Focus on storytelling through testimonials Arresting copy that grabs the reader Multiple page versions highly targeted to visiting talent Jobs Customized to the audience Career pages drive deep candidate and client engagement Powerful Video Content that engages the viewer 1 25 #HiretoWin
  25. 25. Multiple views allow you to give a customized message to your audience 26 #HiretoWin
  26. 26. Career pages help staffing agencies engage the right audience with the right message Establish your market expertise and deliver unique messages for clients, candidates, and consultants. •Geography •Function •Industry •Seniority 27 #HiretoWin
  27. 27. 28 Content enhances Job Postings for deeper engagement #HiretoWin
  28. 28. Tips and tricks for your Careers page Think visually Think digitally Think video Your Target Audience Think customized 29 #HiretoWin
  29. 29. Targeted ads find and engage any audience… 2 30 #HiretoWin
  30. 30. Driving them to your Careers page where they receive a customized experience 31 #HiretoWin
  31. 31. What is content marketing? Any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire clients or candidates. Content marketing develops long-term relationships with your audience 3 •Adds value to the industry conversation •Provides concrete tips and offers unique insights •Does not aim to directly sell, rather provides free value •Establishes the publisher as a thought leader or trusted advisor Why is it important? 32 #HiretoWin
  32. 32. Every time you post content, you’re nurturing the relationship with your followers 33 Generate awareness of roles you are filling Build a community of target candidates Promote news or upcoming events Establish thought leadership Build reputation as a consultancy of choice Ways to build relationships with target talent Member news feed #HiretoWin
  33. 33. 34 Sponsored Updates Reach the entire LinkedIn network Company Updates Only reach your pool of followers Sponsored Updates can build the same kind of relationships with talent outside your followers 313M+ (+2 every sec) LinkedIn member population 19,000 #HiretoWin
  34. 34. Target with accuracy using advanced filters Targeting Sponsored Updates Company Updates Location ✔ ✔ Company Size, Industry ✔ ✔ Function, Seniority ✔ ✔ Company Name ✔ Job Title ✔ School ✔ Skills ✔ Group Membership ✔ Gender ✔ Age ✔ Negative targeting ✔ 35 #HiretoWin
  35. 35. Build relationships with clients & candidates on desktop, tablet and mobile 41% of LinkedIn’s traffic is on a mobile device Engagement rates can be up to 5x higher on mobile 36 #HiretoWin
  36. 36. Examples of content marketing 37 #HiretoWin
  37. 37. How does it all come together?
  38. 38. Client example: CS Recruiting, LLC •Transportation and Logistics Recruiting Firm •Based in Chicago, work on positions across US and Canada •10 person shop 39 #HiretoWin
  39. 39. Client example: CS Recruiting, LLC Candidate View Business Development View 40 #HiretoWin
  40. 40. Client example: CS Recruiting, LLC Grew follower base by 9,000 in 6 months! 41 #HiretoWin
  41. 41. Customize your Careers page for your most important audience segments Reach and engage your target audiences with media Use content marketing to develop relationships with your audience pools Key takeaways: Engaging your audience 1 2 3 42 #HiretoWin
  42. 42. Build Engage Recruit Your followers & your brand Nurture your target audiences Do what you do best 43 #HiretoWin
  43. 43. Remember to think like a marketer #HiretoWin 44
  44. 44. For more information, check out our Search & Staffing page:
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