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LinkedIn for Social Selling Success


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For sales professionals. Today, you are no longer solely a sales rep, but an identifiable trusted adviser and subject matter expert.

Yes, the fact remains that sales has always been, and will always be, “social.” The best sales professionals know that success is based on the knack for building key relationships. They're keen networkers and connectors.

But the social-mobile-digital shift is challenging the effectiveness of traditional sales tactics. Why? Because buyer behavior has changed. Today's buyers are characterized by connectivity and empowerment. They take to Google search and information gathered from social networks, first and foremost, before directly connecting with a sales rep. On average, 70% of the decision-making process is already complete by the time your prospect first hears from you.

This LinkedIn for Social Selling presentation:

• Makes the case for social selling and soft sell strategies in order to harness today's changing buyer process.

• Guides sales teams on how to build out a LinkedIn profile specifically for buyer-centric personal branding.

• Instructs sales on how to use LinkedIn for research and intel for prospecting, lead nurturing and competitive analysis.

• Provides key tips for using LinkedIn for real relationship building through the various forms of social engagements, from InMail, LinkedIn Group participation and influencer interactions, to social posts and content curation with likes, shares and comments.

Questions or comments? Ping me on Twitter at @XochiAdame

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LinkedIn for Social Selling Success

  1. 1. Social Selling I: LinkedIn-Powered Sales Success: Personal Branding, Intel and Relationship Building
  2. 2. AGENDA • Why Social Selling ? • What is Social Selling? • Step 1: Personal Branding on LinkedIn • The Why and What of Social Selling • Step 2: LinkedIn for Prospect Intel • 3: LinkedIn Engagement • StepBuyer-centric Personal Branding • LinkedIn for Research & Intel • Relationship Building with LinkedIn #SKO14
  3. 3. Why Social Selling? #SKO14
  4. 4. Enterprise technology buyers will find nearly 70% of the content they need on their own, with only 15% sent by marketing and only 15% delivered by sales. 77% of B2B buyers conduct product review research before ever contacting a salesperson. Buyers look at an average of over 10 digital resources before ever making a purchase. #SKO14
  5. 5. #SKO14
  6. 6. #SKO14
  7. 7. Social Selling Defined: • What is social selling? #SKO14
  8. 8. Buyer-Centric Personal Branding on LinkedIn • Image of today’s sales executive, shows man and woman with these labels:  Industry Thought leader  Corporate Spokesperson  Subject Matter Expert Trusted Advisor Leading Expert Top Blogger Thought Leader Industry Influencer #SKO14
  9. 9. 1. Profile Picture • 93% had a picture of some kind. Professional headshot at proper resolution and size. • • • • • JPG, GIF or PNG 4MB max Square 1:1 shape 200x200 to 500x500 4000 pixels max Just like the first 7-10 seconds in face-to-face impressions, first encounters via your digital self produce immediate, largely subconscious, judgments. #SKO14
  10. 10. 1. Profile Picture • 93% had a picture of some kind. Search-optimized headline. • Defaults to current job title. • 140 character max. • Headlines are indexed for internal and external search. • Powerful Google page rank. • Use buyer persona for keyword optimization. #SKO14
  11. 11. 1. Profile Picture • 93% had a picture of some kind. Thorough contact info. • • • • • Email Phone number Twitter Blog and website Vanity URL using full name. Important contact info should also be added to your summary and additional details sections. #SKO14
  12. 12. Summary • Not an online cover letter. • Write in first person. • Write for buyer persona audience. • Include key contact info. • Keyword rich SEO. • 2K character max. • Alt Code symbols. • Ask colleagues to proofread. #SKO14
  13. 13. 5. Endorsements • Quid pro quo. • Movable module. Recommendations & Endorsements • Client recommendations trump co-workers. • Quid pro quo. • Endorsements boost LI search results. • Goal: 1 recommendation per job title, 10 total is a sweet spot. #SKO14
  14. 14. “LinkedIn is the best tool we have for business development” — Anna Bratton, top sales exec Prospecting Lead Nurturing Competitive Intel #SKO14 at
  15. 15. #SKO14
  16. 16. Prospect Intel Step 2: Analyzing company and personal profiles . What can you glean from knowing: • • • • • 2nd & 3rd party connections Groups Companies followed Personal interests Connections Joining key groups that your prospects already participate in can offer valuable access to conversations. *Default settings will also give you access to free InMail to co-Group members. #SKO14
  17. 17. • Any LinkedIn member can be saved as a contact by going to their profile page and clicking the Relationship tab next to Contact Info. • Your notes, reminders and tags are private to you. • Tags can be categorized by buyer persona, job title, or even a conference call name and date. • Pull up saved contacts by going to your “contacts” under “Network,” then sort by desired filter. #SKO14
  18. 18. Prospect Intel • Salesforce Integration • Jerad Demo #SKO14
  19. 19. Engagement Relationship building & nurturing Mutual Groups Soft Sell Social posts Introductions InMail #SKO14 Content sharing
  20. 20. #SKO14
  21. 21. Follow and engage key influencers on LinkedIn Pulse • Relationships with influencers lends credibility and influence to your own personal brand. • Influencers are power connectors with vast networks and connections. Participate in key LinkedIn Groups • Conference, professional association and niche industry groups are hotbeds of insightful conversations and industry prospects. • Participation increases visibility in target audiences outside your personal network. #SKO14
  22. 22. • Engagement ranges from InMail and Connection invites to posts, comments, likes and shares. • Start by listening. Prospects’ conversations often provide insights into problems and areas of interest. • Engaging with your group and network audiences builds trust, influence and visibility. • Demonstrate value by sharing helpful content to your networks-at-large, and also to individual prospects when appropriate. • Be ever-conscious of tact, you don’t want to come across as pushy or creepy. #SKO14
  23. 23. • “Like” or “share” stories from LinkedIn Company Pages, Connections and Groups. • Contribute thoughtful comments or expertise to conversations happening in key LinkedIn Groups. • Follow and engage with LinkedIn Pulse Influencers relevant to your industry. • Secret sauce: leverage online with offline engagement to initiate and sustain long-term relationships. #SKO14
  24. 24. 1. B2B buying behavior has changed. 2. Get ahead by getting active in the first 70% of today’s path to purchase (B2B buyer journey). 3. Design your digital persona according to your ideal buyer. 4. Harness LinkedIn for prospect and competitor investigation and analysis. 5. Successful LinkedIn relationships start with listening. 6. Harness the power of industry influencers and groups. 7. Master the Soft Sell by providing value long before mentioning your product or launching your “pitch.” #SKO14
  25. 25. ? • Troubleshooting? Email: Twitter: @xochiadame • Grab the deck: SlideShare, CDS Global Blog, • Stay tuned for future Social Selling resources #SKO14