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LinkedIn for branding. Plymouth State University MAPS


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A high level overview of the real value of using LinkedIn as a professional

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LinkedIn for branding. Plymouth State University MAPS

  1. 1. For Branding and Professional Growth A Workshop by Chuck Sink
  2. 2. Professional Success Four Play: 1.Brand 2.Networking 3.Content 4.Free Online Tools
  3. 3. Positioning Your Brand Who are you and what do you stand for? Why is that valuable to your customers?
  4. 4. Positioning Statement To: Safety Conscious Automobile Consumers Volvo is the automobile manufacturer that keeps you and your family safe because all of our technology effort and planning are focused on protecting drivers and their passengers. To: Business Owners, Marketing Directors and Organization Leaders Chuck Sink Link is the communications firm that creates ideal messages for your target audience because we reveal the value of your brand and communicate it with clarity.
  5. 5. Friends, back yards, T-shirts & flip-flops Offices, boardrooms, networking events & suits = =
  6. 6. Have a complete Profile!
  7. 7. Formula for earning referrals: Refer-ability = Business Value + Authenticity + Friendliness
  8. 8. Networking – Your Personal Branding Campaign Is your LinkedIn persona matched with your real persona?
  9. 9. Who do you know? (An important question)
  10. 10. Who knows you? (The vital question!)
  11. 11. Your Connections Aim for quality connections – people in a position to: • Hire you or partner with you • Do business with you • Refer business to you • Help you connect with other quality connections
  12. 12. Your Connections Connecting is easy when: • You’re already friends or colleagues. • You’ve done business already. • You have their email address. • The person has a strong awareness of you and your company.
  13. 13. Your Connections What if I want to connect with people who don’t already know me?
  14. 14. Join one of the Groups your prospect belongs to. Invite to connect as a member of the Group.
  15. 15. Work your 2nd degrees of separation. Ask a connection for an introduction.
  16. 16. Push the “We’ve done business together” option when: • You’ve met someone and they would remember you. • He or she is aware of you and your company. • You have a mutual close connection. • Always include a personal note of relevance!
  17. 17. Are you strategic about your brand? Are you known in the market for the reasons you want to be known? What about online?
  18. 18. Your Content: What’s in it for us?
  19. 19. Your Value Proposition
  20. 20. Why do I want to connect with you?
  21. 21. Do you have an impressive background?
  22. 22. Who are your connections?
  23. 23. Could we be referral partners?
  24. 24. Should we do business?
  25. 25. Inbound Marketing? Content Driven Marketing!
  26. 26. • Email • Networking • Social Media – LinkedIn • Blogs Website • News & Trade Articles • Events • Sales Calls • Conversations
  27. 27. What kind of content are you serving up?
  28. 28. The 4 E’s of Online Engagement: Ego Entertainment Education Enrichment
  29. 29. The 5th E of Online Engagement: Empathy
  30. 30. What of value are you willing to give to build your LinkedIn tribe? (Be generous with knowledge and connections!)
  31. 31. Post and share relevant, value-based content – Yours or someone else’s
  32. 32. Learn from LinkedIn Then share what you learn. LinkedIn is a great content source!
  33. 33. What are the metrics? How do I measure results?
  34. 34. It’s not rocket science!
  35. 35. One relationship and one client at a time.
  36. 36.  2 biggest clients in 2012  Largest potential prospect in 2013  5 long term clients  2 strategic partners  2 major new business prospects  Invited to join PSU Faculty  Multiple job opportunities All a direct, measurable LinkedIn result.
  37. 37. If I can do it, you can do it!
  38. 38. You need to demonstrate genuine value on LinkedIn Otherwise, your profile will just sit there.
  39. 39. Complete Your Profile by Adding Value!
  40. 40. Email Email has the highest ROI of any direct marketing!
  41. 41. Your connections are a built-in direct marketing list – Complete with email addresses. Use it!
  42. 42. 3 LinkedIn Connections gained new business as a direct result of their guest articles in the Chuck Sink Link. Be a value giver!
  43. 43. The As & Ps of LinkedIn • Active Participate. • Attractive Position value. • Alert Pay attention. • Accessible Permit dialog.
  44. 44. LinkedIn for Sales LinkedIn Profiles can be a treasure trove of information to aid you in your sales calls.
  45. 45. View prospects’ public profiles. • Google their name or search People on LinkedIn to find your prospect. • Gain insights into their unique backgrounds. • Search for conversation starters – find common ground.
  46. 46. Tap in to the power of Groups! • There are groups out there JUST FOR YOU! • Start your own group. • The fastest, easiest way to connect with new people!
  47. 47. Ways to participate in Groups: • Start a discussion – ask a great question. • Answer people’s questions. • Comment on posts. • Share articles, blog posts, presentations, videos and links.
  48. 48. Fair game for Group discussions: • Informative blog or article relating to the Group category • Relevant question or topic suggestion relating to your business • Announcement of relevant event or webcast Comment on other people’s posts as a thought-leader.
  49. 49. LinkedIn Company Pages are fine… but they’re not websites!
  50. 50. Ford Motor Company - Chuck Sink Link - Study Hubspot!
  51. 51. Questions?
  52. 52. Thank you! (603) 345-7223 Twitter: @ChuckSink