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Challenge island rotation 4 - pauline and tiffany


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College and a little bit of a morality play.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Challenge island rotation 4 - pauline and tiffany

  1. 1. Welcome to the last two households of winter. Pauline Harden who is at college. And Tiffany Leive who is evil and deserves to be punished.
  2. 2. Pauline is up first. And I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with her.
  3. 3. “Oooommmm Thanks for the money Gramma. Oooommmm!!!”
  4. 4. My streaker wears a hat and nothing else. That is really kind or awesome.
  5. 5. Then it was party time because all the fun stuff happens at parties.
  6. 6. Except nothing really did. Other than Pauline meeting Matthew Hart here.
  7. 7. In fact she liked him so much she invited him up for a date.
  8. 8. A quick flirt...
  9. 9. A first kiss...
  10. 10. Then it was time for the obligatory woohoo.
  11. 11. And then the post woohoo skill sucking. If cheerleaders and cows are going to barge into my house, then they’re just asking to have their skills sucked away.
  12. 12. Because I have shorter semesters, I have to be smart about how I get my grades. Talking to the prof on the phone does wonders... Really it does.
  13. 13. And it’s time for another party. Again not much happened.
  14. 14. Although Pauline chased around the cow sucking out skills.
  15. 15. Really, everyone approved.
  16. 16. Except the cow.
  17. 17. But no one cares what the cow thinks.
  18. 18. “I love you when you’re terrorizing enemy mascots.” “Awww I love you too.”
  19. 19. All of that love means that they got sent to my pseudo downtown. It’s not the real one. But I did raid the downtown of another hood so I could have the buildings.
  20. 20. Then Pauline and Matthew got seated at the absolutely worst table ever for picture taking. So this was the cutest I could get.
  21. 21. The main reason I chose this lot was for the skilling equipment. Pauline is low on several skills and dating/outings intermixed with building body and creativity are good for the morale.
  22. 22. I swear that my game likes the greenies. Here’s my good witch. The bartender is also a green. It’s kind of amusing.
  23. 23. One quick outing.
  24. 24. With this random social townie in it to help build relationships and maybe lead to some good gifts later.
  25. 25. Sigh...
  26. 26. Matthew left the lot after the last date, so Pauline found this guy. No clue what his name is.
  27. 27. And frankly I don’t care.
  28. 28. He’s just there for the aspiration fodder.
  29. 29. Sigh...
  30. 30. Pauline went home and then the parade of roses began. I think she got like 8 bouquets. It kind of was amusing.
  31. 31. Pauline is now a Junior. She took the reroll and is now a Fortune/Family sim with a LTW of being Education Minister. I’m kind of leaning to a “Wants before family” kind of challenge. Where you have to fulfil your sims LTW before they can even move someone in, get married, or have kids. Unless the LTW is to have kids/golden anniv/grandkids then you can’t get a job until you reach that. I thin Pauline would go for that.
  32. 32. Want to have a non-dramafilled party? Invite everyone over and have them fish. It works wonders and you’ll get a lot of people making friends.
  33. 33. A couple of quick dates to tip the score into a roof raiser.
  34. 34. And then it was time to start making money for that house that I know she’s gonna want. So Pauline is almost kind of done. One more rotation and I’ll be done with college. This is so much more enjoyable than the never ending college in my OWBC. ~*~
  35. 35. On to Tiffany. Who because of all of the havoc she’s caused is going to participate in a miserable sims challenge. The point of the challenge is to get to 2000 points by making a sim miserable. Depending on how much I enjoy this, I might up that number.
  36. 36. In a little tiny house.
  37. 37. Lived a very annoying sim.
  38. 38. Who seemed to take pleasure
  39. 39. By calling people a mewling quim.
  40. 40. People asked her to stop.
  41. 41. They were not pleased.
  42. 42. Instead, she got angry.
  43. 43. And said she just liked to tease.
  44. 44. The excuse didn’t fly.
  45. 45. Not one little bit.
  46. 46. So things just got worse.
  47. 47. Until she was the one hit.
  48. 48. The sim cried and cried.
  49. 49. And then she got mad.
  50. 50. There was no turning back.
  51. 51. Things were about to get bad.
  52. 52. She tried with a new sim.
  53. 53. But no one liked her prank.
  54. 54. And it was agreed.
  55. 55. Tiffany was rank.
  56. 56. A new sim appeared.
  57. 57. But she paid him no mind.
  58. 58. She had better things to do.
  59. 59. Like new enemies to find.
  60. 60. The new sim got angry.
  61. 61. Told her she was the worst.
  62. 62. But after a quick meal.
  63. 63. He accepted her flirts.
  64. 64. Oh this looks like trouble.
  65. 65. Oh this looks really bad.
  66. 66. Not only is it stinky.
  67. 67. But there are lots of bugs to be had.
  68. 68. She tried to get clean.
  69. 69. But she only got sick.
  70. 70. She tried to smash all of those bugs.
  71. 71. But they just wouldn’t quit.
  72. 72. She tried the spray.
  73. 73. But that didn’t work.
  74. 74. She tried to ignore it.
  75. 75. But that just made it worse.
  76. 76. She fell to the floor.
  77. 77. Lay frozen on the ground.
  78. 78. Her life couldn’t get worse.
  79. 79. Except she had more bugs to pound.
  80. 80. Maybe a bath will help.
  81. 81. And cleaning up the place.
  82. 82. She went to work hopeful
  83. 83. That she’d soon see a friendly face.
  84. 84. The man sprayed and he sprayed. He sprayed six times.
  85. 85. And those nasty bugs were dead.
  86. 86. So it was party time!
  87. 87. Her lover was angry.
  88. 88. Boy was he miffed.
  89. 89. How dare she cheat on him!
  90. 90. It caused quite a tiff.
  91. 91. With Merlin gone, She got back into bed.
  92. 92. And pregnancy achieved, Amin wondered if he was right in the head.
  93. 93. So things got better.
  94. 94. Or at least that’s what Tiffany thought.
  95. 95. Until the repo man arrived.
  96. 96. And learned it was for aught.
  97. 97. The bugs were bad.
  98. 98. The break up was worse.
  99. 99. It seemed the only escape from this hell Would be in a hearse. ~*~
  100. 100. The end. So in the course of her first season Tiffany managed to rack up a whopping 340 points and she solved my Merlin problem. So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed! Until Next time! Happy Simming!