Twisted summer assignments


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Summer Assignments

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Twisted summer assignments

  1. 1.|utmccn=%28not%20set%29|utmcmd=%28not%20set%29|utmctr=What%20%20is%20the%20best%20interactive%20presentation&__utmv=1.www.kizoa.com_creating_slideshows_B_S26_3&__utmk=191330474Tyler Miller was a 17 year old guy who had got caught vandalizingGeorge Washington High (his school), which cost thousands ofdollars of damage. In addition to his punishment his car, and license was taken awayfrom him, his community service resulted in him working outdoors topay off the fees.Tyler Miller had always liked a girl named, Bethany Milbury, which sohappens to be the sister of Chip who picked on him everyday and hisand the daughter of his dads boss Tyler was told by his father that they will be attending a small party,which ended a disaster because he had accidentally injured Bethanyfoot with glass.Tyler was told by his father that they will be attending a small party,which ended a disaster because he had accidentally injured Bethanyfoot with glass.This was Tylers senior year and he thought that he was going to beanother nobody, but some people called him " Tyler the Danger Guy"or "Gangsta Tyler" due to the fact of being arrested and communityservice.As time continued on Bethany started to flirt more with Tyler, wellthats what he thought.""Yoda"was Tylers best friend,one day Tyler stumbled up on Chipsfriends ganging up all on him,so Tyler showed his inner strength andthey backed offTyler was invited to a party by Bethany, even though this violated hisprobation he still went anyways.Tyler then found his sister Hannah there with Yoda they reached anagreement not to tell their parents where they were at.Bethany ended up being drunk and tried to seduce Tyler but he "blewher off" which made her upset and she ended up telling a couplepeople.
  2. 2. Tyler had to drive Chip, Bethany and Parker home because all ofthem ended up drunk and Bethany ended up messing around withParker.The next day Bethany avoided Tyler she was ashamed off how sheacted.As time continued on a website had been posted up with pictures ofBethany exposed, everyone pointed their fingers at Tyler andbelieved he did itCops showed up at Tylers house he had to revile everything thathappened to his parents, and Hannah along with Tyler werepunished.As a result to this Tyler had to miss homeroom to avoid Bethany sohe did as he was instructed to do, of all the people in the party theysingled him out.To improve his grade Tyler had to stay after school, and get into adifferent class then everyone else, when people passed that classthey will kick and slap the door.Tyler soon got depressed of all the accusing and he planned torunway and kill himself in Minnesota.Hannah found the note he was about to leave and he lied about it.Tyler went to his fathers room to find some cash, and he found$500.00 and a gun.Tyler put the gun in his mouth and tasted the metal and looked in themirror and decided to change his mind.Tyler went to Yodas house with the gun in his book bag and a bat, hedecided to go batting and throw the gun and bullets away in the river.He did not want to go to military school or jail and he turned 18 so hewas a adult, he was all confused.After being jumped by Chip and his friends the police finallyannounced that Tyler was innocent it turned out that a guy fromForestdale, had taken the pictures.Tylers father arrived home angry and blamed Tyler for loosing hisjob, his mother announced Tyler was innocent, but Tyler threaten tofight Chip so that is was "supposedly" made him loose his job.Tyler tried to threaten his father with a bat and that made him getkicked out of the house,but he soon returned with a changedperspective and forgave his father and realized people can change.
  3. 3. Laurie Halse Anderson:Born: October 23, 1961 ( She is 50 years old) and Other Books: Catalyst, Speak,Prom, Fever 1973,Winter Girls,Notable Rewards The Margaret A. Edwards To These Books:2009 Speak2009 Fever 17932009 CatalystShe Has 4 ChildrenOccupation: NovelistFirst Husband: Greg Anderson (in 1985)Second Husband: Scot LarrabeeBeginning Carer: A Journalist at The Philadelphia InquirerTwisted was her fourth novel.Was in the Top 10 For the International Reading Association Of 2007She enjoys writing young adult books because they teach a lesson,and world themes.She wrote over 10 Children books.She lives in New York because she loves watching snow as shewrites.She loved writing ever since she was in second grade.Went to Fayetteville- Manlius High School, Manlius, NYAttended Georgetown University,Her Picture:My Recommendation: I think this book was really interesting and itmakes you want to keep reading. It only took less then three hours forme to read it because I was so into the book because you can sort ofput yourself in the book. You can relate to some of the charactersbecause they have personalities you see today. I think all youngadults will enjoy this book, because it deals with High School andproblems you may come along, what is right to do and what is wrong
  4. 4. to do. The words were so descriptive and I can already imagine thesetting and people at this school. The author explained how detail thesituation was and it pulls you in because she has such get wordchoice. I felt like one of the characters watching over and seeing whatis happening because there is a lot of dramatic irony, and it gets tothe point that you want to tell the other people in the book they arewrong and stop pointing fingers at the people you think did it.Twisted was a book you would think is boring because it is written bya older women, but she understands how young adults think and howsome react in times of crisis. The characters felt like they were reallife people with real life problems and Laurie Halse Andersonunderstands that. My Favorite Paragraph:“I tried, I butted my way into conversations all day long , in thehalls, lunch line, at the urinals. I wrote notes. I whispered duringthe alienation lecture in English. I was yelled at in French, inFrench. I told everyone that I drove Bethany home. I said shewas with me all night long. I said the whole thing had to be fake.By the end of the day, they were saying I did it.”Why it is my favorite paragraph: This is my favorite paragraphbecause it leads to everyone thinking Tyler did it because like hesaid : “she was with me all night long” in everyone’s mind they aresaying “he has to be the only one who did it because he was the onlyone who was with her.” It also shows how rumors get started andwhat people do to get information. So now Tyler is being blamed forthe whole thing and leads to him having most of his privileges takenaway and a big investigation getting started. Quote & Page No. Context Significancep.7 “ow!” At this part of the This shows that TylerBoth mom and story Tyler sees really likes her and isBethany stopped Bethany and other willing to go to the
  5. 5. talking to stare at me. people from his small party to see her,“Did you hit your school doing a car but him beinghead, Tyler?” mom wash she comes over distracted can getsaid. “Are you ok? to his mom and is himself hurt and dropBethany said. I distracted by her his grade lower andreplied Ha” I said beauty, blamed for something he did not do.p.48 “ If you act like “ It is the first day of With this new name toTyler Miller, emo nerd school and Hannah live up to he asks hiswho is always wants Tyler to put a mom to buy him newscrewing up; your life new name on him. things and him to stick-and mine-is going. She wants him to be up for himself moreYou have to be Tyler, him but with more bad and it attractsthe Danger Guy. in him if he does not Bethany.Gangsta Tyler” want to be the outcast.p.129 “We have to The owners of the Tyler decides to takesgo” I said gently. house were coming Chips car and drive“theyre kicking every back home and everyone home andbody out” “Dont everyone had to get himself home to.wanna” she pouted. leave, but Bethany This is the part were was so drunk she we see how Bethany didnt even want to got home and if Tyler leave and no way to was the last to see get home. her.p.143 Adams and The probation officer At this point everyoneBenson sat in the and investigator are believes Tyler tookwhite, stuffed chairs. to ask Tyler some the pictures and heHannah was sitting on question to see if he has to reschedulethe stairs, just high knew anything about most of his classesenough that Mom and the picture they took and he was beingDad couldnt see her. his computer and his watched most of the parents learned time. everything about that night.p.211 I stuck the gun Here Tyler attempted This shows how muchdeeper in my mouth, to kill himself but pressure was on himpointed up at the while looking at the and what he was
  6. 6. target. My hands mirror he decide that willing to do, if itshook, teeth was not his way out wasnt for the mirrorchattering on the and people will still Tyler wasnt going tofrozen barrel. think it was him. exist and blamed for something he did not do.p.229 “ We arrested a Tyler just received the This shows how Tylerstudent from new that they found made the right choiceForestdale this the guy who took the not to kill himself formorning or all the pictures and he was what he did not docrimes associated arrested and Tyler and even though hewith the photographs was finally free. He got in a argument withtaken of Bethany got to get his license his father after-wardsMilbury” and was able to they connected and return to school on lived their lives like it his right schedule. was meant to be.Tyler was trying to fit in to impress Bethany and it caused him lots oftrouble and made him lose himself. His actions cause everyone tothink differently about him and make him suspicious to all the crimescommitted.Tyler thought before he messed around with Bethany he did the rightthing knowing that she was drunk changed his view and respectedher.
  7. 7. Suicide is never the answer and it will haunt you forever. Tyler madethe right choice not to commit suicide and deal with the problembecause who knows maybe it will end good.Tyler was honest the whole time he knew honestly will help him and itwas better to tell the truth then keep making up lies.Not drinking at the party help get everyone home safely.