Challenge Island: Introduction and Rotation One


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Another Sims Story.

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Challenge Island: Introduction and Rotation One

  1. 1. So, I’m bored. And easily distractible. And bored. I’m not really up for the whole storytelling/stag— Squirrel! --ing thing but am starting to feel like playing again. But because I’m easily bored with just playing I am giving myself a challenge or rather several challenges. The neighborhood was built prosperity style but there will be co-challenges going on in each household. Three guesses what one of the challenges will be, and the first two don’t count. In the interest of full disclosure, I am going more for the spirit of the challenges than the actual rules. Mostly because I want to play not be a rules lawyer. There’ll be plot if I feel like it, and randomness if I don’t. I’ve made the families, generated a few townies (about 20 total) and built the houses. I’ll probably play this until I get bored or forget about the hood and delete it. Because I do that. So let’s get started.
  2. 2. Rotation one is going to only be one day so this should be pretty quick. Meet the Joneses. The family everyone needs to keep up with. The randomizer said six people and I groaned. All families were made such that the main sims have recessive genetics. That’s how our couple in the back there ended up with a blonde and a redhead. Left to right we have Regina, Arya, Damion, Deanna (the child), Amara, and Kailee. All of the kids are Damion and Amara’s. Arya is Damion’s sister. She will be moving out as soon as she finds a man or woman she wants to pair off with. That’s right, in this family, females can only leave the house if they’re getting hitched. I’m also doing a patriarchy in this house, which as you can see presents a small problem. Arya will be doing a matriarchy when she gets started, but that’s dependent on her finding someone first.
  3. 3. Ahhh... Such a pretty exterior. Or at least as pretty as I could do it without cheats. But if you look closely you’ll see the real problem.
  4. 4. Here, let me show it to you. The family spent all of its money on building and nothing on stuff. That’s okay. I have a plan. So in order for people to have something to keep up with, the Joneses and all future Jones must have the best of everything. That means that it’s got to fulfil a want and preferably be one of the most expensive items in buy mode. Also since this family is going to be following a pure entrepreneur kind of challenge. That means that they won’t be in any careers all money must be earned the old fashioned way.
  5. 5. Digging! Or some other non-career way. Expect businesses later on. Paperboy: Why does every challenge start this way? Hush!
  6. 6. Amara: Cha-ching! And just in time too! We don’t want the neighbors to know we only have five simoleans to our name!
  7. 7. The three adults managed to pull in a good haul. But it didn’t go far. One fully outfitted Bathroom and the beginnings of a fully outfitted kitchen later and it was gone.
  8. 8. Amara: Hmph and here come the Hardens, bringing down the neighborhood. It’s really a shame, they really are attractive. If only they had money.
  9. 9. The Hardens, my trailer park challenge family, really are an attractive bunch, or the Joneses at least think so. All of them have at least two bolts with all of the adult members of the Jones household. Your mileage may vary if you find them sexy or not.
  10. 10. Amara: Stu Harden. Stu: Ms. Jones. Bonnie: Can this get any more awkward? Stu: I’m gettin’ the shaft from her man. Bonnie: I stand corrected.
  11. 11. Amara: My gracious, Stu! You’re quite the comedian! I mean really? Why ever would you say such a thing? Stu: I don’t know. Mebbe it was ‘cause I was being poked in the rear with a long pole. Amara: You kidder, you!
  12. 12. Stu: I ain’t laughing. Betty: You know, this whole thing would be better with beer. Bonnie: Everything’s better with beer. Stu: Why’d we come over again?
  13. 13. Amara: I don’t know. Why did you come over again?
  14. 14. We interrupt your awkward classist conversations to announce the kids have arrived. Kailee: Oh my plumb bob, what’s that! Aspiration points. *headdesk* Don’t tell me I cast you as the dumb valley girl? Kailee: Okay! I won’t! *groans*
  15. 15. Regina: You know I’m going to be the pretty, brooding one. Sure... Whatever. I haven’t figured out your personality yet so we’ll go with that. Regina: Awesome!
  16. 16. Bonnie: Hi people! I like people! Kailee: Can’t stop. Boys! Regina: I suppose you want me to do your homework for you? Kailee: Yep!
  17. 17. And meet the neighborhood paper thief, Jack Lynwood.
  18. 18. That went down about as well as you would expect when you have 8 sims hanging around on the front yard. Everyone pretty much hates him now.
  19. 19. Other than Arya who was making Grilled Cheese at the time.
  20. 20. While that was going on, Kailee was making a move on aspiration fodder, Christopher Wong, and the youngest Jones, Deanna came home. Deanna: Yech! Next thing you know they’re gonna be k-i-s-s-i-n-g!
  21. 21. They were.
  22. 22. Amara: *Braaaaap!* Betty: Is that a cloud? Amara: Must be. Maybe you should see about heading home. Wouldn’t want you to get rained on, now wouldn’t we? Betty: You know, we could just move inside. Amara: Buh-Bye!
  23. 23. Deanna: Yuck! Kissing’s gross!
  24. 24. Kailee: Ya think kissing’s gross? Aspiration Fodder: Who me? No way! Kailee: So date? Aspiration Fodder: Heck yeah!
  25. 25. Eventually all of the visitors left and it was time for the digging to resume.
  26. 26. Deanna: But I want to have fun!!! Amara: Not until you do your chores and homework! Then you can garden! Wouldn’t want people to think you’re spoiled, now would we? Deanna: Yes, we would!
  27. 27. Aspiration Fodder: Hmmm... Something’s different. But it still seems a little sparse.
  28. 28. Aspiration Fodder: I know what would spruce it up. A Bust of Typhodia! As a note, I’m going to be instituting a rule that my date and outing gifts (other than flowers and cards) can’t be sold. It means I need to get creative with all of the TVs some of my sims will inevitably get.
  29. 29. We wrap with the Joneses with Regina in her underwear kicking a flamingo while the school bus waits. If that isn’t a metaphor for something I don’t know what is. No really, I don’t know. ~*~
  30. 30. Up next we have the Hardens who are hard up but full of love. You’ve met Betty, Stu and Bonnie. The little ones are from left to right Brent, Pauline, and Hayleigh. Yes the randomizer decided I needed triplet toddlers. Pity me now.
  31. 31. Obligatory standing by the mailbox shot, because I am totally lazy like that. I had all of these plans for them.
  32. 32. But then Hayleigh and Pauline decided to go for the cute and I was momentarily distracted.
  33. 33. And this happened. If you know me and you know my game you can guess what happens next.
  34. 34. Sigh. I wanted the toddlers kids first and maybe an illegitimate baby and a job a job would be nice. I never get what I want.
  35. 35. Stu: Ya done pukin’? Bonnie: Yeah. Checked the paper while I’s at it. Nothing, just medical, law enforcement, and something called intelligence. I don’t do intelligence. Stu: That’s right, baby. We’re all looks here.
  36. 36. So this is the Fabulous Beige Trailer. Or FBT for short. We should have all of the requirements in place including paper on the walls, carpet on the floors, and a window in every room. And for some reason the sims all think that the back door is the front door so it will be perpetually locked so sims don’t try to go in and out of that.
  37. 37. Building situated, it was not time to turn the attention to the toddlers.
  38. 38. Everyone took a toddler. Although Brent got the short end of the stick since Bonnie kept pausing to puke. Not a good pregnant sim at all.
  39. 39. The kids were then put to bed and the adults all settled down to skill.
  40. 40. Or in Bonnie’s case check out any potential baby daddies. In fact, here comes one now.
  41. 41. Potential Baby Daddy 1 (PBD1 for short): You have some impressive assets. Bonnie: You’ll do.
  42. 42. Betty: How’d I get suckered into this? I need a cigarette. ...
  43. 43. So that’s it for the Harden’s. They’re hard, which is why there aren’t a lot of pictures. Bonnie is a horrible pregnant sim, Betty is an elder, and Stu’s well Stu. And then there are the toddlers, it’s hard to take pictures and keep them alive. ~*~
  44. 44. Moving on, we have the Lynwoods. Saorise and Harold Lynwood and their son Jack.
  45. 45. Saorise: Whatcha doing? Harold: Trying to fix the fridge, there seems to be a short. Saorise: Have you called the repair guy? Harold: I can handle it.
  46. 46. Saorise: Harold!
  47. 47. Saorise: Baby?
  48. 48. Saorise: Harold? Are you okay?
  49. 49. Death: This better not become a habit. Meep!
  50. 50. Jack: Why do I have this horrible feeling of foreboding? I’d say it was the weather. But it’s not.
  51. 51. Jack: No! Mom! Dad! What happened? What am I going to do? First we’re going to move the urns outside and away from the kitchen, because urns in kitchens are never good.
  52. 52. Then you’re going to get a job. He did. In athletic. It pays the best of what was listed.
  53. 53. And even better he could go to work that same day. He needs the money since he only has seventy simoleans to his name.
  54. 54. And it was about then that I realized that putting the graves outside was a bad idea.
  55. 55. A really bad idea. Stupid lightening and stupid coding!
  56. 56. Jack was in a bad place social meter wise so he called up the only person who wasn’t mad at him, Aspiration Fodder Christopher Wong, and made friends.
  57. 57. Then he made Mac & Cheese.
  58. 58. And jumped rope in the kitchen, as you do.
  59. 59. And after a false start with a ghost scare, went to sleep.
  60. 60. Jack: You know, this is going to be really boring until I get married and move someone in.
  61. 61. That’s what you think... ~*~
  62. 62. So let’s introduce our families again now that we have all of the get to know you out of the way. Arya Jones: Sagittarius. 0/0/9/6/10 Family/Fortune. Golden Anniversary. Damion Jones: Sagittarius. 2/3/9/7/4 Popularity/Pleasure. 20 Best Friends. Amara Jones: Libra. 0/8/1/10/6 Family/Romance. Captain Hero. Kailee Jones: Libra. 2/8/1/7/7 Pleasure/Family. Mayor. Regina Jones: Libra. 2/8/1/7/7 Family/Knowledge. Education Minister. Deanna Jones: Capricorn. 7/3/1/7/7
  63. 63. I know I’m supposed to start out with just a founder, but the dice said 6 for this family and then I got three toddlers. I don’t think the extra cash makes up for having to start with three toddlers. Seriously. I also pimped out the Trailer until they only have $47 simoleans to their names. Honestly, it would have been easier with just a founder. Betty Harden: Taurus. 5/5/3/8/4 Knowledge/Popularity. 20 Best Friends. Stu Harden: Taurus. 5/5/3/9/3 Family/Cheese. Marry Off 6 Children. Bonnie Harden: Taurus. 4/7/4/7/3 Family/Pleasure. 50 Dream Dates. Brent Harden: Aquarius. 2/5/3/9/6 Hayleigh Harden: Taurus. 4/6/4/9/2 Pauline Harden: Gemini. 1/7/9/2/6
  64. 64. Yep, I rolled a one here when creating the families. And the dice said a male teen, which is doable on their own. So I kind of went with his parents were idiots and got themselves offed early. Their graves will be moved since they aren’t part of the challenge family per se. But only once Jack becomes an adult. Until then, he’s got to live with two dead parents. After all, dead parents are better than no parents, right? So the founder of this challenge is Jack, who is a teen. Jack Lynwood: Scorpio. 8/4/8/3/2. Popularity/Knowledge. LTW: 20 Best Friends.
  65. 65. So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed. All names for the families were randomly chosen – thank you Behind the Name. Until Next Time! Happy Simming!