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Yakko's World OWBC - Kapitel Tyve


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Yakko's World OWBC - Kapitel Tyve

  1. 1. Hi! Welcome back. If you haven’t read the interlude yet, I suggest you go back and do that. It is important. I’ll wait.You’ve read it? Good. Then we can get started.So Drea killed lots of people including her own child before Onslow stopped her using some pretty freaky powers. Then there wasa trip to the dead realm for some exposition. If this doesn’t sound familiar, then back up two chapters and go from there.Time to go!
  2. 2. “Mommy!” Erin cried, throwing herself into Eden’s arms. “They’re dead. Wil, Quinn, they’re dead!”“Oh my god!”
  3. 3. Oman looked around an expression of confusion on his face. “Where are my kids?”Rhys frowned. “Screw that. Where’s my wife? Where’s Rose?”
  4. 4. “You want to know where Rose is?” Joss said stepping forward. “She’s in that urn right behind me. Her crazy as shit motherkilled her.”
  5. 5. “Is this true, Lil?”
  6. 6. Lily looked down at her hands and then back up to her father. “It’s true, Daddy. She just got out of her car and started shooting.Then she started saying some really confusing things.”
  7. 7. “Screw confusing,” Joss interrupted. “She was fucking nuts. She thought a fucking teenager was my Uncle Onslow. She shot intoa crowd of kids for no fucking reason. She’s cuckoo crazy.”“I think he gets the point, Joss,” Kor said quietly from behind the angry teen. “Let’s not rub it in. He’s lost someone too.”“We’ve all lost someone, Kor, it’s not an exclusive club.”
  8. 8. “Did you know about this?” Fuzzy asked with hostility in her voice.Lark’s face fell. “No. Do you think I would have allowed my daughter to come out here if I did? I’m not the Creator. I’m not theone who moves the mouse. She only tells me things when she thinks I need to know it or when I have to play messenger-girl to youguys.”“Then what can you do?”“I don’t know. I’ve got to bring her back, that’s a given. Scott would never forgive me if I didn’t use my powers in that way. Butas for the rest... I don’t know.”“Gee, that’s nice that you can bring your kid back right away,” Fuzzy sneered. “Meanwhile the rest of us have to wait until theheir gives birth before we can even get a bone phone.”
  9. 9. “Hold it. Wait a minute. We have to wait for the dead heiress to somehow magically get undead before we can even attempt toget a bone phone? What kind of fucked up world is this?”
  10. 10. “That’s the way the rules work. No promotions for this generation from birth of the first kid to birth of the first kid for anyonein the challenge. And the Resurrect-O-Nomitron is only usable if the person who gets it was a Cult Leader. Otherwise there arecomplications, as Yakko found out. I don’t think anyone here wants their loved ones to come back as the walking dead.”
  11. 11. “Stop right there, you said ‘anyone in the challenge’ as far as I’m aware, I’m not in the challenge, right?”Lark nodded. “That’s right.”“So that means that the rules of the challenge don’t apply to me, right? Only the ones that apply are the worldwide rules.”
  12. 12. Lark closed her eyes and seemed to access some other part of herself and her voice became oddly hollow and unemotional. “Thatis correct, Rhys Mufasa Fitzhugh, all sims must follow the global rules for resurrection regardless of whether they are a memberof the Warner family or not. This means only one resurrection per Bone Phone and for perfect resurrections one must be a CultLeader all other resurrections are imperfect. You-”
  13. 13. Rhys cut the simself off. “That’s enough. I’ve got the gist. Well, I’ve got a college degree and as soon as there’s an opening, I’mgoing to take it. Screw waiting for the dead heiress. I’ve got a job to get.”
  14. 14. “Wait a minute, Lark. What are we going to do?”Lark stood there woodenly and didn’t answer.“Lark,” Fuzzy tried again. “Lark!”
  15. 15. “What?” the red-headed woman said shaking her head. “I must have zoned out.”“What are we supposed to do to resurrect our heiress? Or do we have to find a new one?”“Real!Lark didn’t tell me. She just said that if you jumped into the career just to get a bone phone without topping it that anyonebrought back by it would be brought back wrong. She just said ‘You must keep the peace’ whatever that means.”Fuzzy grimaced. “That is the most useless piece of advice, I’ve ever heard.”“Sorry.”
  16. 16. Over by the remains of the fire, Spica suddenly perked up. “Keep the peace? She can’t mean…”
  17. 17. Spica’s face was suddenly awash with a smile of relief and excitement. “Oh my gods! Keep the peace! I know what she means!”
  18. 18. And with that, the teen took off like a shot blowing past the confused adults.
  19. 19. “Um… Does anyone know what the excited teenager was excited by?” Rhys asked. “In any case, it’s not my problem. I’ve got aParanormal career to find.”
  20. 20. “Hold it, Rhys. And just who are you planning on resurrecting.”
  21. 21. “It’s none of your business.”“Fuck that shit. It’s is totally our business. If you’re going to bring back your wife, we have the right to know. She’s killed myson. Two of my brothers and my sister and her whole family. She killed kids. Not just teens, kids. She’s a menace and it’d be acold day in hell before I’d let her come back.”
  22. 22. “Oh my god! I cannot believe that you’d even ask that. She killed our daughter! My daughter! Her own flesh and blood and youthink that I’d waste my one resurrection on that bitch? What kind of parent do you think I am?”
  23. 23. “You know what? Don’t answer that! Just fuck you!”
  24. 24. “And fuck you!”
  25. 25. “And fuck you!”
  26. 26. “You’re cool.”
  27. 27. “And I’m out! Lily get your sister’s urn. We’re leaving!”
  28. 28. “Well, I guess Drea isn’t coming back. I suggest we get all of the urns and bring them home for the time being. It’s late and wecan talk this over in the morning.”
  29. 29. “Where’s Muscat’s urn?”“I tried! I tried to plead for her but he was too good. He beat me!”“But where’s her urn!” Oman persisted.Reed sobbed even harder. “I don’t know!”
  30. 30. “I have a bad feeling about this.”Reed just kept sobbing.
  31. 31. “I can’t believe this would happen. Not here. Not again.”“Mom?” Erin asked, walking up behind Eden.Her mother ignored her. “I’m quitting my job.”“Mom?”“You heard Lark. We’re not part of the family. We aren’t bound by the same rules. And I refuse to let my son stay dead when Ican do something about it. Get your things, we’re going home.”
  32. 32. “Wil… How am I going to tell your mom? She’s going to blame herself.”“ Um, Dad. Mom called. She knows.”
  33. 33. ~*~
  34. 34. ~*~
  35. 35. Spica ran into the house, out of breath. She made a beeline to the door to her parents’ bedroom and tried to open it. It waslocked.
  36. 36. She placed her ear against the door to see if she could hear any noise coming from within. Nothing. She tried the knob again,twisting it this way and that to try to force it open. But it wouldn’t budge.
  37. 37. In desperation, she started banging on the door. “Let me in! You’ve gotta let me in!”From the other room, Frank shared a look with Mary before turning back to watch his daughter pound on the door to theirbedroom frantically. He shook his head. “Spica can you come in here for a moment?”
  38. 38. “Look, I understand not liking your sister, I’m not always fond of my siblings. And I understand that you really wanted to go tothe Prom, but your mother and I grounded you for a reason. You’ve got to trust that we’ve got your best interests at heart andI’m so disappointed that you didn’t come to us when Maia was bullying you, that you snuck out against our wishes, and now you’retrying to break into our bedroom. What have you got to say for yourself?”
  39. 39. “I know, Daddy. I’m sorry but I need to get into your bedroom right away. It’s a matter of life and death!”“I know it feels like that, but that’s not a good explanation.”“No really. It is!”
  40. 40. Frank frowned at Spica’s single mindedness. “I said give me an explanation. Not an apology. And where’s your mother?”
  41. 41. “That’s what I was trying to tell you. Mom’s dead. Quinn’s dead. Wil, Spica, Uncle Israel, Muscat and so many more. They’re alldead!”
  42. 42. “Star’s dead?” Frank looked stricken.
  43. 43. “But how?” Mary asked in an equally shocked voice.
  44. 44. “It was some red-haired woman. She just pulled up and started shooting. I heard them call her Drea.”At the former maid’s name, Frank jumped to his feet. “I knew it! I knew it! I told them to take her out years ago but they didn’tlisten to me and this is all their fault. My husband is dead and it’s their fault.”Mary started sobbing.Spica just looked confused. “What are you talking about?”“Please tell me she’s dead. Or I’ll go kill her myself right now,” Frank demanded, ignoring Spica’s question.“She’s dead. Someone called Onslow killed her.”
  45. 45. “It’s about time! But none of this would have happened if you hadn’t snuck out.”
  46. 46. “You think I don’t know that? I know Mom and Quinn wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t gone and I’m trying to make it better.You’ve got to let me into your bedroom.”“Why?”
  47. 47. “The lamp you found. There’s a genie inside. It can grant wishes. One of the things it can do is bring people back from the dead.I’ve got to use it to bring Mom and Quinn back.”
  48. 48. “And how do you know this?” Frank asked suspiciously.Spica just stared at her father incredulously.“Answer the question, Spica. How do you know what the lamp can do?”
  49. 49. “I kind of used it when I was a little girl. I was just so tired of Maia bullying me that I was desperate to try anything and thenmy teacher read a story about a boy who found a lamp and let out the genie who granted wishes. So I tried it, and it worked. Orat least I think it worked. I wished for Peace, but things didn’t get anymore peaceful around here, but one of the things I couldhave wished for was to resurrect someone. There’s two wishes left, we can use them to bring Mom and Quinn back. Please, you’vegot to let me in your room!”
  50. 50. “No!” Frank snapped.Spica gasped. “What?!”“I’m not letting you waste any more wishes. You’ve already blown through one. I am not going to let you squander another wish onyour high school boyfriend!”
  51. 51. “But you wouldn’t even know about the lamp’s abilities if it weren’t for me? Doesn’t that count for something?”
  52. 52. “I can’t believe how selfish you’re being, Spica!” Frank thundered. “You’ve got family who died and you want to blow a wish onsome boy!”“Quinn’s not some boy! I love him!”“And I love your mother! But we all have to make sacrifices, Spica!”“How? How are you making a sacrifice? You’re going to get Mom back and Quinn’s going to stay dead! I’m the one gettingscrewed here. But that’s no surprise, you’ve never cared about me only yourself!”
  53. 53. “That’s it! I am not arguing with you further! This is your fault. You’re the one who wasted the wish. You’re the one who brokeinto our bedroom to do so. You’re the one who snuck out against our wishes. This is on your head!”“But-”
  54. 54. “No buts! Go to your room and think about just how much you fucked up!”“But-”“Now, Spica!”Spica fled the room in tears.
  55. 55. All of the shouting below had awakened her siblings and they were waiting for her when she got to the room they all shared.“Look who’s in trouble!” Maia crowed. “You’re going to be grounded until you’re fifty. You’ll never see Quinn Devereaux again!”
  56. 56. “Shut up, Maia! You don’t know anything!” Spica gasped out through her tears. “You don’t know anything!” ~*~
  57. 57. ~*~
  58. 58. “It’s done,” Spider Jerusalem Vetinari announced, appearing behind his simself suddenly.“Thank you,” Doc said softly. “I didn’t know who else I could ask.”
  59. 59. “You knew that he was going to Remember, didn’t you?”Doc nodded.“You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?”
  60. 60. “I guessed. I know Real!Lark isn’t afraid of killing off her characters if the plot demands it. I know that she’s done it before. Ijust hoped, prayed, that she wouldn’t do it to one of her friend’s kids.”“She doesn’t sound like she’s much of a friend to me.”The simself didn’t say anything but just stared off into the distance.
  61. 61. “So, as much as I love staring holes in your head and being called on to babysit a broken teenager for fuck knows how long, isthere anything else? Like maybe a timeline as to when you can even think about resurrecting your son?”Doc shook her head. “It’s only been about an hour since I talked to you last. Oz and Joss haven’t even gotten home with Wil’s urnyet.”
  62. 62. “Fuck! I forgot that time moves differently in the Dead Realm. It’s been a couple of days since Wil got to my garden. Just whathave I signed up for?”
  63. 63. “I’m sorry, Spider. I didn’t want to do this.”“But you did.”“I know. I’m sure Real!Lark has a plan, we’ve just got to follow it.”“And I don’t suppose you know what that plan is?”Doc shook her head.“Of course you don’t. Well, there’s some shit you need to know and I want it clear that I’m not doing this because I like you orowe you a fucking thing, got it?”
  64. 64. “I’ve got it.”“Good. Don’t even try resurrecting that alien kid. Her soul’s gone. You’ll probably find she didn’t leave an urn, that should be abig tip off. But don’t even try, it’d be a waste of an attempt. Second, Onslow doesn’t want to come back. Not that the Reaperoffice would let him. Spicoli’s got Palau. Zane and I have Wil. I don’t know who’s got the other simself kid but she seems to beokay in the waiting room. As for the rest, they’re not my problem. You got it?”“Yeah. Thanks. I’ll try to bring Wil back as fast I can.”“You’d better. And when you do, you’d better understand he’s not going to be the same kid that died here. None of theRememberers will be.”“Goodbye, Spider.”
  65. 65. The reaper child’s eyes flashed black and he winked out of existence. Doc barely acknowledged he was gone before she allowingherself the luxury of tears. She had to be the strong one, but for this one moment she let herself be weak and mourn the loss ofher son. ~*~
  66. 66. ~*~
  67. 67. “I cannot believe that you let our daughter die!” Scott Doran raged.“Believe me I didn’t ‘let’ anyone die,” Lark protested.“First the asylum, then Round Robin, then the Apocalypse, now this. Your Creator is fucking bloodthirsty and as her avatar you’rejust as bad!”
  68. 68. “Scott! How can you think that I’m happy this happened?”“How can I think otherwise. You will fix this and you will fix this now!”“I was planning on it,” Lark answered, picking up the bone phone and dialing a familiar number.
  69. 69. “I told Bob that I’d be resurrected first. I told her!” Elizabeth crowed when the smoke cleared.“Elizabeth, are you okay?”“I don’t know if I can answer that,” the teen replied.
  70. 70. “It’ll be okay,” Scott soothed gathering his daughter into his arms. “We’ll make sure it’s okay.”“I know you will, Daddy!”Lark didn’t say anything, she just watched the reunion with a heavy heart. ~*~
  71. 71. ~*~
  72. 72. The family filled the living room and for once, Fuzzy and Orkney’s children were included. No one knew what the outcome wasgoing to be. Palau was dead and the question of heirship was now open. If they couldn’t find a way to bring Palau back, then one ofthe other girls was going to have to step into her shoes. Something that none of the girls wanted.Finally, Fuzzy and Orkney called the meeting to order.
  73. 73. “We’ve spent all night up and trying to find a way to bring back Palau with no luck, narf.”“Orkney!”“Sorry. I tried the bone phone we still have and I got ‘Your call cannot be completed as dialed’ message.”Fuzzy took over. “And I’ve been pouring over my spellbook. I could bring Palau back, but she’d be a zombie. And zombies aresterile, which leaves us in the same predicament as before.”“Right, so we’re here to figure out how we’re going to pick a back up heiress.”
  74. 74. “I’m going to interrupt right there, bro. But I think I might have a solution to our problem.”“What is it?”
  75. 75. “It turns out that bone phones aren’t the only way to resurrect someone.”All around the room, varying expressions of disbelief crossed the family members faces.
  76. 76. From his inventory, Frank withdrew the genie lamp and gently placed it on the floor.
  77. 77. “That’s it?” Orkney asked incredulously. “We had those in college. We used them to wish for money and peace of mind, the genienever said anything about resurrecting someone.”“Did you know anyone who was dead?” Frank asked pointedly.Orkney gave it a thought. “No, we didn’t.”“That’s probably why then.”
  78. 78. “So what do we do now?” Latvia asked.“Well, I’m not really clear on that,” Frank said.“You rub it,” Orkney supplied.“Excuse me?”“You rub the lamp, what did you think I was asking you to rub?”“We’re both Romance sims, you figure it out.”“Boys!” Burundi said from her chair. “Focus.”“Sorry,” both of her brothers chorused.
  79. 79. Frank bent down and gingerly rubbed the golden lamp.
  80. 80. Then jumped back as it twitched under his hand.
  81. 81. “Holy shit, it worked.”“Why have you summoned me? And where is my little mistress?” the genie asked as he coalesced.
  82. 82. “You must mean Spica. I’m her father.”“Did she give you possession of this lamp and me?”“I suppose you could say that she did.”
  83. 83. “Then what is your wish, dishonest master?”“First, never call me that again. Second, after I make my wish allow my brother Orkney to make one as well.”“Agreed, deceitful master.”
  84. 84. “Whatever. For my wish, I want you to bring back my husband, Star Walton.”“Odd, my records show she is female, deceptive master.”“It’s a long story, but can you bring her back?”“I can, specious master.”“Then do it!”
  85. 85. “Wish granted!”
  86. 86. The family watched as green smoke filled the room.
  87. 87. Which cleared to reveal a fully restored Star.”
  88. 88. “Star!” Frank cried, pulling her into his arms and kissing her exuberantly. “You’re alive!”“Mmmph!”
  89. 89. “How long was I gone?” Star asked prying herself away from Frank’s lips.Mary got up from her chair. “Less than a day, my love, but it felt like longer. Our bed, home and hearts are empty without you.”“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to die. I just couldn’t let Drea hurt anymore kids.”“I wouldn’t have you any other way,” Mary said.
  90. 90. Meanwhile, Orkney had stepped up to the lamp.“What is it you desire, azure master?”
  91. 91. “Please bring back my daughter and heir, Palau Warner, in perfect health and not missing anything. Please?”
  92. 92. “Wish Granted!” the genie said with a wave of his hand.Once again green smoke filled the room and cleared to reveal an alive and whole Palau.
  93. 93. “My work is done! I shall depart!” the genie announced dissolving back into his lamp.
  94. 94. The lamp jerked and sparked for a few moments.
  95. 95. And was gone.
  96. 96. “Baby!” Fuzzy cried pulling her daughter into her arms. “We’re so happy you’re back!”“I’m happy to be back, Mom,” Palau responded. “How long was I gone?”“About twelve hours,” Orkney answered.
  97. 97. “Only twelve hours?” Palau gasped. “It felt like I was in the Dead Realm for months.”Orkney and Fuzzy shared a look. “You remember being in the Dead Realm?” Fuzzy asked softly.“Yeah. Grampa Yakko was there and Gramma Jo. And this cool guy named Spicoli. But it was boring and I didn’t like hanging outin the waiting room. Liz went home pretty quick, I think her mom did something, but everyone else was just sitting aroundwaiting. Except for Wil. He went off with some guys Grampa Yakko seemed to know, a Reaper and some Winged Dude.”Orkney blinked. “That’s not normal right?” he asked his wife.The purple haired woman shook her head.Palau watched them with sad eyes. “I know I’m not normal, Spicoli filled me in on what I am now. And I’m not sorry I Remember,I’m only sorry for what I have to do.”
  98. 98. Palau stepped away from her parents and walked over to where her Uncle Oman was standing behind her Aunt Cee.
  99. 99. “It’s nice to see you back, Palau. How is everyone doing in the afterlife?”Palau winced. “That’s kind of what I need to talk to you about.”
  100. 100. “You see, when I got to the waiting room, Muscat wasn’t there. At first I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought, I mean I’d justdied and I had other things on my mind at the time. But then I heard Gladys talking with another office ghost about needing toget the paperwork for shredded character files.”“What does this have to do with Muscat?” Oman interrupted.
  101. 101. “Muscat’s character file was shredded. She can’t be resurrected. I’m sorry. But she’s gone, Uncle Oman, and we can’t bring herback.”
  102. 102. “Don’t mess with me, Palau,” Oman warned.Doc stood up and turned around. “Palau’s right. That ‘Winged Dude’ he’s one of my sims. I asked him to look after Wil and whenhe reported back he made sure to tell me that we can’t bring Muscat back.”
  103. 103. Oman’s face crumpled. “But-but why? Why can’t we bring her back?”Palau looked over toward Doc for support. “The best explanation I got was that she wasn’t natural. There’s something about thealien pollination process that messes with the magic of the transport system. Although it sounded like they weren’t really sure.It’s not like they could experiment to find the exact cause.”“That sounds about right,” Doc added. “Spider didn’t really go into it.”
  104. 104. “I’m really sorry, Uncle Oman. But you needed to know.”“She’s right, you needed to know.”Oman didn’t say anything just covered his face.
  105. 105. Cee walked up and put an arm around him. “Come on, Oman. Let’s go home.”Oman nodded, tears streaming down his face.“I’m sorry, Aunt Cee,” Palau said again.“I know, Palau. But you’d better go now.”The teen nodded and backed away.
  106. 106. “Um, since that’s taken care of is there anything else we need to talk about?”
  107. 107. “Actually, there is,” Burundi spoke up. “We’re moving.”
  108. 108. “What?! But why?”
  109. 109. “Drea might be dead, but that doesn’t mean that we’re safe. We’ve got seven kids to think of not to mention we really could use abigger house.”
  110. 110. “It’s for the best,” Kelvin added. “We’re not a high priority target for anyone looking for revenge, but we don’t want to take thatchance.”“I’m sorry, Orkney,” Burundi apologized.
  111. 111. “Don’t be sorry,” Star said from where she was standing. “It’s a brilliant idea. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner.”“Where are you thinking of going?” Frank asked.
  112. 112. “We were thinking of either Desiderata or Pleasantview. It depends on what the housing situation is like.”Kelvin cringed. “We are not moving into a starter home. Not with seven kids.”
  113. 113. “I think we should move with you,” Star said.“Not in with you,” Frank clarified. “But to the same town. We’re family and it’s not like we’re Warners any more.”“Nope!” Star said with a grin. “My wives took my last name.”“What do you think?” Frank asked.
  114. 114. “I think it’s up to you,” Burundi said. “But we should go soon before people have time to start plotting revenge.”
  115. 115. “I think you guys are jumping the gun!” Oz jumped into the conversation.“And you’re freaking cowards,” Lebanon added.“Drea is dead and she isn’t coming back. Her husband isn’t going to resurrect her and her minions don’t have college degrees.None of the NPCs do.”
  116. 116. “And what about her kids? Their kids? Or if they get a genie lamp? There are no guarantees and we’re not going to take chanceswith our kids.”“Burundi’s right,” Kelvin added. “And there’s no guarantee that one of her NPCs won’t steal a bone phone. I know there are somearound. There might not be one at the secret society anymore, but that doesn’t mean that other people don’t have them.”“The fact is that even if Drea doesn’t come back, it doesn’t mean that we’re safe. Her NPCs could want revenge or something elsecould happen, the fact is that as long as we live here, our family is not safe.”
  117. 117. “So you’re just going to run?” Doc asked.“You could get hit by a bus or a satellite will drop on your head. You want a guarantee in life?” Oz asked snidely. “Here’s one.There are no guarantees.”
  118. 118. “No, but that doesn’t mean that we need to put ourselves in harm’s way either,” Star pointed out.“In addition,” Mary added. “If we go with Burundi, it gives you reason to come visit us. We could make a holiday out of it.”Frank smiled at his co-wife, “And that makes it unanimous. We’re moving!”
  119. 119. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t a good heir,” Orkney said looking down at his hands. “I tried. I just…” He trailed off.
  120. 120. “It’s okay, Daddy. You did the best you could. This isn’t the normal kind of OWBC challenge where the worst thing you face is anaccidental electrocution or grilled cheese overload. If people want to leave, we should let them. At least we’ll know they’re safe.”She looked over at her Aunts and Uncles. “I wish you felt you could stay and I’ll miss you. But I’m not going to force you to staysomeplace you don’t want to.”
  121. 121. “Oz and I aren’t going anywhere,” Doc said.Oz nodded. “What she said.”Liberia stepped in. “And you’re not going to get rid of us little sister!”“Like you could scare me away,” Lebanon added.
  122. 122. “And we’ll be here too!”“Not that we could go anywhere, because you know heir and all,” Fuzzy clarified.“But thanks for trying to make me feel better. I still feel awful. But once you have a baby we can start bringing everyone elseback.”“No pressure, though,” Fuzzy spoke up again. “I’m way too young to be a grandma yet.”
  123. 123. “Then if that’s everything,” Burundi said drawing attention back to herself. “We’re going to get going. We’ve got a house to pack.” ~*~
  124. 124. ~*~
  125. 125. “For the last time, NO! I am not going to head up the NPC network. I’ve got better things to do.”
  126. 126. Rhys sat down at the computer in the extra bedroom where he’d slept the night before. Or rather tried to sleep, the tatteredcovers spoke to his inability to slumber.
  127. 127. It didn’t take long for a smile to cross his face. There it was, the third job listed, Paranormal. They wanted a UFO investigatorand so long as it didn’t involve any probing he was their man. He snapped it up before anyone else could. It wouldn’t be longbefore he had his daughter back.
  128. 128. “Dada! Dada!” the voice of his youngest daughter called to him.
  129. 129. “Heya, Popster, did you come to see your main man!”“Want mommy!”
  130. 130. Rhys grimaced. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to settle for me, Popster.” ~*~
  131. 131. ~*~
  132. 132. “How goes the search?” Erin asked walking into the room.“I’ve just started there’s a lot of openings in medicine and law enforcement it seems,” Eden answered scrolling through theclassified ads.
  133. 133. A few minutes later the movie star’s shoulders slumped. “Nothing. No openings in Paranormal.”“It’s okay, Mom,” Erin soothed. “They’ll be one eventually and then we’ll get Quinn back and then we’ll both go to college together.”“I wish I had your optimism, Erin.”“It’s not optimism if it’s the truth!” ~*~
  134. 134. ~*~
  135. 135. “Can you get that, Orkney?” Fuzzy asked from the dresser. “It’s probably one of the kids.”
  136. 136. “Come in! The door’s open!” Orkney called.Fuzzy shook her head. “Not what I meant.”
  137. 137. “But it works,” Orkney protested.“Not the point,” Fuzzy said sitting down at the dresser.
  138. 138. “Mom. Dad. Can I talk to you?”“Sure, honey,” Fuzzy said. “What about?”“Well, um, it’s about everyone being dead.”“That’s not your fault, Palau,” Orkney said firmly. “You had nothing to do with it.”
  139. 139. “I know. It’s just no one can come back unless one of two things happen. I have a kid or another lamp is delivered.”
  140. 140. “I hope you’re not thinking of going out and getting knocked up right now, because I’m pretty sure Lark doesn’t have that hackinstalled.”
  141. 141. “I’m not saying it right. I think I should go to college. Now and not wait until I get my three day pop up. The sooner I go, thesooner I graduate, and the sooner I can get pregnant.”“What brought this on? Why the hurry?” Orkney wanted to know.
  142. 142. “Wil,” Palau answered succinctly. “He’s stuck there and he’s like me. He’s going to Remember. But instead of months like it wasfor me its going to be decades for him. I’ve got to do what I can to make it shorter.”
  143. 143. “And that means going to college now?” Orkney asked, his voice oddly quiet.
  144. 144. “Yeah, it does. Right now I’m no use to this family. As a teen I can’t do anything but gain skills and maybe have you pass alongsome business perks to me. But as a college student, I can still skill and I’ll be getting that much closer to being able to have kidsand I can find a baby daddy while I’m there. It’s my first kid that you need that lifts the no promotions for a generationrestriction and everyone can work on bringing the people who want to come back, back.”
  145. 145. “You’ve given this a lot of thought, haven’t you?”“Yeah, I have. I had months to think about this when I was dead and I talked it over with Spicoli, the Reaper who helped me, thisreally is for the best.”
  146. 146. “When are you going to leave?”“As soon as possible.”
  147. 147. “But not tonight,” Fuzzy said decisively.“But Mom!”“No buts. Your sisters will want to say goodbye and frankly so do I. Plus I don’t like the idea of you going off alone.”“I won’t be alone. Joss and Kor will be with me.”“Talked to them already?”“Yeah. I knew that’d be one of your objections to me going.”
  148. 148. “You’ve really thought this through haven’t you?”“I’ve tried to.”“There’s one thing you didn’t think of.”“What’s that?” Palau asked.Fuzzy pulled her daughter into her arms. “How much we’re going to miss you.” ~*~
  149. 149. ~*~
  150. 150. “I thought I’d find you here,” Cee said walking into the room. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”“You go,” Oman said, his voice thick with tears. “I’m- I’m going to stay here for a little longer.”
  151. 151. Cee sat down on the bed. “Oman, you’ve been up here ever since we got home. That was hours ago. Is there anything I can do?”“I can’t stay here,” Oman said abruptly.
  152. 152. “I know. That’s what I’ve been saying. You need to come downstairs and eat something and come to bed.”“No, that’s not what I meant,” Oman corrected. “I can’t stay here in this house. In this town. It just hurts too much.”“What are you saying?” Cee gasped.
  153. 153. “I can’t stay in Belladonna Cove anymore. It’s just too hard. Too many people I’ve loved have died. I can’t go anywhere in thistown without seeing their faces. But mostly I can’t stay here, in this house. With Muscat gone…” he trailed off.
  154. 154. “Do you want to leave me?” Cee asked twisting her wedding ring nervously.“Gods, no. But I think Frank and Burundi have the right idea. Go someplace else and start over.”
  155. 155. “Where do you want to go?” Cee asked.“I don’t know. I don’t really care. Just so long as it isn’t Belladonna Cove, any version of Belladonna Cove, I’ll be okay.”“Hmmm… How do you feel about no electricity?”“I don’t care, but the kids might riot. Why?”“Just thinking. How does Veronaville sound? It’s pretty different from here.”“Sounds good. The more different the better.”“Then tomorrow we’ll start packing.” ~*~
  156. 156. Of all the things Ive believed in I just want to get it over with
  157. 157. Tears form behind my eyes But I do not cryCounting the days that pass me by
  158. 158. Ive been searching deep down in my soulWords that Im hearing are starting to get old
  159. 159. Feels like Im starting it all over againThe last three years were just pretend And I said
  160. 160. Goodbye to youGoodbye to everything I thought I knew
  161. 161. You were the one I lovedThe one thing that I tried to hold on to
  162. 162. I still get lost in your eyes
  163. 163. And it seems that I cant live a day without you
  164. 164. Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
  165. 165. To a place where I am blinded by the light But its not right
  166. 166. Goodbye to youGoodbye to everything I thought I knew
  167. 167. You were the one I lovedThe one thing that I tried to hold on to
  168. 168. And it hurts to want everything And nothing at the same time
  169. 169. I want whats yours and I want whats mine I want you But Im not giving in this time
  170. 170. Goodbye to youGoodbye to everything I thought I knew
  171. 171. You were the one I lovedThe one thing that I tried to hold on to
  172. 172. And when the stars fall I will lie awakeYoure my shooting star “Goodbye to You” by Michelle Branch
  173. 173. ~*~
  174. 174. Palau jerked to a halt on her way to claim the door to the dorm room she wanted. It couldn’t be. She took a few steps forward tomake sure.
  175. 175. Then recoiled back as her fears were realized. She ignored her cousin’s question of if she was okay. Because she wasn’t. It washim.
  176. 176. And he was walking right toward her.
  177. 177. “Um, hi,” he said walking right up to her. “I’m new to this neighborhood. I’m-”
  178. 178. “Robert Penguino,” Palau finished.Robert blinked and then looked behind him. “My name’s on the door behind me, isn’t it?”Palau smiled nervously, grateful for the out. She didn’t want to reveal that she remembered him. Remembered being in love withhim. Remembered being rejected by him.College was going to be more difficult than she thought. ~*~
  179. 179. Hi.So ends the story arc of doom. And now I can start focusing more on Palau and her story. I really did use the genie lamp to bringback people.Also before anyone says anything, Lark’s house is supposed to be filled with poseboxes. It’s a bit of a reference to my April Fool’sJoke last year.So, Palau and company is at university. This means a change to how I play. Because University is a whole adult lifespan of time, Iwill be doing one day in the main hood for one semester in the Uni hood. This will stagger the kids into groups and give theremaining houses a chance to get genie lamps.
  180. 180. I need to give thanks to the following people for letting me use and abuse their sims and simselves: FuzzySpork, RegacyLady,Peasant007, DocSupremeNerd, Ndainye, PenguinGirl03, and SmoothieQueen.Again special thanks to DocSupremeNerd and Peasant007 for their never-ending support and idea bouncing even at odd hours.I look forward to seeing what you think.Until next time! Happy simming!