Challenge island rotation 4 - midlock


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Drama. All of the career oriented drama.

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Challenge island rotation 4 - midlock

  1. 1. So I’m back and this is the house that has caused so much trouble. It’s not going to change, fair warning.
  2. 2. So here’s our troubled family. It’s not showing it since Arya and Merlin are baby holding, but they are so angry at each other right now. This is ostensibly a career woman matriarchy. Ostensibly.
  3. 3. There’s so much drama here, that not even the wolf wants to stick around to stalk the toddler.
  4. 4. “Please forgive me, the coding. It made me do it.”
  5. 5. “The coding, huh?” “Yes?”
  6. 6. “Let me show you coding!”
  7. 7. “Is it wrong that I still find you super hot when you’re angry?” “Yes.”
  8. 8. “Okay, I’m just going to cry in the corner over here.” “Dang, this is better than Dusk.”
  9. 9. “I really hope they don’t stop me. This house just looks like trouble.”
  10. 10. In the middle of all of this drama, the nanny glitched as evidenced by the pee puddle. I had to dismiss her and rehire her to get her to actually work again.
  11. 11. Nanny taken care of, Merlin was sent outside to deal with the garbage can. Which entailed greeting everyone in the neighborhood who was pissed at him. It’s a long list. Kailee was first to stroll by.
  12. 12. He tried to appease her without much success.
  13. 13. Robert, Kailee’s husband, was up next.
  14. 14. Unfortunately Merlin wasn’t fast enough to save his garbage can.
  15. 15. “I’m not sorry,” Robert stated. “I know you’re not. Go inside and flirt with your wife while I pick up the can again.” “Okay. But I’m not doing it because you told me to. I’m doing it because my wife is hot.”
  16. 16. “...”
  17. 17. “...” “Your family hates me.” Arya smiled. “What did you expect?”
  18. 18. “Ow!”
  19. 19. “Why does everyone hate me! It’s the coding I tell you. A sim can’t bypass their coding!”
  20. 20. Thankfully 6pm rolled around and it was time for Boadicea’s birthday. Which is good, because you can’t see Merlin’s queue but everyone’s lined up to poke him.
  21. 21. Boadicea, here on christened Bo for the sake of my crappy spelling skills grew up cute as a button and looks a lot like her father.
  22. 22. “Okay, I think it’s time for everyone to go home.” “We’ll be back.” “I know.”
  23. 23. She was back... At this point I’m going to admit I did the trick that I do in my apoc houses. There’s a trash chute outside and rather than picking up the can, I’m just going to use that. At least until the furiousness settles down.
  24. 24. Then it was time to try to get Arya and Merlin back out of the negatives. Chess is good for this.
  25. 25. But not as good as ACR induced Woohoo.
  26. 26. “No, no, don’t mind us. We just barged right in to poke Merlin.”
  27. 27. Things started to calm down a little after the first night. After all there were babies to take care of.
  28. 28. And food to make.
  29. 29. “I’m sorry, Arya, please believe me. I know I’m not going to win any awards for best husband. But I love you and our family.” “I want to believe you. But right now I’m still upset. So please, just leave me alone for now.”
  30. 30. He did. Mostly because he needed to skill.
  31. 31. Not that he had any fun doing it.
  32. 32. Yep, Bo’s still cute.
  33. 33. “What about me?”
  34. 34. Since it was good timing, Bo got sent out to make friends. They talked about aliens... As you do.
  35. 35. Duh-dum... Duh-dum-duh-dum...
  36. 36. Duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum-duh-dum....
  37. 37. “What are you doing here?” Arya asked Tiffany.
  38. 38. “I hate you. Merlin’s mine!” “I hate you more!” “I hate you most!”
  39. 39. Yeah... There’s a lot of hate going on...
  40. 40. And it traumatized poor Bo.
  41. 41. “You made my daughter cry,” Arya said in a deadly voice. “So?” Tiffany challenged. “Do you really expect me to care?” “Get out.” “Fine.”
  42. 42. Slightly comforted, Bo went to grab something to eat.
  43. 43. But she was interrupted by Ellen shocking her.
  44. 44. It just traumatized her even more.
  45. 45. “I’m going to marry your uncle.” “I think my aunt might have something to say about that.”
  46. 46. “I’m going to kick that woman’s butt!” “Have I mentioned I’m really sorry today?” “No.”
  47. 47. “I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry.” “Uh-huh. How are you going to prove it.” “Let me show you.”
  48. 48. He showed her. And me... Because seriously Arya got pregnant. Risky woohoo pregnant. Scanning natural twins pregnant. Why does my game hate me?
  49. 49. “So, I think I’m pregnant.” “Yes, yes, I know...”
  50. 50. “Oh I don’t have a good feeling about this.” “Mmmm... I’m going to eat her for breakfast.”
  51. 51. “Must distract the women.”
  52. 52. “I love you!” “Oooof!” “Grr...”
  53. 53. “Stop touching my man!” “Ooof!”
  54. 54. “I’m sorry, baby, did she hurt you? Maybe I can kiss it better.” “Grrr....”
  55. 55. “That’s it! I don’t care if you are pregnant! Merlin’s mine!” “Oooof!”
  56. 56. “Did you win?” “Yep! She should know better than to take on a family sim protecting her family.”
  57. 57. “You’re so sexy when you’re kicking butt.”
  58. 58. “Ooooof!” “Don’t you dare tell me that it’s the coding.” “Mmmmff the coding!” “Grr...”
  59. 59. Round two of the drama over, it was back to normal family life.
  60. 60. “Um... Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” “Maybe! But I had this want that I needed to fulfil.” “Well, go to bed. I want to be sleeping!”
  61. 61. He really did. I’m so torn on these two. Merlin really loves his girls and I think he loves Arya. But then Tiffany comes along and well... You don’t know how many interactions I had to cancel. You really don’t.
  62. 62. Although I think Arya has some idea.
  63. 63. “Mommy, are you and Daddy going to stop fighting?” “We’re trying to.” “I- I just don’t want you to get divorced!”
  64. 64. “Oh sweetie, I don’t want to get divorced either. But no matter what happens, you know that your father and I will always love you and your sisters.” “I know.”
  65. 65. “Good, because I think you’re going to have more soon. Ugh, I hate being pregnant.”
  66. 66. “Why do you hate being pregnant?” “Because I’m always tired and hungry.” “Oh.”
  67. 67. “I hate being pregnant.”
  68. 68. Things stayed calm. Merlin got promoted.
  69. 69. And skilled.
  70. 70. While Bo continued to make friends.
  71. 71. I think Danielle is a better friend than Ellen is. And she’s also super cute.
  72. 72. “I want to sniff you!” “Go away, wolf, I’m kissing my wife.” “But I want to sniff your butt!!!” Dogs... They love the butt-sniffs. I would know. I have two of them in real life.
  73. 73. Arya’s belly popped, signalling the end of barfing and the start of neverending circuits between the fridge, bathroom, and bed.
  74. 74. And the twins grew up. Dido here looks more like her mother and is a Pisces with stats of 6/3/6/4/10.
  75. 75. Cleopatra looks more like her father and older sister. She’s a Gemini with stats of 0/10/8/1/7. She’s going to totally scandalize her super shy family.
  76. 76. Then it was potty training time! Because seriously, the kids always age up about to pee themselves.
  77. 77. Downstairs, Bo and Arya bonded over the new baby.
  78. 78. While Danielle was picked up by her unamused mother.
  79. 79. Bo got sent back to bed after doing her homework.
  80. 80. And then the real work with the toddlers began.
  81. 81. I have to say it, they’re really kind of cute.
  82. 82. Even if they’re not really all that interested in being toddler trained.
  83. 83. Still, it could be a lot worse. Tiffany could be here.
  84. 84. But she’s not, Merlin seems to have gotten the hint and brings home straight guys.
  85. 85. Guys who really want to be his friend.
  86. 86. And so it goes.
  87. 87. Two chess arms... No waiting.
  88. 88. “I think I’ll just leave this here. This house could use a few wishes.”
  89. 89. “I have everything I could ever wish for.” “You sure?” “Yes. Just don’t pay any attention to the seven face wants in my panel for Tiffany.” I wish I were making that up.
  90. 90. Bo has continued on her quest to meet all of the neighborhood kids. This is Bliss Lynwood from the ISBI next door.
  91. 91. “Excuse me, I have something very important to say...”
  92. 92. “BRAAHHP!!!”
  93. 93. Because Merlin is part Popularity sim, the easiest way to make him happy is to throw a lot of parties. Despite her shyness, Bo is well on her way to wanting be just like her daddy.
  94. 94. “You know I’m going to have this baby in the middle of the party.” “Yep! I’d love to meet someone new!”
  95. 95. “And I-ai-ai-ai-aiiiii—” “Will you stop! I’m married!”
  96. 96. “But I love you!” “No. You’re submitting to ACR coding and I’m not having any of it. You’re a townie and I have a husband.” “A husband who sleeps around,” Stu muttered. “So long as I don’t know about it, it didn’t happen.” “Right...”
  97. 97. Sigh... Everyone’s still gossiping about Arya getting cheated on. Although to be fair it’s probably the juiciest gossip in the town.
  98. 98. “Baby!”
  99. 99. And there was much rejoicing. At least from the parents.
  100. 100. Up first is a little girl named Elizabeth she’s got her mother’s eyes and her father’s hair color.
  101. 101. Throwing Elizabeth on the ground, Baby number two decided to make its appearance.
  102. 102. And this is Fatima. Also has blond hair but the light blue eyes of her father. And for those of you keeping score, that’s two more girls. My hood is overcome with estrogen at the moment.
  103. 103. “I have two more daughters.” “I don’t care. I still want you.” “I’m so conflicted right now.”
  104. 104. “I promise that we’ll be happy together for always.” “I’m so conflicted right now.”
  105. 105. “Want to try for five more girls?” “I’m so conflicted right now.”
  106. 106. As am I. This is the end of the rotation. As you can see, Merlin kind of reconciled with Arya. Except that he won’t stop cheating with Tiffany. At this point, I kind of want to move her in and set her up in her own household to see what happens. In fact, I think that’s what I’m going to do.
  107. 107. “What’s going on here?”
  108. 108. “Never mind... Not complaining!”
  109. 109. Sigh... Oh Merlin...
  110. 110. Have I mentioned that Arya’s right inside? She is. And he’s still really into Tiffany Leive here.
  111. 111. So now that she’s been moved in, it’s time to move her out. Before Arya notices that something’s up. Tiffany is a Fortune/Family sim that wants to have a Golden Anniversary. Same LTW as Arya and Merlin.
  112. 112. She moved in with 13,000 in funds and two boots and two bones in her inventory. She’ll take the $13,000 that she came with too.
  113. 113. And she’ll be living here, in my slum/shopping district. I think I’ll be playing her Miserable Sims style. Where I try to make her as unhappy as possible and accumulate points for bad things happening to her and her house. Also if Merlin and she get caught cheating again, he’ll be moving in with her. Here’s the challenge if you’re interested. She’ll be played at the end of this rotation, but I’ve got three more houses to go before I get there.
  114. 114. So that’s where I’m at. I hope you’ve enjoyed. So until next time! Happy Simming!