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Challenge island rotation 4 - reeves and mccullough


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Winter 1 - Gardener and OWBC house.

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Challenge island rotation 4 - reeves and mccullough

  1. 1. So, we’re halfway through the rotation. Yay!
  2. 2. First up is Regina and Pong Reeves. They’re my Gardener/Farmer/Fisher/Live off the land/etc challenge. Pong is the former gardener, while Regina’s got a silver gardening badge.
  3. 3. Their house is based off of a few old houses are around here. It’s also completely unfurnished. Which is a bit of a problem considering they really only have a few thousand to their name and can’t dig for treasure. What they do have is some fish in inventory mostly because they can only eat sparkly food. Remember that for later.
  4. 4. I have to say I kind of love these two and Pong amuses me with his taciturn nature. I went into ACR and set them as totally faithful. Mostly because neither of them strike me as the kind of sim to cheat on the other.
  5. 5. Then, because they have no money it was time to see if there were any jobs they could take. There are 5 total that I am allowing. Oceanography, Culinary, Natural Science, Education, and Science. This is because those are the five real life careers that would be focussed on fish and plants.
  6. 6. Guess which career Pong got?
  7. 7. Seriously... The house, it is an empty shell.
  8. 8. So in preparation for having to feed themselves, Regina got to the gardening.
  9. 9. With Pong helping when he got home.
  10. 10. Regina was also relegated to friend making, probably because these guys all stalked her while she was in the process of taking the trash out.
  11. 11. “Yay! Bath time!”
  12. 12. Then it was food time. Please note that the table has no chairs. That’s because they needed the money to buy a bed. Seriously. There’s nothing to sit on in this house.
  13. 13. But there is sparkly food.
  14. 14. And a comfy bed.
  15. 15. Which Regina didn’t get much time to enjoy. Now, as you might remember, Regina is scanning twins.
  16. 16. I admit it I cheered when little Bruce was born.
  17. 17. Then there was the expected hand off. Awwww Pong’s happy to be a daddy!
  18. 18. Then the next expected child, a girl named Ariel, was born.
  19. 19. Followed by the unexpected third child, Graham. I’ll take it. I am still so skewed female in this hood that I’m going to be going crazy.
  20. 20. Oh Pong... He’s thought flaming himself. I am always kind of amused when that happens.
  21. 21. But still he’s a good daddy.
  22. 22. Even selling some of the precious fish to be able to buy cribs.
  23. 23. Then it was time for a quick date/
  24. 24. Some impregnanting woohoo.
  25. 25. And then it’s off to work.
  26. 26. Leaving Regina to take care of the stinky babies.
  27. 27. Regina also found a job in Culinary. Not her LTW job, but right now beggars can’t be choosers.
  28. 28. And the nanny arrived just in time for Regina to make it to work. All things considered it was a pretty quiet season in the Reeves house.
  29. 29. They worked.
  30. 30. Made friends.
  31. 31. Took care of the babies.
  32. 32. And went on a lot of dates ending in woohoo.
  33. 33. Almost as if it were yesterday (which it totally was) the time came to grow up the triplets.
  34. 34. Ariel was first, looking more like a boy than the sweet little girl that she is.
  35. 35. A semi-borked clothing change.
  36. 36. And she looks much better. Ariel is a Cancer with stats of 9/3/9/7/7. So a full 35 points. Go little one!
  37. 37. Bruce was next. He’s a Libra with stats of 2/8/5/7/5.
  38. 38. Followed by the adorable Graham. Who is a Capricorn with stats of 9/8/2/4/7. So Regina and Bruce will make the messes while Ariel and Graham will happily clean them up. Sounds like a good family mix.
  39. 39. This slide serves no purpose but to show that Regina makes the prettiest faces.
  40. 40. Although Pong isn’t far off with his clearly smug face of pride knowing that Regina is pregnant again.
  41. 41. Although if they keep giving me cuties like Ariel they can have babies.
  42. 42. Everyone freaking out at the naked townie in the hot tub? Yep, it’s a party!
  43. 43. “I don’t see what the big deal is...”
  44. 44. Sigh... Just stop it Merlin. You are NOT making me like you more.
  45. 45. Okay, better.
  46. 46. NOT BETTER!!! Still there was no boinging. Just Arya crying to herself.
  47. 47. And seriously, Tiffany is really not making me like her at all.
  48. 48. But watching her get her butt kicked by Arya is always awesome.
  49. 49. Especially when it’s followed by a celebratory leap into arms.
  50. 50. MERLIN!!!
  51. 51. No really. MERLIN!!! Stop! Just stop! You are not the pimp daddy of Crescent Island. Especially since two of the three girls you’re sharing a hottub with are married!!!
  52. 52. Dark picture showing Regina getting promoted and popping into her next trimester.
  53. 53. And in case you were wondering, the toddlers aren’t being neglected.
  54. 54. Pong takes being a good dad very seriously.
  55. 55. The toddlers just aren’t as interesting as the random other drama going on. Like Tish here making enemies, because that’s what you need in an ISBI.
  56. 56. Yep... Toddler training so much more boring than the random fights.
  57. 57. I bet those heels hurt.
  58. 58. And of course throwing down by the stairs is always a good idea.
  59. 59. So things are going well for the Reeves house despite my not showing everything.
  60. 60. So this is where the rotation ends. Time to move on.
  61. 61. To our awesome OWBC house. It’s being played with the following restrictions/bonuses – Open for Business, Seasons, & Freetime, One Bad Apple, Boolprop Clubhouse, and Workaholics Anonymous. I may try for Moar Aliens. I may not. It depends on if I get triplets during one of the three required pregnancies.
  62. 62. Kailee and Robert’s boxy house cost a lot less than Regina and Pong’s so they were able to get a little more. Not to mention that Robert bought one of the absurdly over priced TVs and a few other things from the various businesses/yard sales.
  63. 63. Which meant that they had more stuff to test out.
  64. 64. To start both Kailee and Robert got a job in Politics. Kailee because it’s her LTW job. Robert because it makes the most of all of the careers that were available. Kailee started higher than Robert.
  65. 65. Which means that we have our first career reward for our Workaholics Anonymous challenge. 24 to go. I’m also pre-emptively stating that I will be placing the three Mood Boosting rewards. But I won’t be putting them anywhere useful. One will go in the kitchen, one will go at the front door. The final one will be out in the yard. That way no one should be getting the bonuses. After that not much happened.
  66. 66. See... Really what we’re all waiting for is this...
  67. 67. Say hello to our Bad Apple and eldest child of generation 1, Artemis. The randomizer gave me that name and thus set my theme. God Names. I can go for that.
  68. 68. Because apparently the routing in this house is borked and everyone is going outside to go down stairs, never mind that there’s another staircase, I set up the crib in the kitchen. It will work for now until I can figure something else out.
  69. 69. “And the baby just exploded out of my belly like an alien!” “Sure. If you say so.” “I say so!”
  70. 70. “Want me to kiss it and make it better?” “Would you?”
  71. 71. He would.
  72. 72. “Was that a chime I heard?” “Yep!” “Cool.”
  73. 73. Then it was time to have Robert start working on his LTW of Maxing all 7 skills. So if you don’t see Robert for much of this update. That’s why. Although I did have him switch careers at midnight. The one he got the highest boost at was Journalism.
  74. 74. So the next morning, he set out for work.
  75. 75. While Kailee got to work maxing her skills and taking care of Artemis, because OWBCs don’t allow Nannies. I kind of forgot that for a moment.
  76. 76. I admit it, I broke out the energizer because while I could keep her aspiration up. Her needs were another story.
  77. 77. A line of people trotting up the stairs... Must be a party.
  78. 78. One where I went WTF!!! Remember how I said they were set to totally faithful in ACR? Yeah. This shouldn’t have happened. Look at their faces.
  79. 79. I mean it. Look at their faces. They are protesting the coding for all that they’re worth. Do you really think either of them wanted this to happen? I said screw it and fixed the relationships using the simblender. ACR screwed up. I even checked to make sure that the setting was set to STATIC and not dynamic. Pong should have refused dumb blonde townie’s flirt and didn’t. Seriously. This his not Mr. I-have-my-eye-on-everyone Merlin Midlock. I like ACR but not when it screws up.
  80. 80. “...” “What’d I do?” “You know what you did. And you’ve infected me!” “Hey!”
  81. 81. As if to prove that he didn’t have a roving eye, Merlin hunted Arya down for a flirt. But for the rest of the party, Pong stalked Merlin to poke him. I don’t think he liked the precedent that was set.
  82. 82. Drama done, it was time for Artemis’s birthday.
  83. 83. Yep... Not what you’d call beautiful. But neither is her mother. No idea on her stats since I can’t look at her. I’ll know more when she grows up.
  84. 84. Time for the stereotypical toddler training. I think Artemis has her father’s nose and mouth. It isn’t a good mix.
  85. 85. And I meant it that Pong stalked Merlin to poke him. I almost felt sorry for the guy. But didn’t.
  86. 86. Party over, it is now time for your obligatory Toddler Spam...
  87. 87. And we end the toddler spam to show that Kailee is now in her second trimester.
  88. 88. And Robert’s made it far enough in the Journalism Career to get the reward. It’s going to hang out on top of the fridge.
  89. 89. To make sure that they have enough friends for promotions, Kailee got to man the phones.
  90. 90. While Robert flamey-thought bubbled himself for maxing all of his skills. I figure you didn’t need to have a play by play of that. It was pretty boring and toddler spam is better.
  91. 91. Skills maxed, it was now time to see about getting MOAR aliens. Robert is a good subject for that.
  92. 92. And he was quickly taken. Not that he looks happy about it.
  93. 93. Which was also the same time that Kailee decided to go into labor.
  94. 94. Meet Thor. No Really. That’s the name that the Randomizer gave me. You realize that now I HAVE to adopt a child and name him Loki? It is a moral imperative. Or if Robert comes back pregnant, I could name that kid Loki. It depends on what Robert throws me.
  95. 95. “Oh my plumbbob! I’m pregnant and my wife had a baby and I got probed by aliens! Everything is Awesome!”
  96. 96. They almost tried for a baby... But there was a small problem.
  97. 97. Namely Robert felt a little sick to his stomach and had to get out of the hot tub before they could woohoo. They did get the aspiration for making out though.
  98. 98. Then Robert ran in to throw up. Note the dirty toilet. This is vomit two.
  99. 99. And this is vomit three. He stood up three times in row and did this. He’s a horrible pregnant sim.
  100. 100. Pregnancy achieved it is now time to move on to the next tick on my list. I need a robot army and a Servo and Robert’s OTH is Tinkering. This is three birds in one stone.
  101. 101. The house started to run low on cash so Robert switched over to fixing the car. Only two birds with one stone here. But it’s still accomplishing something.
  102. 102. Yes... Steal our old papers, Jack. Steal them!
  103. 103. Another day. Another birthday and corresponding party.
  104. 104. Artemis grew up into a non matching outfit but we’ll see if it suits her.
  105. 105. And Robert is sick again. I can’t wait for this trimester to be over.
  106. 106. And just like that, it is. But Robert needs a change of clothes stat!
  107. 107. There, better. It’s got a pregnancy morph while still fitting Robert’s style.
  108. 108. So this is where I’m going to leave you. We’re making good headway here and at least Robert and Kailee aren’t having issues. Yet.
  109. 109. Only two more houses to go. Pauline and Bad Tiffany. So until next time. Happy Simming!