Chapter 5 b


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Chapter 5 b

  1. 1. Chapter 5B
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokemon Legacy! Where there’s a depressing lack of cereal, I blame Anna she knows I love cereal and refuses to give me some. On a serious note, the timeline may be a little odd in this chapter. Technically even if I played it after the girls college chapter, it’s going on at the same time. Wibbley Wobbley.
  3. 3. Not a lot happened last chapter, the Quads went to college. Did very well of course, with Ivy and Venu in the same house who wouldn’t do well. Bulbasaur got engaged to Greg and they invited Kendal to live with them in the Greek, but I forgot to write everyone’s last name down. And I’m too lazy to go look.
  4. 4. Hollie’s stomach gave a familiar lurch when she stood up. Frammit, she should have been more careful with Thai, she knew better. Sari was proof of that. But he was so kind and great with her little girl, she couldn’t resist.
  5. 5. She had to call him as soon as it was polite to call. He had a right to know. She was afraid that he would be upset, her house was dire need of work and she didn’t know if she could raise two kids by herself.
  6. 6. “I thought I had heard a lullaby the other night.” Thai said taking her hands. “Not easy to hide is it?” She said blushing. “Don’t worry about it Hollie.” He grinned, “It happens.
  7. 7. “Let’s do it the proper way, Hollie Bellafonte will you marry me?” “Thai!” She gasped, “Not just because of this?” “Nope, I love you.” “Then yes, I will marry you Thai Colours!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. 8. Anna woke early the morning after her birthday. The grey hair didn’t look so bad she decided. It was strangely quiet in the house. She hoped the quads were okay, she felt bad for not getting a chance to give them a proper goodbye.
  9. 9. “Think it’s going to be weird at school with everyone gone?” Mel asked sliding her hands out of reach. “It’ll be nice, not being in their shadows.” Rizzi shrugged, her teacher had had Ivy and Venu and always pressure Rizzi to be more like them. “I just hope the bus driver still drives fast. Going down the steep hill it’s like flying.” “School buses can’t fly Rizzi.”
  10. 10. The TV had broken during the party, Anna dug around until she found Venu’s tools. She miss her girls already, Venu had such a talent for fixing things. Luckily is was nothing a little poking around with a screwdriver wouldn’t fix.
  11. 11. Cleve prepared breakfast pastries for breakfast, the girls talked about what schloarships they would go for. Rizzi wanted to follow in Venu’s footsteps and net the mechnical scholarship. “I’m not sure which ones I want.” Mel admitted, “I think I just have the Good Grades one.” “It’s up to you dear.” Anna said “Cleve, I think the carpool is honking.” “That sounds like it.” Cleve said, “And the school bus. Let’s go girls, Mom will clean up your plates.”
  12. 12. Mel and Rizzi got home shortly after Anna left. Rizzi went and played chess ignoring the boy that had gotten off the bus with them. “Hi I’m Charmeleon, or just Mel for short.” She said taking over host duties, since Rizzi obliviously didn’t care to. Of course before the boy could answer the phone rang, “Excuse me, one sec.”
  13. 13. Cleve had finally come home bringing Tara with him as usual. “So do you want to be a warlock?” She asked the young man, if she could convince one of the girls’ friend maybe one of them would follow. She had to undermine Pony’s influence on the family. That dratted Simself was totally unaware of the family’s latent power. She had to control the family before her rivals realized the family was here. “Do I have to wear a hat?” The boy asked. Tara sighed, “Yes.” “No can do, it’ll mess up my hair.”
  14. 14. After Anna got home all the guests were sent away and the family got to spend a quiet night alone.
  15. 15. The next morning Anna found herself in front of the mirror again, not looking at her face, but practicing speaking to large crowds. She was due for a promotion soon but she need to brush up on her skills. Briefly she had thought about retiring. She was certainly old enough now, but she still hadn’t achieved her dream. She would work for as long as she could.
  16. 16. Time flew by as it always did, and here goes nothing.
  17. 17. The girls got home while Anna was still away. Both had friends tag along, though Rizzi was regretting her choice of Juan Harris. “I got homework to do.” She said, she should have ask Gordon to come over again at least he didn’t tell stupid jokes. “Aww come on Rizzi, just one more.”
  18. 18. Thing had not gone as well as she had hoped. There was a rumor of a costume party going around and she foolishly believed it and had been the only one wearing a costume, she had been demoted. But at least she didn’t lose her job entirely.
  19. 19. When Cleve got home all the guests were sent away, except Tara Kody, Mel wondered why the witch followed Cleve home from work everyday, asking her and Rizzi if they wanted to join the path of light. Mel didn’t care too. It seemed like a lot of work and she just wanted to have fun with her dad. He needed a logic point for work and had asked her to help him.
  20. 20. Anna was just as uncomfortable with Tara always around. She finally had Rizzi politely ask the woman to go home. Pony and Ani-Mei hadn’t said anything yet about the witch’s intentions with her family. Anna was growing impatient, everyday Tara came home with Cleve, and she couldn’t think of a polite way to ask Cleve to stop her.
  21. 21. Back to her old job, Anna had the house to herself for most of the day. Her carpool came as the girls came home from school. She hadn’t worked on her novel in a while and decided she would use her time wisely for once. It was so close to being done, maybe she could finish it before Mel and Rizzi went to go to college.
  22. 22. “So my teacher mentioned that Hogen’s Scholarship was looking for someone to sponsor.” Rizzi told her sister, “All I gotta do is get eight out of ten on their exam.” “Really, but didn’t you score a 0 last time.” “I’ll fix that, Dad said he would buy me and exercise bike. Which scholarship are you gonna go after?” “I dunno yet, I think I’m just going to practice painting like Mom and see what happens.”
  23. 23. “Tara? Are you paying attention, I’ve worked really hard on this speech to get more parks.” Cleve asked, his friends was staring off into space. “Oh I’m sorry.” Tara smiled, “I was watching Miss Mel paint, she’s as gifted as her mother.” “That’s alright, I’ll start from the top.”
  24. 24. Cleve eventually gave up trying to keep Tara’s attention and wandered off grumbling. “This is quite a studio you have.” Tara coming up behind Mel, “Use the other blue dear, it’ll blend better.” “It’s Mom’s studio.” Mel replied, switching blues, “I didn’t know you liked to paint.” “Me, no, but I do appreciate good art when I see it. You’ll have to visit the castle sometime, I got quite a collection of rare pieces.” “Thank you, but I better get Mom’s permission first.” She said feeling a little creeped out.
  25. 25. “Three down, only five more to go.” Rizzi gloated, though she wouldn’t tell Mel that she had used Venu’s trick with the energizer. Mel would just think it’s cheating.
  26. 26. The sun was just beginning to rise when she finally finished, A Girl and her Pony, was at last sent off to the publishers.
  27. 27. It sold better than expected. Her creativity gleened from painting had carried over to the book. She got a royalty check for almost $2,500. She was going to put it all in savings, where everything was going so they could remodel the house when the time came. Then of course Pony called, “Come to Bluewater with us Anna, we haven’t taken the ferry in forever.” “Alright, let me get dressed see everyone off.”
  28. 28. Strangely enough she was excited like her first trip to the shopping district, it had been such a long time.
  29. 29. Anna was just going to window shop, but Ani-Mei and Pony ganged up on her to buy new clothes. “That pink shirt and purple skirt doesn’t suit you.” Pony said. “How about this?” Ani-Mei said picking a bunch of clothes off the rack. “Green looks good.”
  30. 30. Anna spent almost all the check and most of the day. She finally told her friends she had to get home. Pony kept making faces behind the poor cashier’s back. Poor girl probably thought Anna was laughing at her.
  31. 31. She had a little time before the girls got home. Ani- Mei and Pony had been right, it was nice to have new clothes, she hadn’t been shopping since she left Pleasant View. Not that she missed that place at all. Her home was here, spraying bugs off the tree while waiting for her family to get home.
  32. 32. Rizzi came home and immediately changed into her work out clothes. “Mom I’m going for a jog, I’m only two points away from the Hogan Award.” “I’ll go with you, I need to work out more anyway.” “Fine by me.”
  33. 33. Mel breathed a sigh of relief, the house was utterly quiet, is was so nice to have the place to herself and to her painting.
  34. 34. Much to her displeasure, Tara Kody came home with her dad once again. “You need to use a brighter orange dear, to capture the essence of the flower.” “I like it this way.” She said biting her lip to keep from saying something rude.
  35. 35. Anna was up late, reading Cleve’s book, The Tale of Six. Ever present Tara Kody was watching. “You are just a pawn of the simselves.” Tara said quietly, “Do you think they care for you or your family, you are but a toy to them, a passing fascination. “ “That is enough, Tara.” She snapped, shutting the book, “You need to leave.” “I’ll go but think about it, when they lose interest, I’ll will still be here.” “Just go.”
  36. 36. Her hands shaking she worked on her latest painting to calm her nerves. Drat that woman coming to her house everyday to spew filth the moment Cleve was out of the room. Ani-Mei and Pony were her friends, simselves or not, they would watch over her family.
  37. 37. She couldn’t bring herself to tell Cleve when he found her to ask if she would go on a date. Obviously the spring air put him in a cheerful mood. She left herself get whisked away in his passion. He was quite charming after all.
  38. 38. Mel and Rizzi were busy working on their scholarships. Mel had finally achieve the Quigley's Visual Arts Award and Rizzi a hairbreadth's away form getting the Hogan’s. They only had two more days to finish. Less than that actually, Cleve’s birthday was this weekend as well as Orion’s, Ani-Mei was inviting everyone.
  39. 39. Once Rizzi got the Hogan she switched to getting her mechanical skills up. Mel thought about going for another scholarship but she was having too much fun painting.
  40. 40. The phone rang, Mel was the only person available to get it, despite being covered in paint. “Hello?” She asked. “Mel? It’s Ani-Mei, the party’s about to start, are you guys coming?” “Yeah, Mom’s at work but the rest of us are coming. I’ll get Dad and Rizzi.
  41. 41. Good thing they were the first ones to arrive, Ani-Mei was in labor by the time they got to her house. Mel hadn’t even known her mom’s friend was pregnant again. “Breathe Ani-Mei breathe!” Ani-Mei’s husband was shouting. “Do you need hot water and towels?” Dad was asking. Why were boys so silly when it came to having babies?
  42. 42. Ani-Mei gave birth to twin girls, Athena and Demeter. Both girls looked just like their mother for now. With big blue eyes and brown hair. “Reias, I think I want seven more of these.” “We’re going to need a bigger house then.” Reias said fondly admiring his two daughters.
  43. 43. Soon the other guest arrived, even Anna, and it was time for Orion to grow up at last. A/N: We’re just gonna ignore the babies on the floor and the fact that Anna’s wearing her old clothes. Mmmmkay?
  44. 44. Orion grew up with a flurry of confetti and wearing a bright orange shirt. “Momma, Daddy, look at how big I am now?” The little boy clapped his hand and ran to get cake.
  45. 45. After Orion’s party, the Pokemon family trouped back to the family home for a party of their own. “How come I never got a Jello cake?” Ivy asked walking inside. “Well when all your teeth fall out, you can have all the Jello cake you want.” Charrie quipped.
  46. 46. “Girls.” Anna scolded. “Sorry Mom.” Charrie grinned, “Happy Birthday Dad.”
  47. 47. “OMG!” Charrie exclaimed, “It happens so fast!” “Well duh, remember how fast our birthday’s went.” Ivy retorted. “I don’t look that bad do I?” Cleve asked. “No dear, there’s new clothes in the dresser if you feel the need to change.”
  48. 48. He did go change, but too bad looking for an old man. Anna had an eye for clothes, but she was an artist after all.
  49. 49. The party was a quiet one, the girls mainly played together like they used to. Though Mel claimed to be exhausted and went to be early. Anna and Cleve sat on the couches talking with Venu while the other entertained themselves. Cleve missed the old days when his girls were all young and lived at home. They were growing up too fast, but all kids did. Anna and he needed to figure out who would be the heir and come home to have their family. But they could figure that out later.
  50. 50. Early Sunday morning Rizzi finally netted the Mechanics award. She wished she had a little more time to get some scholarships but at least she could take the thinking cap off.
  51. 51. “I can’t believe this is our last day at home.” Mel said as they played red hands. “One of us will come back here you know.” Rizzi as Mel pulled her hands out of the way. “Yeah, but not me, I don’t want to be heir.” “What do you want to do then?” “Have parties, jump on couches, date any man I want to. Not be tied to producing the next generation.” Mel shrugged.
  52. 52. “I remember the first time Cleve and I dated, it feels like it was yesterday.” Anna told Ani-Mei. Her friend had volunteered to drive the girls to the airport so Anna and Cleve wouldn’t have to worry about staying up so late. “Time flies.” Ani-Mei smiled, “Seems only yesterday that the girls were babies.” “How do I pick just one to move back home and carry on?” “How about you let them choose? I bet they’re making plans for their lives now, see which one leads to home.” “I guess I could do that.”
  53. 53. Evening came and the girls said their goodnights to Anna and Cleve and sat on the couches waiting. “You ready girls?” Ani-Mei asked grabbing her keys. “I guess we ought to be.” Rizzi quipped. “Yes, we’re ready.” Mel nodded. ~~~~~~~~~
  54. 54. That’s it for this chapter on the NEW Pokemon Legacy, I hope you enjoyed it. I went ahead and grew Athena and Demeter, there was a party, but it was too out of sync with the storyline to put it in. Athena is a clone of Orion, she’s in the green dress. And I forgot Demeter’s stats, but she’s different than her siblings. She’s in the orange and black jumper thing.
  55. 55. Naked Thai is naked….Hehe