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Challenge island rotation 5 -reeves, mc cullough, wheeler, and leive


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Reeves - Gardener Challenge
McCullough - OWBC
Wheeler - LTW hunt
Leive - Miserable Sims

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Challenge island rotation 5 -reeves, mc cullough, wheeler, and leive

  1. 1. Larger than normal update, but you’re getting four households. That makes up for it, right? So let’s get to it!
  2. 2. Up first is the Reeves Family headed by Regina and Pong, the former Gardener. This family is my gardener/fisher family who’s a little behind the times. That means limited career choices, sparkling food only, and limited marital choices. It’s okay. They’re kind of awesome anyway.
  3. 3. The house is still pretty desolate but it’s slowly beginning to come together. Mostly thanks to Pong who’s blazing through Oceanography.
  4. 4. The kids are all happily skilling, blissfully unaware of just how poor they really are.
  5. 5. Although slightly less poor now. Yes, I sent Regina to work pregnant. They had $89 simoleans to their name. I had to sell one of Pong’s precious fish to make sure the nanny got paid to even do this. Pong went off to skill while Regina went to bed.
  6. 6. She didn’t stay there long.
  7. 7. Called from the hot tub where he’s been slowly cooking himself, this random townie witnessed the miracle of sim birth.
  8. 8. While I was saddened that Johnathan here didn’t have his mother’s green skin, I was happy to have another boy in the hood.
  9. 9. As a reward for pleasing me, Regina was allowed to eat sparkly gelatin.
  10. 10. And teach Graham how to walk. Which she rolled the want for.
  11. 11. In fact, I’m pretty nice to all of the sims in this house. Pong gets promotions and money which makes him happy.
  12. 12. Brent gets to meet someone new. Even though he doesn’t live here.
  13. 13. And the triplets all grow up well.
  14. 14. In celebration of all of the aspiration points, and because I’d just spent all of the money they’d just gotten on things like beds for the triplets and a piano. It was time for a party.
  15. 15. Where the new piano almost paid for itself.
  16. 16. “How much did you get?” “A little over two grand.” “Sweet!”
  17. 17. All in all it was a pretty successful party. Although Teen Elvis Wannabe seems pretty surprised that he fell in love with Tabitha. Don’t worry Wannabe, she’ll grow up and forget all about you. I promise.
  18. 18. After the party, not much really happened. The parents worked.
  19. 19. The kids went to school and brought home relatives for playmates.
  20. 20. And the grandparents stopped by to stalk the babies. Which became annoying because the poor baby needed his diaper changed and wanted to grow up.
  21. 21. Here’s Johnathan after Damion finally put him down. He’s a little awkward looking but he’ll grow into his features.
  22. 22. Right now he’s more interested in learning how to poop than to do much else. He’s a Capricorn with stats of 10/3/2/10/7. Sigh... Another bed jumper.
  23. 23. This slide serves no useful purpose other than Ariel is frigging adorable. And apparently doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries.
  24. 24. And this is what you get for hanging out in hot tubs all day! I am kind of amused at this.
  25. 25. Pong is now one promotion away from being the Hand of Poseidon. And slowly, slowly the front of the house is starting to look less bare.
  26. 26. Regina’s also successfully managed to grow a set of eggplants so eggplant juice is definitely in this family’s future.
  27. 27. And after several glasses of the eggplant juice, Pong reaches the top of the oceanography career. Yay!
  28. 28. While Regina works on Culinary. Education hasn’t shown up yet in the paper, I’ve been looking. I’m also amused that somehow Regina has managed to become overweight. It kind of suits her. Besides, who trusts a skinny chef.
  29. 29. With the yard coming along nicely it’s time to see about getting into the garden club.
  30. 30. They seemed to like it, or at least one of them liked the hot tub out back. But unfortunately my garden wasn’t large enough... WTH???
  31. 31. So several more trees were planted and I’ll try again next season. That’s it from the boring Reeves. ~*~
  32. 32. Moving on to the slightly less boring McCullough’s and the OWBC household.
  33. 33. I have to admit it, I kind of love this house. It just feels so odd.
  34. 34. Kailee and Robert apparently stocked up on fish and boots at the family store. It’s not quite totally insane but it is a little nuts.
  35. 35. Because I need to be doing a career hunt and I’ve gotten the journalism career reward, it’s time for Robert to find something else.
  36. 36. A few careers in and we hit pay dirt. Education. That bookcase is massively indispensible. Now to find a forever career for Robert. Something that runs at night would be nice so he can be home with the kids. Unfortunately there weren’t any of those on the computer so he’ll stay in education for the moment.
  37. 37. Since job hunting is so exhausting it was time for a nice relaxing woohoo.
  38. 38. BLOODY HELL!!! Risky woohoo! Seriously this is now my 6th risky woohoo pregnancy in this hood. Apparently 5% is just too high. Grumbles.
  39. 39. “You don’t need to inhale your pop tart.” “Mmmmmfffph!”
  40. 40. “So I was thinking, I don’t think my pregnancy counts for our third pregnancy.” “That’s okay! Didn’t you hear the noise earlier?” “Yeah, that scream of frustration?” “Yep! That’s the universal signal for baby incoming.” “Woohoo!” “That’s what caused this, yes.”
  41. 41. One thing I haven’t missed about playing an OWBC is the Drew Rule. Because of their low funds, the family only has one toilet and tub and when they break it’s an issue.
  42. 42. And they break often.
  43. 43. Because she’s not part knowledge sim, Kailee is slower at skilling. So she’s still working on getting all of the skills she needs for Politics. So she’s going to be boring for a while.
  44. 44. At least when she’s not calling over the bad apple who’s doing her damnedest to get taken away by the social worker. Bloody beds!
  45. 45. This pretty picture is to show that the seasonal party is starting.
  46. 46. And it’s serving a dual purpose as Thor’s birthday party.
  47. 47. Thor is a really good mix of his parents with Kailee’s eyes and Robert's nose and mouth. He’s a Taurus with stats of 9/8/4/7/6.
  48. 48. He also seems to have inherited his Grandmother Amara’s death glare.
  49. 49. Hi random townie teen! You’ll be marrying in sometime in the future, just so you know!
  50. 50. Since Robert doesn’t have much else to do at the moment, he’s been relegated to working on the restorable car in his PJs. This is an OWBC, Robert, not a Trailer Park Challenge!
  51. 51. Better!
  52. 52. And just to show my screams heard across the internet were not a fluke, here’s a pregnant Kailee now showing her bump. At least the required pregnancies will be done soon.
  53. 53. Gotta love career rewards, they really help with skilling bad apples.
  54. 54. Adorable slide is adorable and serves no other purpose.
  55. 55. “That muffin’s a little dark, honey.” “I made it myself. I like cooking. It’s my favoritest thing in the world.” “Okay... Might want to get better at it. Don’t want to serve people burnt food.” “Why not? The char adds flavor. And it’s better than your sparkly toaster pastry.”
  56. 56. “Aaargh!” “See, I told you my muffin was better!”
  57. 57. Meet Loki (yes, I went there) He’s got black hair, dark blue eyes and alien skin. Kind of like MCU!Loki.
  58. 58. The rest of the family was as excited as I was to see a boy alien kid.
  59. 59. Then it was back to work. Robert finished working on the engine, so it’s now on to the body.
  60. 60. Did you know that the happy holidays stuff stereo doesn’t wake people up? I didn’t.
  61. 61. It quickly got replaced with a real stereo. We need to keep the bad apple from skipping school because she’s too tired to go.
  62. 62. I haven’t missed bad apples. It’s a chore to keep their grades up. First there’s the making sure they’ve got high enough fun/motives to do their homework.
  63. 63. Then there’s actually having to help them do it.
  64. 64. We interrupt my ranting to tell you that the car is finished. That’s one thing done. Several more to go!
  65. 65. It’s also baby incoming time.
  66. 66. Meet Osiris. He’s got dark blue eyes and red hair (which is Kailee’s recessive)
  67. 67. Say hello to baby Seth. He’s got Kailee’s eyes and hair. Selects ACR adjuster and puts Kailee on birth control. No more babies.
  68. 68. Another day another party! This time birthday parties for Thor and Loki.
  69. 69. Thor grew up in to lots of aspiration points and the same shirt as his older sister. At least I can change his clothes.
  70. 70. Everyone hates Robert, probably because he’s in a bathroom. I do not get this game’s bathroom obsession.
  71. 71. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Elf Ears!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Squee!Loki is a Pisces with stats of 6/4/10/3/10. So super nice and active.
  72. 72. Dammit, Artemis! *Calls over*
  73. 73. Eeeeee!!! So cute!!! No, I will not stop. He’s adorable and I love him.
  74. 74. “I think we’ve been relegated to spares, Thor.” “I don’t think so. Loki’s an alien. I don’t think he’s eligible for heir.” “He’s going to be mad when he grows up.” “What makes you say that?” “All of the stories I read online.”
  75. 75. “Where’d the bus go?”
  76. 76. “Nope! Not up there! But a flying bus would be cool. I’d be a hero just like Ron Wilson, Bus Driver.”
  77. 77. Because I can’t go a rotation without having three birthday parties, it’s time for another one. This time for Osiris and Seth.
  78. 78. Which of course means an overstuffed party.
  79. 79. Considering that’s his new baby mama standing next to him, I find it funny that Damion isn’t inclined to cheat. I’m beginning to feel sorry for that townie considering that he’s shot her down several times. But crazy sim hijinks aren’t why you’re here, although they might be, let’s get to the birthday boys!
  80. 80. Seth is pretty much a male version of his mother. He’s a Libra and has stats of 2/8/1/10/7.
  81. 81. And Osiris pretty much takes after his father. He’s a Libra with stats of 2/8/7/3/9.
  82. 82. The party was a success, mostly thanks to the fun stuff all over. Which brings us to the end of the season and on to another house. ~*~
  83. 83. The Wheelers! This is my LTW hunt house where I try to see how many Different lifetime wants I can fulfil. Deanna wants to be Education Minister while Nicole wants to have three children graduate from college.
  84. 84. And here’s their empty but pretty yellow house. Deanna quickly got a job in Education while Nicole picked up Culinary. They need the money otherwise, I’d have just let Nicole be a stay at home mom.
  85. 85. A lucky chance card later...
  86. 86. And Deanna was sent back to work.
  87. 87. Which is a good thing, because it looks like the family is expanding.
  88. 88. “How was school today?” “Horrible. Why’d you have to give me a C, Mom?” “Because you were talking during class all the time.” “Aw man!”
  89. 89. Because no house is complete without a party, Deanna decided to throw a housewarming party.
  90. 90. Unfortunately, Nature took it a little too literally.
  91. 91. Dang it! Tish!
  92. 92. Seriously! I have enough philandering sims in this hood, I do not need more.
  93. 93. Then this happened. And I fell out of my chair laughing. My game knows me too well at times.
  94. 94. Danielle would like to let you know that she’s awesome and baked a perfect muffin her first time out.
  95. 95. “So you’ve got an alien brother.” “Yep! He’s really cute.” “I wonder if I’ll get an alien brother?”
  96. 96. Well, alien no. But brother maybe, because Nicole chose that moment to go into labor mid-date with Deanna.
  97. 97. It was a great date.
  98. 98. Meet Jason Wheeler. He’s got Nichole’s eyes and who know’s hair and Deanna’s alien skin. Well done, girls! Let’s get that hood ratio closer to 50/50.
  99. 99. I’ve got to admit it, I kind of love them.
  100. 100. I also have to admit I REALLY don’t like Merlin. Seriously. He’s so high on my smite list it isn’t funny.
  101. 101. Sigh.
  102. 102. So in an effort to try to nuke the hearts I had Nicole influence Merlin to fight with random social townie here.
  103. 103. It worked.
  104. 104. Much better than I expected. I also totally love Dreadlocks Townie looking surprised and upset about his new Best Friends status with Tiffany. Gotta love the sims!
  105. 105. The Family finally amassed enough money that I had Deanna call for another kid to adopt. I’m going to be adopting at least one child in this house and depending on when I get the Marry 6 kids off want, possibly more.
  106. 106. Then it was time for Jason to age up.
  107. 107. OMG! CUTE!!!
  108. 108. Seriously he’s like super cute.
  109. 109. I cannot even express out cute he is. Okay, I’ll stop squeeing and give you his stats. Jason’s a Capricorn with stats of 10/3/4/7/4.
  110. 110. Thanks to her high skills, Nicole was able to top Culinary pretty quickly.
  111. 111. Then promptly passed out on the sidewalk. Oops?
  112. 112. As soon as she woke up, naturally she and Deanna decided that this would be the perfect time to woohoo.
  113. 113. And get pregnant from Risky woohoo. This makes 7. I’m going to just keep track from here on.
  114. 114. I really wish I were joking. At least Deanna and Nicole throw cute kids.
  115. 115. Because they wanted a bird, they actually got a bird. Now let’s see how long it takes for me to kill this one.
  116. 116. “Yay! I get to have a new grandchild. Family sim likey!”
  117. 117. Meet Deidre Wheeler, another adopted kid that could pass for an actual child of Deanna and Nicole. She immediately was sent off to school without the welcome hug. No slacking here!
  118. 118. It’s okay, because Nicole was busy trying to teach Jason how to walk.
  119. 119. OMG! He’s sucking his thumb!!! *Dies of Cute* Yep... I admit it totally in love with this kid.
  120. 120. In fact I’m pretty much in love with this whole house. Danielle is precious.
  121. 121. And for some reason Deidre reminds me of Erin Devereaux. I know it’s the hair. But she’s just a cutie.
  122. 122. So I’ll leave you with another picture of Jason sucking his thumb and move on to our final house. ~*~
  123. 123. Tiffany is my let’s keep the sims miserable. I kind of feel sorry for the kids, but Tiffany... She totally deserves this.
  124. 124. Her house is totally tiny and perfect for making sims suffer.
  125. 125. And suffer she does. I leave her on free will and only direct her to throw parties. I get a lot of points if she dies. She can cook... Now it’s up to her.
  126. 126. Nope apparently she wants to paint...
  127. 127. “Feed me!” Feed yourself!
  128. 128. “Oh Amin! Come save me!” Spoilers... He doesn’t.
  129. 129. She finally pops into her pregnancy.
  130. 130. And apparently that was enough to remind her that she could at least eat snacks.
  131. 131. Then that jarred something loose and she made herself chili. I was kind of disappointed.
  132. 132. But I knew that worse would be coming. She’s a fortune sim so repo men are fears. I’m hoping to get it.
  133. 133. Baby pop! And she’s fearing getting rejected for playing catch, football, and missing her carpool. Grumbles.
  134. 134. It’s really quite disappointing. She’s very good at taking care of herself.
  135. 135. “La la la! Take my chair. I don’t care! La la la!” Gragh!
  136. 136. GRAGH!
  137. 137. GRAGH!!! Meet Sapphire Leive another framming girl. She’s got her Father’s eyes and mother’s hair. Which is unsurprising considering that they are both dominant.
  138. 138. “So what am going to do with you.”
  139. 139. “I know I think I’ll have some cookies!”
  140. 140. “I missed my carpool.” Yes! “Too bad I’m fearing the repo man!” GRAGH!
  141. 141. “Amin, can you take me away from here.” “No, but I can get you pregnant again.” “Okay.” He does.
  142. 142. “My work is done here. I must go!”
  143. 143. NO ALEXANDER! Nerissa here is turning into the next Tiffany wannabe. If Tiffany manages to die and her kids get taken by the social worker. Nerissa gets to carry on this challenge.
  144. 144. See what I mean?
  145. 145. Ahhhh at least she’s now being somewhat miserable.
  146. 146. Wooo! Plate nap! That’s 5 points. And I feel bad for Sapphire, except I know she’ll get adopted by someone who will love her more than her mother does if she does get taken by the social worker.
  147. 147. “So hungry... Would someone shut that kid up!”
  148. 148. “Can I touch your baby! You’re so lucky.” “Back off, wench! I’ll bite your hands off.”
  149. 149. “I don’t know why, but I like you kid. Now stop crying.”
  150. 150. Sapphire, like all babies, didn’t listen. So that’s it from Tiffany. Only five more points to 345 total. She needs to get cracking again. She’s losing ground.
  151. 151. That wraps up my spring rotation. On to summer and the seeing of the third generations. Until next time!