The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Six


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The OWBC by PetTech part six

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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Six

  1. 2. Let’s see recappish stuff… Odell married Jerry. Jerry got abducted. The first child of generation two, Lori, became a toddler and babies two and three are on the way. Olive marries Geoffrey and baby is on the way. BBP and tlhs0 got married and baby is on the way. Leaving us with little Titus here who is BBP’s alien spawn with two nice points, one playful point and tens in everything else. We will keep a close eye on this household.
  2. 3. “ Arrgh! Get it out! Get it out!” Welcome back to the OWBC by PetTech by the way. As you can see Jerry is about to give birth.
  3. 4. Hmm…No nose. This is Psion Trueheart a sweet, green little girl. Jerry went to set her down on the floor and I got a little worried that it was twins. She has black hair and normal sized black (obviously) eyes. I’m uncertain if Psion counts as one of the eligible kids so I’m planning on one more just to be sure.
  4. 5. Less than twenty four hours later and child number three for Jerry and Odell joined the household.
  5. 6. This is Rochelle. She has all her mother’s coloring and will be our Bad Apple for this generation. Since one toddler and two babies is more than enough to handle at once we will have a little break before the next pregnancy.
  6. 7. Tess finally achieved a bronze robot badge and with three bottle sucking parasites in the house this little guy is a great help.
  7. 8. Until they malfunction of course. Even then, they are still incredibly useful.
  8. 9. Let’s skip on over to Brian’s new house for his wedding. This is Lucy Hanby all grown up and still wearing that hat. She is a family sim and a Cancer (6/3/6/4/6). Her LTW is to graduate three kids from college and she will be getting a makeover.
  9. 10. They had a lovely backyard wedding in the rain. I was a little worried about lightning strikes but Thor’s hammer never hit in the yard so everyone survived.
  10. 11. Brian was very gentle with the cake which makes no sense. I don’t find any patterns here unless the action is dictated by the receiver. Since Lucy is already pregnant that might change things. Maybe?
  11. 12. There was plenty of socializing and a fair amount of smustling. In the end the party was a roof raiser and Brian and Lucy are now expecting their first child.
  12. 13. A few nights later and someone else is stepping under the arch, for the second time. For those of you saying “wow! That was fast”. It actually took almost a week to build up Cassie’s relationship with Oscar enough to get engaged and moved in. In the mean time she got a makeover and a new wedding dress.
  13. 14. The guest list was full this time so no simselves to beat up Morty and Tess actually behaved herself. Morty did spend a whole lot of time staring at her though.
  14. 15. This time around things went very well for Cassie. Even the ghosts couldn’t alter the mood for the night.
  15. 16. The picture is a little dark but Oscar is a cake smasher. He is a personality clone of Brian so it must be the spouse that regulates the action. Or it could just be random. Do you see the ghost?
  16. 17. Despite wetting herself Cassie stayed and danced throughout the rest of the party and she had a really good time. This was ghost scaring number two.
  17. 18. Alexander was number one. Caught while conversing with his new brother in law.
  18. 19. Mortimer was number three. He was jumped while trying to learn to smustle. Joe, of course is well versed in the wedding smustle having been though four of them now. The wedding was a good time despite the hautings and obvious in law tensions.
  19. 20. In the morning Maxi is right on time to steal the morning paper. You can set your clock by her appearance. Of course, it does help that she lives right across the street.
  20. 21. Cassie’s makeover in better light and everyday clothes. It took a few tries but the new couple is expecting their first child. No, I won’t be bumping off Mortimer now. He’s almost ready to pass on anyway and I find it more humorous to think that I’m just breeding him out of the house. Unless he ticks me off again.
  21. 22. Skipping back to the main Trueheart house I felt it was time to send Tess down to try and pick up a few more stars at the clubhouse. First thing we did was add a couple of bowling lanes which the customers started flocking to. I would generally think that holding a bowling ball whilst wearing mittens would be extremely difficult.
  22. 23. But Ivy managed a strike despite the gloves. I need to do a little more decorating in here but so far it seems to be a hit.
  23. 24. And to answer the question “how does a vampire run a business during the day?” I give you meditating Tess. If you have a vampire meditate somewhere out of the sun their needs will freeze just like anyone else’s. Odell did come with her to care for the customers during the day but honestly she wasn’t that needed.
  24. 25. After nightfall, Tess calls up and old friend to come by for a visit.
  25. 26. If you can’t tell that’s my simself. Why is she a werewolf? Do you really have to ask? Yes? Okay. You see it all started when I realized that there was this one thing I hadn’t tried yet…
  26. 27. Yeah, the buttons on the bat box pretty much do as they say. Still, since I couldn’t get the head wolf to come by for a visit this was the easiest way to make it happen. I haven’t played a werewolf long enough to see all the effects and thought I’d try it out.
  27. 28. I hung out for a bit, played some pool, soaked in the tub and ate some grilled cheese. This session at Tess Tiki Hut brought the business up to level nine with only eleven stars need for ten.
  28. 29. Back at the house, Odell finished the last needed portrait for generation one. Now she needs to be doing some writing for the family scrapbook and we will be all set until the next heir is chosen. Speaking of heirs…
  29. 30. Lori made her visit to the cake and seems to be carrying more of her father’s facial features than she should. A quick change of hair and clothes gets us one bonified…
  30. 31. Fairytale princess. Her regular clothes were strange and this was in the closet from Odell’s growing up days. She was set to work skilling right away.
  31. 32. Psion, grew up the next day into a cutey despite her face being nasally challenged. She is a Pisces (8/8/10/1/10)- see aliens can be nice.
  32. 33. After learning to talk, grandma Tess took over the night shift duties and read her a story. This little girl is all about the hugs. Just wait till you see her later.
  33. 34. Who’s that in the front yard? “Stop that! You weren’t invited here! Put Bob down!”
  34. 35. Brian? Yep, he stole the gnome and his nine outgoing points makes him invite himself in. This is going to be a problem.
  35. 36. Brian was however, just in time to attend Rochelle’s cake twirl. She’s another cutie! As she is my Bad Apple there are no stats to share and unlike before she has no twin to mirror. She will be a handful.
  36. 37. There are so many people in the house now that Lori kind of gets ignored, but she managed to attract her father and uncle’s attention long enough to show off her mad cartwheel skills. Oh, and baby number four is on the way.
  37. 38. Yes Odell, go get that gnome back. Only, your brother is still stitting in the house playing chess with your father. He hasn’t left yet. She came back with Bob. I’m not sure how and I totally expected to have her try it again after Brain went home and end up with two Bobs but it didn’t happen.
  38. 39. This is when things started breaking in the house as if they knew that two toddlers and a pregnant lady were needing lots of attention. First it was toilet number two (I didn’t take a picture), then sink number one. I number them to keep track of when they break.
  39. 40. Then garbage bot exploded and wouldn’t stay turned off. I think there were about 20 piles of trash that had to be cleaned up before it got repaired.
  40. 41. Then the dishwasher went. You can’t see the sparks but trust me it went kablooie.
  41. 42. Then tub number four began spraying water everywhere.
  42. 43. Along with his friend sink number four. I know that’s a lot of pictures of random broken objects and you are probably saying “big deal things break all the time”, right? Except, all these items broke within a twenty four hour period of one another. The downstairs toilet and sink went off before noon. Everything else went that evening. Those of you not familiar with the rules should know- I have to leave these things broken until noon the day after they break. The spraying water sound alone was torture!
  43. 44. Back to generation two’s bad apple who despite being interrupted by a soiled diaper and Jerry deciding he just had to lecture Tess about breaking the dishwasher, managed to learn to walk and got an aspiration boost.
  44. 45. Then the talking was handled by Tess. So far so good. The only issue is getting her to the potty before she soils her diaper.
  45. 46. Psion sprung up into a child the next evening. Do you see Betty in the background? I didn’t occur to me to even check on Bob while she was here (she came home from school with Lori). It wasn’t till much later when Tess just decided to walk off the lot that I realized Bob had been snatched again. Betty is my biggest offender. Time for a makeover little girl.
  46. 47. I did say she is pretty darn cute. Those are the clothes she grew up in by the way. A little odd but the colors are excellent.
  47. 48. And the last child of generation two makes it’s way into the world in the original downstairs bathroom right as the girls were heading off to school. But not before Odell breaks the tub.
  48. 49. And it’s a boy! Since we’re doing the Boolprop naming theme here and I’m uncertain about Psion’s eligibility we will back up and name him Paul. Boy, that s4 skin tone really hangs on doesn’t it. We have Odell’s skin coloring and hair but I believe those are Jerry’s eyes which are the lighter shade of blue.
  49. 50. Wait! What am I doing? Stop! Ahh…She’s not listening. Simself Steph does not have enough outgoing points to invite herself over so this must be the werewolf in her causing this.
  50. 51. Yep. She took Bob. Again! This is the second time I’ve stolen this gnome. I feel so conflicted. It got worse when both Tess and then Joe had “go steal back gnome” actions cued and when I cancelled what they were doing it went away. Bob was missing for two whole days. Until…
  51. 52. Little Lori earned her place in the spotlight. She has a good evil face.
  52. 53. So Bob was put back in his proper place. There are twenty four flamingos out here now. The ones doing a left face are Paul’s. I wish I had some green ones for Psion. And I really need to turn off that silly snow scan function and stop messing up my pictures!
  53. 54. Another birthday (it seems to be all we do around here besides weddings) and Rochelle is about to leave toddlerhood behind. We didn’t quite finish all the potty training but I’m sure she will figure it out.
  54. 55. Finally they all stand together for a proper picture! Except Tess who’s sleeping right now.
  55. 56. Rochelle reminds me a bit of Olive at this point. Still don’t know anything about her except that she burps at the table, which in this house of neatniks doesn’t go over very well.
  56. 57. She did at least choose something decent to wear. As before with Olive, It will be an adults job to help her through her homework and hopefully get her grades up high enough to try for private school which is less draining. Just like Oscar before, Paul will most likely miss out on that.
  57. 58. The end of Joe’s time is coming up fast and this household will be stricken. He has cared for every single one of the children in the house. We may have some melt downs that night. As a side note, how much psychological damage does it cause when your mad scientist grandfather cuddles you wearing a lab coat covered with heaven knows what and wearing a cybernetic hand? If it were my baby I wouldn’t be doing that.
  58. 59. One last birthday for grandpa Joe. His life bar is full and the Reaper will be coming tonight.  Blow out those candles man! Let’s see what we get.
  59. 60. Aww…Cute clothes. Paul is a Capricorn (10/6/4/10/3) with a preferred hobby of games. He received the standard dose of smart milk and learned all his skills in two days time. Since he needed to sleep and stuff.
  60. 61. My simself was invited over and after cake she promptly went out and re-gnome napped Bob! I don’t have very many nice points.
  61. 62. Odell, planning ahead for the big event of the evening started calling all her siblings up to come over. We have Olive and her husband Geoffrey…
  62. 63. Brian who is playing pool and Lucy. She’s pregnant and in the bathroom at the moment. Flirting away as usual is Odell and Jerry.
  63. 64. And Oscar and me. Oscar came stag to the party. Fourteen sims in all in the house and that was after I kicked Betty Delightful and some little boy out who came home from school with the girls. It seemed right to have a sort of wake/family reunion for Joe.
  64. 65. Joe shuffled off the mortal coil in front of the jello on the buffet. It really should have been grilled cheese.
  65. 66. Joe Carr-Trueheart. Husband of Tess, father to Brian, Odell, Olive and Oscar. Grandfather to Lori, Rochelle and Paul so far. Adopted grandfather to Psion. His will benefited fourteen sims. He will be missed by many.
  66. 67. He left behind a large family and several good friends. I was fortunate to not have any aspiration failures during this. The family mourned quickly then moved on with the gathering. Much food and playing of catch was had by all. Yes, Tess slept through the death. I was surprised since their relationship scores were maxed out.
  67. 68. Across town less sad but still odd things are happening. Butterflies and lightning bugs are out when there is snow on the ground. The natural order has been disturbed!
  68. 69. And it’s all his fault. I’m joking of course. Isn’t Titus cute in his little dinosaur jim jams? I would have loved those as a kid myself. I always have harbored a secret desire to be a paleontologist. Anyway, Titus’s skill building is coming along nicely and he has everyone's attention in the house.
  69. 70. He cajoles Lorin into playing peek-a-boo regularly and she rolls the want every morning so it’s a mutual desire.
  70. 71. And Lea has the odd conversation about where alien babies come from. She is pregnant by the way (first bump), I just have the “wear anything while pregnant” hack in.
  71. 72. BBP gets stuck with the ‘honey do’ list as we call it around my house. Actually, he broke the sink and gets to fix it. Which is also how things happen around my house. Unless, of course, I want it done right.
  72. 73. A few days later and it’s time! Lea and BBP gave me some approved names for the baby. Let’s see, which one do we get to use.
  73. 74. It’s a girl! And she is named Elizabeth. One of my personal favorite names by the way. She has mommy’s eyes and daddy’s hair color. Now someone please put Titus to bed before he summons an insect plague or something!
  74. 75. How on earth does that thing not fog on a cold day like this? Maybe he has a built in defroster? Winter will soon be at an end at the Trueheart house and little ones will continue to become big ones. But not today. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment if you wish. Next time we will catch up with all the pending spare children, a remodel of the Goth mansion, and lots more birthdays. Oh… and we must not forget Titus.