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Challenge island -- Rotation Three


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Fall rotation

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Challenge island -- Rotation Three

  1. 1. Hi, I’m still feeling like playing at the moment, so you get another update. Welcome to the first Fall Rotation. This is the last time you’ll get a single rotation in one update. So we’ll get started.
  2. 2. Up first is the Jones Family. They’re a little boring. Well, at least on this lot they are. Damion is a bit of a player off the lot. They’re my Pure Entrepreneur/Patriarchy family. Which is a little bit of a problem since you need something to sell for a business and for that you need money and a Patriarchy requires boys.
  3. 3. So we now rejoin the non-botched house already in progress...
  4. 4. Regina: Hey there naked parents, I’m just going to go wash my eyes out with bleach. Don’t mind me. I’ve already had enough trauma I don’t need more.
  5. 5. For those of you who forgot, this is the trauma. A roach infestation. Not all that surprising considering that I’ve got three zero neat point sims in the house.
  6. 6. Deanna: Finally decided to show me, huh? I guess I know where I rank! To be honest Deanna’s pretty boring. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with her. It’s a conundrum.
  7. 7. Regina: You’re doing it wrong. Kailee: Since when do you know anything about gardening. Regina: Since right now. In fact, I love it so much I think I’ll make that my family’s mission. Kailee: What? To be dirty all the time? Regina: I’ve got zero neat points, what makes you think I’m not okay with that? Kailee: Point.
  8. 8. Regina: Here’s a dollar. Be my valentine? Sunburnt Gardener Pong Reeves: ... Regina: Is that a no? SGPR: ...
  9. 9. Regina: So, you’re not talkative. Do you think I should break out the crystal ball instead? SGPR: ... Regina: You’re not helping.
  10. 10. SGPR: I’m just trying to figure out what you want from me. Regina: You do talk! I want you to be my Husband! SGPR: Right now? No. I may be an NPC but I have standards. Regina: Fair enough. I’ll call you when I’m older. SGPR: ...
  11. 11. Regina: So I’ve found the man I’m going to fall in love with and marry, isn’t that nice? Damion: Anyone we know? Regina: The gardener. Amara: The help? No! No! I forbid it! No daughter of mine is marrying the help! Kailee: I don’t know. I think it’s kind of sweet. Not to mention she’d be out of the house faster.
  12. 12. Deanna: Yeah, don’t mind the shouting, aspiration fodder. It’s my mom, she shouts at everyone when she gets going. At least Dad’s more understanding.
  13. 13. It wasn’t long after that, that Amara went into labor. And since this is my game I bet you know what follows.
  14. 14. Amara: Two more worthless girls, Ellen and Tabitha. At least the last one was a boy. I am not doing this again.
  15. 15. Yep, meet the heir, Alexander Jones. Considering everything, I am stopping with him unless something drastic happens. And even then I have a back up plan.
  16. 16. Damion: But I need more than one son. My legacy depends on it. I must think on this carefully.
  17. 17. I didn’t allow him to think too long, there was money to be made. So here’s the home business. It’s the best way to get those much needed badges for a successful business and make some money on the side.
  18. 18. Amara: If you build it... They will come...
  19. 19. And come they did. A bandatron set to low and a few networking gifts set to expensive and we’re good to go.
  20. 20. Damion: If you do the math, we only need to sell five expensive tv’s to make twenty thousand. You add in all of the cash rewards and we’ll be rolling the cash. Deanna: I just want to watch power bots. Kailee: Me too! So pipe down.
  21. 21. Outside, Regina grew up into an okay outfit but it’s not totally her.
  22. 22. But she had better things to do, namely call a certain silent gardener.
  23. 23. SGPR: ... Regina: Is that a good “...” SGPR: *Nods emphatically*
  24. 24. Kailee also aged up and into not great clothing.
  25. 25. Deanna fared much better. She’s rolled Family/Pleasure and wants to be an Education Minister. I have no idea what I want to do with her. Seriously, no clue. Depending on what happens, she might marry into one of the other families.
  26. 26. Small clothing change and the wooing of Silent Gardener Pong Reeves continues.
  27. 27. Eventually Regina was able to ask him to move in.
  28. 28. And a quick makeover to up them to a solid two bolts and the two hopped into bed together. No lullaby on this try. Which is okay with me. Pong is a Knowledge/Fortune Sagitarius with stats of 9/3/2/4/7.
  29. 29. Kailee: Hi! I don’t find you attractive at all but I love your hair and I think you’re my best chance of getting out of here. Dreadlocked Townie Robert McCullough: Awesome! And you’re my best chance of getting out of this monkey suit.
  30. 30. Kailee: I’m cool with that! Robert: ‘Sides it’s not like the bolts matter.
  31. 31. Nope the bolts totally don’t matter.
  32. 32. Not at all.
  33. 33. And there was a lullaby here so the dreadlocked duo are one up on their competitors. Not like it’s a race.
  34. 34. Although Regina and Pong were quick to follow with a lullaby of their own. And as a one-ups-manship to Kailee, Regina is scanning natural twins. Because of course she is.
  35. 35. It was the night of birthdays. Alexander, the heir, is a Sagittarius with stats of 0/3/9/10/4. Sigh... Another slob.
  36. 36. Tabitha was up next and is a Cancer with stats of 10/3/5/7/10 – she’s going to have problems in this house.
  37. 37. Then there’s Ellen who is also a Sagittarius with stats of 5/2/9/10/4
  38. 38. Obligatory potty training shot followed by the even more obligatory toddler spam...
  39. 39. There, toddler spam is over to be followed by engagement spam. I’m still not happy with these outfits.
  40. 40. Much better. For those people who are curious, Robert is a Standard Pisces Knowledge/Family Sim who wants to max 7 skills. Easy peasy.
  41. 41. Damion: Want to traumatize the toddlers? Amara: Of course, I do.
  42. 42. And if that isn’t a clue that I need to take care of something I don’t know what is. Also, this outfit suits Regina more.
  43. 43. Yep, it’s wedding party time. I closed the home business because Damion had earned all of the cash rewards and I didn’t want the wedding guests complaining about stupid things.
  44. 44. Pong: ... Regina: Just go with it. Pong: ...
  45. 45. So with the obligatory people not paying attention, it’s time for wedding spam.
  46. 46. Robert: Are we done? Kailee: Almost...
  47. 47. Kailee: There. Now we’re done.
  48. 48. Alien Skinned Social Townie: Why do I feel like I’m being eyed like I’m a piece of meat? That’s because you are, and not just by Stu and Amara, I think he’d be an interesting genetic donor down the line. I actually like the lumpy face.
  49. 49. The wedding finished with the obligatory everyone stand around and fish. Because I know that’s what I like to do at weddings!
  50. 50. The wedding finished just in time too, with Kailee popping into her first trimester and seriously clashing PJs. It really harshes my mellow.
  51. 51. Amara: What are you doing loose? Ellen: Ellen dance!
  52. 52. Teen Elvis Wannabe: You’re going to use me for aspiration fodder aren’t you? Deanna: I was thinking it. Teen Elvis Wannabe: Just get it over with.
  53. 53. Deanna: Don’t you want the flowers and empty promises of how I’ll marry you when we grow up? Teen Elvis Wannabe: Not really. They’re just a pack of lies. Just pop your lock and get it over with and I can get back my life of ageless boredom. Deanna: Well, if that’s how you’re gonna be...
  54. 54. She got it over with.
  55. 55. Ding!
  56. 56. Pop!
  57. 57. And so time passed, with skilling and chatting and toddler training until the day finally arrived.
  58. 58. The day the eldest two and their husbands could move out.
  59. 59. Robert: You’re going to get more money than I am you know. Pong just smiled. Deanna: Buh-bye!
  60. 60. Regina and Pong did get more than Robert and Kailee... A whole simoleon more. Gotta love how the game works. And yes I am playing with no 20K handouts. It makes a difference in how I’m going to play the TPC when I get there.
  61. 61. Robert was up next.
  62. 62. And he and Kailee also moved out happily. Both kids got a little over 45k to start out with. Not bad all things considered.
  63. 63. Amara: Almost empty nest woohoo? Damion: We still have four kids. Amara: Does that mean you don’t want to woohoo? Damion: I didn’t say that. I always like woohoo.
  64. 64. So Regina is going to be doing a kind of modified Farmer/Gardener Challenge. Basically, the family can only grow its own food, can have no electronics other than a basic phone, the heir can only marry a gardener/nature hobby club leader, the heir must have the family aspiration, and the only allowed careers are Education, Culinary, Natural Science, Oceanography, and Slacker (aka the careers that in real life would use what can be fished or farmed). They can own a business but they can only sell stuff that they made (but no robots) or fished or farmed. It should be fun.
  65. 65. Kailee and Robert have this interesting house – trust me it will get more interesting later on. It’s going to be played in OWBC style with the following restrictions/bonuses – Open for Business, Seasons, & Freetime, One Bad Apple, Boolprop Clubhouse, and Workaholics Anonymous. It’s different enough from Yakko’s world that it should be interesting but not so insane. I may try for Moar Aliens. I may not. It depends on if I get triplets during one of the three required pregnancies. So that’s it from the Joneses ~*~
  66. 66. Next up we have our Trailer Park Challenge Family. Just so you know, I am not going to be adopting a dog this generation, I don’t have pets actually in the hood other than the randomly spawing wolves and considering I started with three toddlers and am still going for 4 pregnancies I think that counts as enough of an annoyance.
  67. 67. So here’s their trailers, I swear I want to do some kind of decorations because all of this empty space is driving me nuts. But I suppose that’s the point of the challenge.
  68. 68. Brent: Why aren’t you playing moonshiners with us? Pauline: Because I don’t like nascar and being on the run from the cops and Hayleigh cheats. Hayleigh: Do not! Pauline: Do so! Hayleigh: You’re just being persnickety. I bet you don’t even like NASCAR. Pauline: I don’t like NASCAR.
  69. 69. Brent: Bang! What kind of redneck are you? Not liking NASCAR! Pauline: I’m not a redneck! Bonnie: What’s going on in here? Hayleigh: Nothin’ Mom, just playing. Bonnie: Okay. You’d better wash up for dinner. Hayleigh: Is it grilled? I love me some barbeque.
  70. 70. Bonnie: Oh, it’s grilled alright.
  71. 71. After a little recoloring and moving around I got Suzie situated over in the white trailer. As much as she’s an ornery old lady, Betty’s been a life saver with all of the babies.
  72. 72. Reading through the challenge rules, I noticed that I can make kids skill so long as they’re having fun. This is a good thing since with no 20K handouts I’m kind of rooting for knowledge sims and I need scholarships. Poor Pauline is jumping rope with chess arm. You kind of have to feel sorry for her.
  73. 73. Even though I’m not moving in a pet this generation, I’m still wanting to try to see if I can do it for next generation. So Brent got to greet the wolf. Who quickly ran away.
  74. 74. Then it was chess with Grandma. Betty’s easy to keep happy a cigarette and a skill point and she’s all good.
  75. 75. Hayleigh was much more difficult. She only wanted to do silly things like see a falling star, catch butterflies, catch fireflies, and go swimming.
  76. 76. Luckily she managed to catch some butterflies after the 20th time.
  77. 77. Brent: Bye Daddy! Eat lots of hotdogs! Stu: Oh I will, son! I will!
  78. 78. Suzie grew up and she looks a lot like her daddy. She’s a virgo with stats up 10/1/10/7/3. She’ll be fun later.
  79. 79. Right now she’s a bit obsessed with the activity table.
  80. 80. No, I am not getting pervy here it’s just that Brent’s face when taking a shower looks so pained. Like it physically hurts him. Although based on my knowledge of trailer park showers, it just might be.
  81. 81. Meanwhile, Stu’s happy to get clean while fixing the shower that Brent broke.
  82. 82. Stu: Thanks for breaking the shower, son! Brent: Uh, Sure.
  83. 83. I can’t afford a ladybug house so I’m crossing my fingers I don’t get a plantsim here.
  84. 84. I didn’t and Bonnie went in to teach Suzie a few of her skills.
  85. 85. Just in time too, since it was illegitimate spawn time.
  86. 86. Aw, yeah! Red hair and green skin! The only thing better would be elf ears. Meet Heck Harden, Damion Jones’s illegitimate son and back up heir if something happens to Alexander. Assuming Heck here isn’t heir of the Harden clan.
  87. 87. Since I’ve got two more pregnancies to get through and 8 day teens in, I have to get cracking.
  88. 88. Bonnie sure doesn’t seem to mind.
  89. 89. What? I kind of love Heck here even if he’s just a face one baby at the moment.
  90. 90. Project befriend wolves is still a go with Hayleigh. Scout actually stuck around long enough for Hayleigh to teach her a trick and get decent relationship.
  91. 91. Stu got a new job in slacker and brought home a friend. I’ve got to keep the simoleans coming in somehow. I’ve got kids to feed.
  92. 92. And Bonnie’s now old enough to be fed.
  93. 93. And then this happened...
  94. 94. Bonnie: Hi honey, I’m pregnant and a Plantsim! Cue headdesking because we can’t afford a sunlamp.
  95. 95. In the interest of my sanity, I used the cake to age Heck up.
  96. 96. Not like anyone noticed his birthday.
  97. 97. He’s a cute little mutant a Capricorn with stats of 9/6/4/7/9. I like him already.
  98. 98. I’m not the only one.
  99. 99. Stu: I hate that Arya Midlock. Thinks she’s too good to be spied on! Yeah, Arya’s my slapper. And Stu here is addicted to looking through the telescope at her.
  100. 100. Stu needed a pick me up and I wanted to see if you could raise sunlight with a date. You can’t. Water and love are affected Sunlight isn’t. Which can be a problem.
  101. 101. I don’t even have enough to get Suzie out of mismatched clothes.
  102. 102. Hayleigh: Why are we all lined up. Pauline: I think we’re going to age up and the director-person wants to make it easier to film. Cue synchronized aging up in 3...2...1...
  103. 103. Go!
  104. 104. And they all got semi matching outfits. Awesome! Brent and Hayleigh can keep theirs. But considering what Pauline rolled as aspiration, her outfit doesn’t work.
  105. 105. There, fixed. Pauline: Knowledge/Family – Chief of Staff Hayleigh: Popularity/Romance – Media Magnate Brent: Romance/Family – Marry off 6 Children Congrats, Pauline. You get to go to college!
  106. 106. Brent: You’ve got them healing hands, Pauline. Pauline: Aww, thanks!
  107. 107. Hayleigh: Oh yeah? We’ll I’ve got them noogie hands! Pauline: And you wonder why I can’t wait to get out of here?
  108. 108. Eventually Pauline escaped the noogie queen and went over to join Suzie playing chess autonomously.
  109. 109. When Suzie went to bed, she joined her grandmother and brother on the couch watching the Yummy Channel. Brent: Hey Pauline, you know where Hayleigh is? Pauline: Why would I know where she is? I’m not her keeper. Brent: You just know everything else. Pauline: I don’t know where she is. I’m not the director-person.
  110. 110. Point of fact, Hayleigh decided she needed to do some bass fishing. Not really sure why, but she’s uncontrollable so I have to go with it.
  111. 111. Then, it was time for Bonnie to give birth. In the bathroom. As you do. Bonnie: Stu! Stop brushing your tooth and get over here!
  112. 112. Meet Debbie Harden, she’s also got brown hair like her father but bright green eyes from someone’s recessives.
  113. 113. Bonnie: Oh the glorious sun! I’ve missed you! Now I shall collapse and bask in your awesomeness!
  114. 114. Betty: Aw hell, sounds like I picked the wrong day to quit smoking.
  115. 115. Betty: Hey there, baby, let’s get you out of this cold air and into your crib.
  116. 116. I think this is where I’ll leave off.
  117. 117. I didn’t get a good picture of Pauline applying for her scholarships. But she got $4500 worth of them. Grades, Logic, Body, Cooking, and Charisma.
  118. 118. It was enough to get a small house and not in a dorm. I don’t have dormies in my La Fiesta Tech so I townied the playables. That means you might see some familiar faces here.
  119. 119. I also have shorter semesters so College won’t be as annoying. Now to figure out what kind of challenge to do for Pauline. I’m open to suggestions. ~*~
  120. 120. It’s now on to my ISBI challenge. Currently it’s just Jack... It won’t be that way for long.
  121. 121. Another boring house. Seriously I need to get off of this floor plan. It’s my stock go to floor plan.
  122. 122. Jack: Yeah, everyone’s going to be here. Well, at least everyone I know. I mean, you only become an adult once, right?
  123. 123. Everyone arrived, which was about 6 people including the two potential spouses, Joy and Tish.
  124. 124. Tish: Woo! Shake that booty.
  125. 125. Tish: Whoa, I didn’t mean to shake my booty. What’s happening?!
  126. 126. Yep, Tish grew up since she was your choice for spouse. Jack: Mmmm... Cake.
  127. 127. Cake finished, Jack immediately moved Tish in. Tish: Why do I have a horrible feeling I’m going to regret this?
  128. 128. I used Tish’s one adult command to have her get a job. I rolled a three which meant the third job on the computer. The first job was law, the second Gamer, the third Oceanography. Which amusingly enough is Tish’s LTW. She doesn’t have the skills for it yet, but I have a plan. Tish is a Fortune/Popularity stock Scorpio. I’ve played those in asylum’s before...they are horrid pregnant sims and suck at taking care of themselves. I may be regretting this later.
  129. 129. Then it was time for a change of clothes for both Tish and Jack and all systems are a go...
  130. 130. Tish: Why are you shirtless? Jack: These are my work out clothes, it was either these or the manties.
  131. 131. Tish: I think I would have preferred the manties.
  132. 132. Jack: Good to know. But seeing as I can’t control you, I’m sure we’ll be in our underwear a lot.
  133. 133. Tish: You think?
  134. 134. Pregnancy achieved Jack finished off the date, I’ve got a hunch that’s going to be about the only thing that will be keeping Tish alive.
  135. 135. Mostly because it took her three tries of Call to a meal before she’d actually eat.
  136. 136. After food, Jack broke out the shiny. She was suitably impressed by the shiny.
  137. 137. Then she immediately went to work, much to Jack’s confusion.
  138. 138. Tish: I’ve been trying to deliver these all day. I’ll just set them down ten times in a row and annoy the director-person while I do it.
  139. 139. Tish: You know I could really go for some chili. Jack: I only have one cooking point. I can make spaghetti. Tish: Spaghetti is not chili.
  140. 140. Tish: Well that explains the chili cravings.
  141. 141. I really don’t like doing this, but yeah, here’s a wedding with the bride in her underwear. Jack and Tish’s schedules are so messed up that they really don’t see each other and I don’t want to forget before the baby is born.
  142. 142. And so begins the herculean struggle known as keeping Tish fed and alive. Seriously, see that new fridge in the background. I emptied the old one and have about 10 plates of gelatin in Jack’s inventory to keep Tish fed. It’s a trick I learned from playing multiple asylums.
  143. 143. And already it’s in use. But it doesn’t help much. Her portrait’s pretty much the color of tang when she isn’t plat and she’s constantly complaining about being tired, sticky, or starving. Sometimes all three at once.
  144. 144. It got to the point where I was trying to get Jack to catch a fish just so the sparkly food would do something. He’s got horrible luck. He’s caught 5 boots but no fish.
  145. 145. I was just about to give up when Tish finally went into labor. Thank goodness, now at least if she dies, I’ll have an heir. Make that heirs...
  146. 146. 1. Glory
  147. 147. 2. Bliss
  148. 148. 3. Delight That’s right... Triplet girls. I’d only planned on having one kid, maybe two judiciously spaced apart, but NOOOOOOOOOO!!! My game hates me and wants me to suffer.
  149. 149. Well, screw this! I went and rechecked the rules and it doesn’t say I can’t hire service sims. So say hello to the nanny. There’ll be a butler, gardener, and possibly maid later. Yes, I’m getting them all. Jack got the All-star chance card and $4,000 extra simoleans. I’m going to use it.
  150. 150. Not that Tish doesn’t try to be a good mom.
  151. 151. She’s just distracted by other things.
  152. 152. So, service sims it is.
  153. 153. I also did a little remodeling. Tish and Jack both have been promoted a few times and with Jack also getting the household lower costs networking bonus I was able to do a little decorating. Not as much as I’d like. But it’s a start. I’m totally taking a page from Krow and doing renovation day at the end of the season. It works and it gives me an idea of just what kind of space I’ll need.
  154. 154. Here’s the back with an attached greenhouse. I hadn’t planned on gardening just yet, but considering I have surprise kids and a butler who likes to make group meals I’ll need to keep the fridge stocked. So that’s it for the Lynwoods. ~*~
  155. 155. Now we’re on the last family of the rotation, my career based matriarchy.
  156. 156. Starring my stock floor plan house.
  157. 157. And of course, Merlin and Arya. They’re really quite cute together.
  158. 158. First thing they did was christen the house. And yes, Arya’s too shy to strip down at all. Merlin likes the undies, but Arya’s a fully clothed woohoo kind of girl.
  159. 159. Woohoo out of the way, Arya got herself a job in Politics while Merlin took one in Military. Then Merlin got on the phone to keep the family friend list up.
  160. 160. While Arya made dinner.
  161. 161. Then they ate dinner together. (The bass you saw earlier went into inventory since neither were hungry enough for a full fish dinner)
  162. 162. Then finally went to bed together. Seriously this family is like a 1950s sitcom minus the twin beds.
  163. 163. I mean seriously. They do EVERYTHING TOGETHER!!!
  164. 164. And then came baby to screw up the synchronization.
  165. 165. Say hello to Boadicea, our heiress, unless for some reason I get a risky out of Arya and Merlin. And knowing my game, this is very possible. There is going to be a naming theme in this house, queens. Specifically Queens in their own right.
  166. 166. And since this is a career driven family that means only one thing.
  167. 167. Nanny Dreadlocks!
  168. 168. She’s actually pretty competent and even changes diapers. Which not all nannies do. Something little Boadicea will appreciate.
  169. 169. Merlin: Honey? I’m home!
  170. 170. Merlin: Gosh! I love having a daughter! Daughters are awesome!
  171. 171. Merlin: Come on inside, green man, meet the family. Social Townie: Thanks I will, but first let me give you a promotion in a can. Merlin: Aww thanks!
  172. 172. Time passed quickly, and it was time for Boadicea to grow up.
  173. 173. Merlin got the honors. Much to Arya’s annoyance. But she was busy throwing up. Why? Because my game is my game and I missed getting a picture of the two woohooing. But I didn’t miss the little pop-up stating that Arya was pregnant from risky woohoo. And of course she is scanning twins. Because it’s my game, what else would she be scanning?
  174. 174. Boadicea really looks like her daddy. But she’s still a cutie. She’s a Pisces with stats of 8/0/9/6/10.
  175. 175. After the obligatory picture her father swooped in to potty train her and then take her to bed.
  176. 176. Seriously, Boadicea is a total daddy’s girl.
  177. 177. Mommy’s just too busy gestating twins to take care of the toddler.
  178. 178. Merlin even has to step in to help keep Arya’s spirits up. This pregnancy was hard on her, harder than the first one, which is why there are so few pictures.
  179. 179. However there’s some, because I like the popping expression on their faces.
  180. 180. Merlin was really more than happy to take over the toddler training. He was rolling wants for it anyway.
  181. 181. Arya was mostly rolling wants for things she couldn’t have or wasn’t going to get. Like a vacation home. Uh... No.
  182. 182. Still I was more than happy to fulfil her wants to play with her little girl.
  183. 183. Arya: Merlin! If you value your man parts you will get off of that phone and come over here right now! Merlin: Yeah, Stu. Gotta go. You heard the yelling.
  184. 184. Merlin hung up and ran over to panic like a good father sim. First up was Cleopatra.
  185. 185. Who was promptly handed over to her father.
  186. 186. So that her sister Dido could be born. That’s right two more girls.
  187. 187. If you’ve been doing the math, that means out of the 13 births so far in the hood I’ve only had 2 boys. My hood has totally skewed female. Argh! There goes my plans for massive intermarrying. So at this point, I’m likely to make a party house for romance/pleasure sim girls to have fun and not be shackled with a family. I’ll probably play it asylum style with a caretaker, but like the Hotel California you can check in but never leave.
  188. 188. So here’s my newly renovated house. Not enough money was made to do much in the way of decorating, but I’m sure that will change. ~*~
  189. 189. So that’s the end of another rotation. I’ve now got 7 households (one is in college) and so I’ll be splitting up the updates. Probably after the Lynwoods. I don’t expect Pauline’s college experience to be that long or exciting. Not with shorter semesters and not much to do. I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to suggest challenges for me to try. Until Next Time! Happy Simming!