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Ding Dong Apocalypse - Chapter 5


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Moar lifts and babies!

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Ding Dong Apocalypse - Chapter 5

  1. 1. Ding Dong Adult Start Apocalypse Chapter 5
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Ding Dong Adult Start Apocalypse!I’m going to level with you. I’ve finished playing this. In fact, I finished playing this back in Augustthen promptly forgot about it. It’s now October. I have no idea what l did so half to this is going toreconstructed from chat logs that I have with RoseFyre. The rest, well, I’m gonna wing it. When weleft, three of the four college careers had been lifted with natural science remaining.
  3. 3. We have one child or Long and Holly who is still a teen. The long forgotten Dick. You know that justsounds wrong. Also in the house are Anita, the heiress; Andrew, the sperm donor; Wanda, the heiressto be; Peter, the Vicund Curious Spawn, and Sookie & Tookie, the heiress spares.Got all that? Good, I’m not repeating it.
  4. 4. I normally leave visitors to thaw out naturally, but Holly was in the way. Seriously, bad place tofreeze.
  5. 5. If you recall, Sperm Donor Andrew (Who will now be called SDA for the remainder of this Apoc),donated some sperm to Anita and, well, predictable results are predictable.
  6. 6. And in case you didn’t remember, this is an apocalypse it is all about the lifts.
  7. 7. And now Natural Science is lifted.Honestly, Natural Science has very little use/teeth unless you either do it first with a college start(snapdragon) or you’ve got some other lifts namely Culinary. It’s a strong first/second lift with aprepared college start. Otherwise, pointless and toothless – unless you are going to do what I amgoing to do… But we will get there.
  8. 8. Peter grew up and looks, well, cutely interesting.
  9. 9. So did the twins, Sookie and Tookie. Don’t ask me which is which. I don’t remember and I don’tcare.
  10. 10. Then all of them joined Wanda in the skill Mechanical table.
  11. 11. Hi, Ding! I still think you suck. Buh-bye!
  12. 12. Marion and Anita are really cute together. Other than that, this slide has no point.
  13. 13. Taking after his Aunt Young, Dick missed work. Although I think it was because I had to do a bunch offorce errors because Sookie became unable to be interacted with. I could do things with her, but shewas borked. Even so, he missed work, so I had him quit and take Oceanography instead. Whichworked out a lot better. Give me Elixir dammit! That way I can reverse age teens.
  14. 14. It’s also baby sign.Say hello to Ima Dong.
  15. 15. Then Dick is off to work in very winter inappropriate attire.
  16. 16. Okay, time to talk about Architecture. Did you know that even once Natural science is lifted you haveto have the house supported by four columns until it is lifted? Here is the actual rule text “Houses mustbe supported by at least four stilts or foundation materials.” Last I checked, walls didn’t count asfoundation materials or stilts. It’s a change that should be made so that building on the ground shouldbe allowed once you actually can place walls on the ground. So just remember, even if Natural Scienceis lifted but architecture isn’t, you have to have the 4 columns.
  17. 17. Empty wombs are not a good thing in a mid to late stage apocalypse so Vicund does what he can to fixthat.
  18. 18. It’s now time for Wanda spam.I don’t know why, but I really, really like her.
  19. 19. She grew boobs – which Dick seems to approve of even though it is a lot squicky.
  20. 20. Got flirted with by an older man – which is also squicky.
  21. 21. Changed clothes and made herself up. Still so pretty!She’s Romance/Family with the LTW of having six Grand Children. Not happening.Also from this point forward I am not going to bother with stats or aspirations. I can barely rememberthe order of lifts, don’t ask me to remember this.
  22. 22. All of that taken care of, it was time to get working on getting body so that she can get a job.
  23. 23. “Are you sure you want me to go?”“Yes, SDA I may like your donations, but I don’t want you in my daughter’s bed while she’s stillunderage. Mother’s prerogative.”“But I’m her designated… um…”
  24. 24. “Buh-bye!”
  25. 25. The twins aged up to child. And for those of you keeping track, this is the only multiple birth I’ve hadin this challenge. Considering I am playing with Random Triplets and Quads and my game, this isunusual. Seriously it’s unusual.
  26. 26. Sookie and Tookie aren’t totally identical, I think Sookie’s got the bigger mouth, while Tookie’s got thedarker skin. I’ve had more identical twins in John and J’onn from the Bass-Ackwards apoc. But thesetwo aren’t too far off.
  27. 27. Ima also grew up. And no one really cares about stats – needless to say she’s a mutant. All of mysims in the house are mutants.
  28. 28. Since I do have it, and Wanda wants something that I can’t give her. She is wishing for peace. I havea lamp, I will use it.
  29. 29. With body maxed it is time for Wanda to find a job. Since we’re getting later in the Apocalypse, thingsare starting to seriously repeat. But I did find her a job in Adventurer, which is honestly one of myfavorite lifts ever.
  30. 30. Wanda also caused my first fire of the Apocalypse. Oops?She put it out easily.
  31. 31. And everyone loved her charred burgers.
  32. 32. Now it’s just a waiting game and living game. Toddler training gets done.
  33. 33. Homework gets done.
  34. 34. Teens go to work.
  35. 35. And I start gardening. Now, I can’t stock the food or eat it but that is not my goal. At least notimmediately.
  36. 36. For those of you who have Pescado’s macrotastics, you know you can skill gardening by wateringobsessively. Well, I did that sans macrotastics – which is why I had 4 plants. I have a plan. Let’ssee if you can figure it out before the reveal.
  37. 37. Dick aged up and I loved the shirt so he can keep it. Oceanography and Elixir is within my grasp.
  38. 38. So is another baby!Meet Vicund’s other son, Donkey!
  39. 39. Topped teen adventurer, too bad it doesn’t count…
  40. 40. So it’s back to skilling.
  41. 41. While Dick makes his way up the Oceanography ladder. Yay, level 7.Now try for 8.I love Walk to Work.
  42. 42. And we are at Level 8.
  43. 43. Another day another birthday. This time it’s Peter.
  44. 44. Nothing I really, really wanted. The best option was Architecture so I took it. The whole columnsthing really annoyed me.
  45. 45. Her womb open, Anita moved on to another Baby Daddy.
  46. 46. Wow, his brow and chin are interesting. I almost want to play to see what kind of geneticcombinations I can get.
  47. 47. Ima grew up.
  48. 48. Dick fell in love.
  49. 49. And the family skilled.
  50. 50. Okay, now that Anita is at the gold Badge, she can talk to plants which will keep them alive in thewinter. But that still isn’t my ultimate goal.
  51. 51. Level nine and a four day break. Sigh. So what do you do?
  52. 52. Skill…
  53. 53. Anita is pregnant again, not that you were surprised by this.
  54. 54. Really pregnant.
  55. 55. Thank the gods for energizers. With the number of sims I have in the house, I really utilize them.
  56. 56. Donkey grew up and is cute.
  57. 57. Skills were maxed (three here I just missed the doodad for Dick’s Creativity).
  58. 58. Anita looks how I feel, bored.
  59. 59. “Yes! You got a worse outfit than me!”“Shut up.”
  60. 60. While her twin changed clothes, I think this is Tookie found a job in Culinary. Which is not the careerI was hoping for but better than Criminal or Law Enforcement.
  61. 61. Okay I think I remember now – Sookie is the larger lipped twin in the Purple and Tookie is thenarrower lipped twin in the red. I think.
  62. 62. And it is time for Anita final child, meet Honey Dong.
  63. 63. Sookie maxed her Body.
  64. 64. As did Tookie.
  65. 65. Unfortunately she got the flu too.
  66. 66. The next day, Sookie was able to find a job in Music. Which is the career I am looking for. Anyguesses as to why?
  67. 67. Okay, you’d better get promoted, Dick. I’m just saying. I want my elixir.
  68. 68. Demand and you will receive.
  69. 69. Time to de-age.Okay, the trick to this is to wait until the teen is in the low green or lower aspiration. Any higher andyou will likely gain life which is not what we want. If you can, time it so that you have a day to regainaspiration, but that isn’t always possible.
  70. 70. Peter aged up and is ready to go for architecture.
  71. 71. And Dick moved out.
  72. 72. Then it was Tookie’s turn.
  73. 73. This time, I was able to delay until she got a lot of aspiration points – this is her I think getting logicmaxed or level 9. (BTW did you know the skill bar doesn’t disappear right away when you max? Itactually flips over like an hour glass.)
  74. 74. And she was happy to grow up.
  75. 75. Peter started his trek up to City Planner. Seriously level 6 and still the junker.
  76. 76. “I can’t believe I randomized gay and find Bella Goth attractive. I must be super desperate.”“Desperate? Why that’s my middle name? Wanna woohoo?”
  77. 77. “Sure!”
  78. 78. One Promotion
  79. 79. Two Promotion
  80. 80. Three Promotion.
  81. 81. We pause this promotion spam to age some kids up. Donkey is first.
  82. 82. Then Sookie was forcibly aged.
  83. 83. And she is set to make a run to Music.
  84. 84. Finally Honey aged up. She’s cute but she really got Nervous’ mouth.
  85. 85. Tookie sets off for work, finally.
  86. 86. Followed by Peter.
  87. 87. While Sookie uses a passing walkby to up her aspirations. That is why Dating is so powerful, theboosts are nice, but it’s the aspiration that I love.
  88. 88. Ever have that horrible feeling when you realize that you missed an instalift? Yeah, I’ve got it.
  89. 89. Still, with Walk to Work, I don’t feel too bad.
  90. 90. And Architecture is lifted, Hallelujah. Now I can actually build things and add another level to thetower, mostly for sleeping and skilling purposes.
  91. 91. Tookie is making progress, not there yet though.
  92. 92. Although it is time for another bird.
  93. 93. I think everyone will be happy when they don’t have to eat hamburgers.BTW I am not bothering with a tour. It’s still a tower.
  94. 94. Ima aged up after dinner.
  95. 95. And Sookie finally started her climb up the music ladder.
  96. 96. One more promotion and Culinary is lifted. Walk to work! Walk to work!
  97. 97. And we are lifted. Yay!
  98. 98. Time to say goodbye to Tookie. We hardly knew you.
  99. 99. Her twin still had a ways to go. But she’s getting there.
  100. 100. Wanda randomized bi so I let her pursue romance braids here. Aspiration points are good. It keepsher of thinking about her younger siblings that are now older than her.
  101. 101. One more to go.
  102. 102. And we have it. Now I have Music so I can have seasons again.
  103. 103. And it’s time to say goodbye to Sookie.Excuse me while I change things to Summer/Fall/Summer/Fall.
  104. 104. I’m back and it’s finally time for our Heiress to age up. She doesn’t look all that impressed with herfuture baby daddy.
  105. 105. “She’s mine.”“Pfft! I had her first.”“I hate you.”
  106. 106. “Look, I only want to do this once. I’m not that fond of you since you’re my sister’s father and all.”“But…”“Now, less talking and more woohooing.”“Yes, Ma’am!”
  107. 107. The next generation assured, Andrew’s lift will stick.
  108. 108. I’ll admit, I shouldn’t have moved Marion back in, but trust me I got nothing out of it other than theability to control her since I did it through the Simblender so no move in funds. And she won’t behere long.
  109. 109. Just long enough to make an honest woman out of Anita.
  110. 110. And then the two of them moved out. There was a secondary reason to get Anita out of the house.She’s got a college degree and I am coming down to the end. It hurt the family because the friendcount dropped from 32 to 8, but I can deal with that.Besides I have something else on my mind.
  111. 111. I wonder what that could be.So, can you guess what my plan is for the rest of the Apocalypse?Will I actually finish this thing? How much more can I ramble about? Who knows.But until that time, Happy Simming!