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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Ten


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The OWBC by PetTech Part Ten

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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Ten

  1. 2. Ahh… The simple joys of childhood. Flying kites in the fall breeze. Playing catch with a friend from school. These are the things on which we build our beloved memories that comfort us as we grow older. Unless you are like me and spent more time watching scary movies and reading science fiction/fantasy in your room. I’ve never even owned a kite. I did have a horse when I was growing up. Two in fact. Along with any number of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters and one orphaned raccoon. Why should you care?
  2. 3. Because things like that lead to bizarre things like a werewolf in ballet slippers and the conundrum of something so graceless trying to be graceful. This is supposed to be a wacky challenge after all. The Trueheart family hasn’t given me too much wacky here of late except a rash of odd happenings over at Tess’s Tiki Hut and a couple of hellish nights which I will get to momentarily.
  3. 4. But first, in the tradition of having pets named after food items (Re: Potato, my real kitty made sim, who you met during my apocalypse), I give you Noodle. The newest adopted member of my sim household. He was the first cat to wander by and the coincidence of his name was not lost on me. It just took a while for him to come back. I’m sure Noodle and Miles the parrot will soon be the best of buddies.
  4. 5. The Tiki Hut is still level ten and doing a good trade. My first customer upon opening was none other than Police Chief Goopy Gilscarbo. How do I know he is the Chief of Police? *shifty eyes* That’s a bit of a secret.
  5. 6. Chief Gilscarbo is an excellent bowler with perfect form. He managed to lure several customers back to the lanes during his visit.
  6. 7. Including Alexander Goth and spouse of first generation bad apple Olive Trueheart- Geoffrey Walker. I don’t think I need to tell you who the better bowler is.
  7. 8. I did put in a mahjong table outside but so far no one has went near it. Poker remains the game of choice. Especially among simselves including Angela (thepiper5) who took home a good size pot.
  8. 9. Titus Pie also stopped in to entertain the crowd. This wanna be rock star is still looking for his big break and someone to share it with. He gets the goofiest grins and occasionally suffers the dreaded ‘teeth in chin’ syndrome. I’m hoping to find him a job in the music career track soon.
  9. 10. Second simself sighting goes to BW (Beloved Wagon) who spent most of his stay in the hot tub chatting with the random townie ladies. Pay attention to the next few hot tub shots- that townie doesn’t move!
  10. 11. I brought both Odell and Psion down to the club to take advantage of the fall season and the time variance to pass on the business perks Odell got from Tess. This is why I kept the island girl outfit for Psion. It fits the club theme perfectly.
  11. 12. The last simself sighting of this trip to the club was Lea (thls0) who is wearing her work uniform. This version of Lea wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens which I am not planning on doing (sorry). I wanted the simselves to have jobs so they could come home with playables from time to time. Lea got the first job in the paper which was entertainer. She is currently a lounge singer and looks lovely in her dress.
  12. 13. Things at the Hut were pretty boring until a fall storm hit catching Jim, husband of Psion’s oldest sister Lori and leaving him blackened and the subject of gossip all over town. He left quickly. Thor wasn’t finished yet…
  13. 14. As BW took the next strike like a man and finally headed home after being at the club for almost 24 hours. And Thor still wasn’t finished…
  14. 15. Sandy Brunty too suffered a serious jolt and decided that a quick and graceful exit was needed. I think this hot tub needs a warning sign now. “Enter at own risk. Playables be forewarned!” That townie didn’t leave until I had Odell close the place in order to go home.
  15. 16. Back at the Trueheart house the flyer of that kite you saw earlier is starting to grow up. Olona, who ended up with 10 neat points, 10 active points and 10 nice points is a little hard to entertain. Fortunately, Jerry her grandfather has made one of every toy he can so she has lots of things to do.
  16. 17. She managed to pry her father Anthony off the putting game for a bit so she could pick up some charisma points she wanted. Anthony is at this point one promotion away from his LTW of being a business tycoon. Hopefully, once he is done with that he will start rolling some more interesting wants because he is still boring as heck. He is a good father though.
  17. 18. This generation’s bad apple Prudence is finally ready to grow up. None too soon I might add. All the baby/toddler swarming in this house is driving me nuts. I may have to add in a hack to stop it. Prudence spent more time in the bathtub than she did playing with her toys! I also have not solved my brown eye mystery. Not only does she and Cort have brown eyes but they are the Maxis defaults and not my new ones. The new brown defaults work as my simself has the correct eyes. I’m thinking the timing of my installing the new defaults is the cause.
  18. 19. Not that I mind the brown eyes. I just don’t like glitchy mysteries. As Prue is a bad apple I have no statistics for you except shortly after this picture was taken I discovered her favorite hobby was sports. And that both Odell and Psi seem to be suffering from tendonitis at the same time.
  19. 20. During the growing up of Prue, Olona received a gift from the gypsy. It’s a shame that I can’t have her wish for Bob to come back. As you can see he is still missing and he isn’t in Rochelle’s pocket. I checked! No one has even thought about trying to get him back.
  20. 21. Olona has been doing more than flying kites and playing putt-putt. Little miss pseudo grouch Elizabeth has been over a couple of times after school to play. Liz loves to play tag but groans every time she is ‘it’. These two are best friends now.
  21. 22. Little Inga has made it over after school too. They were both very well behaved and didn’t tease anyone.
  22. 23. I missed the doo-dad but here is the proof of the influence points. Anthony is now a business tycoon. Now he wants to be head of the SCIA. He also got enough aspiration points to roll for a second aspiration and rolled knowledge. Which is fine if you want to be a spy but still a little boring.
  23. 24. Finally we get to see what Cort will look like. Yes, Titus is over again. His sister loves him and invites him over frequently.
  24. 25. I mean after all, could you resist this smile. I thought not. What Psi wants, Psi gets.
  25. 26. It’s an odd angle on the picture but still cute. I’ve been strangely lucky so far. None of the children has popped up with extreme facial features. Olona’s chin is a little pointy but not in a squiffy way. Cort was born a Aries (10/10/9/3/1) and is officially the meanest child born into the Trueheart family.
  26. 27. The very next day Olona stepped up to the cake.
  27. 28. And we have the return of the green schoolgirl uniform. Which I actually like on her. I’m thinking the hair should change to something a little more stylish. Olona rolled fortune like so many of the Trueheart clan. She would eventually desire to top the medical career track. Strangely though she likes un-employed men who wear formal cloths and are not zombies. I may have a hard time finding her a match.
  28. 29. Some makeup and a lovely ponytail and Olona turns into a beauty.
  29. 30. She has a fantastic profile and her nose has survived to be just the right size.
  30. 31. Demoted to level 2 due to a decision to build a seaport. Sorry Anthony. He gets back on top in two days.
  31. 32. Little Cort’s toddler days just flew by with him learning all of his skills including the nursery rhyme.
  32. 33. He has a little bit of his father’s cheeks showing here. It was getting late at night when I took this one and my centering seems to be off.
  33. 34. Now that the kids are all grown, it’s time to get them into private school. I’ve never tried this with the social glasses. In fact, I often forget they even exist. They certainly do work! I never even had to feed him. The greeting and tour was enough to give me 95 points and the headmaster said welcome to the school and walked off the lot.
  34. 35. Prue still requires assistance with her homework. Much like Rochelle, she tends to play on the swing, fly the kite or play pinball. Anything, but skilling!
  35. 36. Today is the day Jerry is leaving the family. He spends the early morning enjoying the company of his wife and sleeping in.
  36. 37. That afternoon, Odell called up as many of the kids as she could. Spud was at work and couldn’t attend. Lori and Jim made it over after finding a baby sitter for their two little ones.
  37. 38. Geoffrey and Olive also came. The music was turned on and the dancing began.
  38. 39. At six p.m. on the nose the reaper arrived to collect his charge.
  39. 40. Jerry lived a total of 76 days and his will benefited 11 people. He managed to get a silver toy maker badge and never worked a day in his life. He was my only male sim to get abducted so far and fathered four beautiful children.
  40. 41. For me these gatherings are a way of paying tribute to the sim who is passing. A sort of a preemptive wake without all the Irish angst. A celebration of family and the cycle of life.
  41. 42. Jerry’s tombstone was placed in the burial plot next to Joe’s and his flamingos were moved to guard it.
  42. 43. Someone managed to catch this simself and lure her into the house the same night that Jerry passed. PB (Professor Butters) has been a little shy around the neighborhood for some reason.
  43. 44. Would you pay for a make-over from this Servo? Tin has been driving me crazy with the babies and now that the last of them are grown I decided it was time he got a job. A trip to the Re-Nu-U orb and he went from grilled cheese to popularity with a want for five top level businesses. So he bought Han’s Trapdoor Clothing store downtown, got rid of the clothing racks and installed a salon chair.
  44. 45. I sent him down on a full power charge and kept him there until he needed to recharge. Tin did a total of fourteen makeovers in that time with only three failures. Daniel Pleasant, who looks kind of good in drag.
  45. 46. Vyn Scott, my random zombie for this challenge and…
  46. 47. The old guy from the garden club. Mathew Something. This was actually a failure but I think he looks good bald. Tin’s success rate I’m putting down to a maxed creativity and cleaning scores. By the time he left, the business was level three and he had a bronze styling badge. He gave a make-over to Maxi Buckle and myself as well.
  47. 48. Tin got back to the house to find Prue still up at three o’clock in the morning and wanting to show off a bit. She does this a lot.
  48. 49. Since Psion and Anthony didn’t get a honeymoon and the family is loaded with cash I decided to buy a vacation home in Three Lakes and send the family to the mountains for a few days. Boy, would I regret that decision!
  49. 50. The family arrived at the cabin and started enjoying themselves. There were catfish pulled from the pond…
  50. 51. Hard pitches thrown…
  51. 52. And apologized for. In all their first day was spent enjoying the wonders of their new home away from home.
  52. 53. Until I got the brillent idea to light the fire in the fireplace. There used to be a rug where Odell and Psion are standing. Now it and the two of them are on fire! I know better than this. I have lost a sim this way before. Rugs in front of fireplaces catch fire! *head  desk* And of course I couldn’t get anyone to stop the fire dance long enough to help.
  53. 54. Finally, the fireman arrives and chooses to extinguish Psion first.
  54. 55. Once Psi was out the fireman moved on to Odell. I still couldn’t get anyone to help out and extinguish the fire. Psi tried but ran through the fire to try and do so and managed to catch fire again. Eventually, Odell sank through the floor and I thought ‘great! Now she will be in the crawl space, on fire and no one can help her at all’. But that wasn’t the case.
  55. 56. This is the one entity you don’t want to meet on vacation. She didn’t sink through the floor, she died. And try as I might, I couldn’t get anyone to plead for her because Psi was still on fire.
  56. 57. The aftermath. Psi survived as you can see but was close to death. Odell perished and there was nothing I could do about it. This is just what every kid should witness. Their grandmother toasted like a marshmallow. I put her urn into an inventory and tried to make plans for the rest of the vacation. They just got here! From a drama stand point, it’s too bad I’m not writing a story for this family. This would have been great material.
  57. 58. I’m limiting the vacation photos because, quite frankly, after Odell’s death everything else was painful. The kid’s moods were terrible and it took most of the four days to get everyone happy again. Let’s just say they went on the tours, grilled some fish and learned how to slap dance and move on. On top of all that the family glitched when they returned and they didn’t receive any vacation benefits- good or bad. The family just teleported into their living room without arriving in a van or anything.
  58. 59. A couple of days after the fiasco of a vacation Prudence managed to age up at a respectable time and into some decent clothes. Since I have now remembered that you can do the ‘give make-over’ thing with the vanity tables she will be changing appearance just a little.
  59. 60. Since she grew up in pink I had Psi give her a little more. Very pretty. The not so pretty part is that she rolled romance and has a preference for athletic cooks who don’t wear beards. Her lifetime want is to be a professional party guest. I have no idea how I’m going to keep her sane.
  60. 61. Oh look! Jerry is out for his first haunting. Why is my computer lagging so much?
  61. 62. Uh oh! The Truehearts are in for one horrible night. All three resident ghosts out for a haunt on the same night. And Odell is very, very angry. I now have a poltergeist. She turned on the tv and stereo over and over and along with the other two did the following…
  62. 63. Scared Anthony twice and to the brink of starvation. Frightened Psi out of bed twice…
  63. 64. Cruelly made Cort wet his pants and get no sleep on a school night…
  64. 65. Jumped Prue in the bathroom. This is one of the best pictures I got.
  65. 66. Olona was scared no less than six times by the three ghosts. I had to send her down for food, coffee and a shower as she was in the red by 3am.
  66. 67. See the look on Odell’s face? She just got done scaring Anthony for the second time. Not is she angry about dying a crispy death but she thinks her bed has been removed from the lot because the last time she slept was up at the cabin. I will not be surprised if I have a sim scared to death with her around. Cool huh? That’s it for the main Trueheart family in this update because I have a few other slides I want to share and I don’t want the update to be too long.
  67. 68. Back in Pleasant View, I had mentioned that Lori and Jim had two little ones. This is their eldest, Carrie. Who always looks a little sad. Even when she is having fun.
  68. 69. Angela is the most recent addition to the family. She has the same skin tone and dark blue eyes as her father and sister.
  69. 70. Next door, Paul had finally rolled a want for a child. Sarah really wasn’t for or against the idea. Nothing like giving birth in your back yard with the locals looking on.
  70. 71. Little Wren should grow up to be a beauty with her black hair and ice blue eyes. This will be Paul and Sarah’s only child. Cute little kids that have grown up some since I took these pictures. I will try and get some more of them later. Right now I have two other children to show you. Over at the house that BBP, thls0 and Lorin share…
  71. 72. Elizabeth and her sister Inga have become teens. Liz rolled pleasure as an aspiration. I gave her the same hairstyle that Carrie was wearing. I think it is really cute on her.
  72. 73. Inga too has sprouted. Inga rolled family just like her mother. Inga’s very first act as a teen was to noogie her sister.
  73. 74. I settled both girls in front of the tv to get comparison pictures. They are really similar to one another except that Inga’s features are a little more refined. They are both really pretty and animated. About this time I noticed that the adults in the house had come over to watch the game play and I haven’t laughed so hard in months! Fair warning to anyone eating or drinking.
  74. 75. Lea, might I suggest you go see a neurologist as soon as possible. There seems to be something wrong with the left side of your face! Do you see the other two behind her? The three of them in tandem began reacting to the ssx game.
  75. 76. It was as if they were all on a bobsled. First Lea would move left then Lorin then BBP. Then they would shift to the right. And all the while, Lea was making to most hilarious faces. I’m thinking that BBP is having a little too much fun in the back. Don’t you?
  76. 77. That eye spasm is really bad. Lea, you can no longer say that your simself is boring!
  77. 78. Liz; “Our parents are weird!” Inga; “Is mom having a stroke or what?” That’s all folks! There ain’t no more! Well, there is more but just not in this update. Next time, some more teen pictures for the miscellaneous family, Cort becomes a teen and hopefully I get Olona, Prue, Cort, Liz and Inga shuffled off to college.