Unleashing Social Media in Your Communications Strategy


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Unleashing Social Media in Your Communications Strategy

  1. 1. Unleashing Social Media Photo by rubyblossom. on FlickrDanielle Brigida, National Wildlife FederationCasey Golden, Small Act
  2. 2. Today’s discussion• Quick Intro• KEY AREAS • Know Your Inspiration • Find Your Core Audience (Influencers) • Grow Your Relationships• Q&A
  3. 3. Quick Intro
  4. 4. It’s not a communication change.It’s a cultural revolution.
  5. 5. It is changing the world.It is social.
  6. 6. Facebook is not just for kids• Fastest growing group is women over 55• 70% of Millionaire’s are ‘socially connected’
  7. 7. Not Yodeling. It’s Campfires.
  8. 8. Peers rule content &influence.
  9. 9. Know your Audience
  10. 10. Lot’s of Noise.What makes you stand out?
  11. 11. What Sticks?• Stories. Stories. Stories.• St. Jude’s: It’s St Jude s: It s not Cancer It’s Jenny Cancer. It s Jenny. VS.
  12. 12. So…what’s your story?• Why did you join the organization?• What s What’s your fondest memory/experience?
  13. 13. Find Your Core Audience• Commonalities of those who are passionate?• Why do they say they are involved?• How to Find (tools/resources)• Target People & Organizations
  14. 14. Searching Twitter…
  15. 15. Following people on Twitter• Wefollow.com• Search.twitter.com Search twitter com• Twellow.com• Followerwonk.com• Twitter lists/ recommendations
  16. 16. Facebook Search• Kurrently.com• Socialmention.com Socialmention com• Youropenbook.org/
  17. 17. Facebook Outreach• Join other pages and fan groups• Comment (respectfully) on group pages• Ask questions• Send custom updates (to people by region)• @_pagename_ @ pagename
  18. 18. Event Promotion• Yelp• Evite• Facebook Events• Plancast
  19. 19. Grow Your Relationships• Promote/Support those in your core • Build Emotional Currency (Steven Covey) • Make a deposit.• Bring audience along your journey • Allow them to experience your impact• Give them things worth sharing• Track and organize your relationships
  20. 20. Importance of Storytelling Share photos, stories and updates from fans
  21. 21. Share Content.Create Contacts.• Use your influence to promote others• Get to know online community leaders• Keep track of friends• Follow up!
  22. 22. Think Relationships
  23. 23. Make it easy to share yourmessage On Action Alerts Blog or Web Pages
  24. 24. Learn from your peers!
  25. 25. Content Strategy:Mile High Youth Corps
  26. 26. Buy In: Vermont YouthConservation Corps
  27. 27. Be A Hub: MontanaConservation Corps
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Resources• Bethkanter.org• Socialbrite.org Socialbrite org• Gettingattention.org• Nonprofits.wordpress.org• Mashable.com• Smartbrief.com/socialmedia/
  30. 30. Contact us!• Danielle Brigida (NWF) • @starfocus, brigidad@nwf.org @starfocus brigidad@nwf org• Casey Golden (Small Act) • @SmallActGuy, casey@smallact.com @SmallActGuy casey@smallact com