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Dear Endocrinologist, We No Longer Live in the 1990's


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My talk for the 2016 ADA Focus on Fellows Program

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Dear Endocrinologist, We No Longer Live in the 1990's

  1. 1. Dear Endocrinologist: We no longer live in the 1990’s Joyce Lee, MD, MPH Twitter: @joyclee Hashtag: #2016ADA
  2. 2. JAMA Pediatrics (Social Media Editor) Unitio Samuelson Associates Verily
  3. 3. 82 publications NIH funding Obesity & Type 2 diabetes: Biomarkers/Child Health Policy Type 1 diabetes: Learning Health Systems Mobile Technology/Data Visualization/ Participatory Design/Online Communities
  4. 4. Q: Are there any other uses of social media in clinical medicine or research that you want to learn about? A: “No. This is a complete waste of time. This is not real research. The fad will die out soon.”
  5. 5. You are a Public Physician whether you like it or not
  6. 6. Conversations cannot be controlled, they can only be joined -Facebook Effect
  7. 7. When a physician asks, “Should I post this on social media?” the answer does not depend on whether the content is professional or personal but instead depends on whether it is appropriate for a physician in a public space
  8. 8. A Few Rules of Thumb
  9. 9. Remember HIPAA!Don’t talk about patients, even in general terms If you wouldn’t say it in an elevator, don’t say it online
  10. 10. Don’t Fear Social Media, Leverage It!
  11. 11. Crafting Your Professional Identity
  12. 12. @egghead
  13. 13. @SeattleMamaDoc @Doctor_V @EndoGoddess @Dermdoc @kidney_boy Your name? Your specialty? It’s up to you
  14. 14. Pin a tweet
  15. 15. Tweet 140 characters
  16. 16. Tweet something of interest
  17. 17. #diabetes #quantifiedself #mhealth #dataviz #dsma #doc #dblog A #hashtag can mean many things like a topic or group
  18. 18. Use #hashtags
  19. 19. #showmeyourpump
  20. 20. #openaps
  21. 21. Mention
  22. 22. Reply
  23. 23. RT = Retweet/Quote Tweet h/t = Hat tip
  24. 24. Following & Followers
  25. 25. To keep abreast of and troubleshoot diabetes technology in real-time
  26. 26. To learn what’s actually useful for our patients
  27. 27. To witness the incredible creativity and hacking capabilities of individuals/ families with diabetes
  28. 28. iSeismometer iPhone app + CGM on nightstand = effective alarm!
  29. 29. Glucose Sensor + Flovent = Rash-free?
  30. 30. 18,000+ members
  31. 31. Find New Tools for Your Research
  32. 32. #dataviz
  33. 33. AHRQ grant- Personalized patient-centered data visualizations for diabetes
  34. 34. To Connect directly with Patients/Caregivers for Research
  35. 35. 16 cases worldwide Parent advocacy/fundraising Treatments Clinical Trials Only pt with NGLY-1
  36. 36. “It’s kind of a shift in the scientific world that we have to recognize-that, in this day of social media, dedicated, educated, and well-informed families have the ability to make a huge impact. Gone are the days when we could just say, we’re a cloistered community of researchers, and we alone know how to do this” -Vandana Shashi
  37. 37.
  38. 38. To connect our patients and families with online communities
  39. 39. Diabetes Online Community (DOC)
  40. 40. “Social media has saved lives in the diabetes community. It has helped people who are struggling with their diabetes to take control and improve their health. It shows people that there isn’t such a thing as a “perfect diabetic,” but there can be an educated and determined one.” -Kerri Sparling @sixuntilme
  41. 41. Social media is changing what it means to be a doctor today
  42. 42. Twitter: @joyclee Special thanks to patients/ caregivers/docs online, & the human network!
  43. 43. Tweet frequently. Have something interesting to say. Live-tweet events and breaking news. Find & follow people who share your interests. Join the conversation. Give more than you ask for. Join tweetups and Twitter chats. Be yourself.