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Crowdsourced health predictions for 2016 (a free gift of wonder) curated by Dr. Gautam Gulati


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A crowdsourced flip book of the community’s wildest predictions for health in 2016.

We asked a simple question:
What do you believe will be the single biggest transformational change in health, wellness, or medicine in 2016?

The answers are in. Take a look inside.

This is our free 'gift of wonder' to all of those who inspire us everyday to do the unimaginable, and think the unusual.

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Crowdsourced health predictions for 2016 (a free gift of wonder) curated by Dr. Gautam Gulati

  1. 1. a gift of WONDER A crowdsourced flip book of the community’s wildest predictions for health in 2016. FREE published December 2015 curated by “Wisdom begins in wonder.” SOCRATES Dear You, To all those who have inspired me over the years to do the unimaginable, the impossible, the unusual, I give you a small token of appreciation to stir your sense of wonder and curiosity for the new year. I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful holiday season! Always #ThinkUnusual. Dr. Gautam Gulati Speaker, Author, Professor Founder, Unusual, Inc. | @unusualinc @drgautamgulati 2nd annual edition
  2. 2. As a professional speaker, author, entrepreneur and product innovator, I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to converse with some very interesting people that have helped to shape, steer, and twist my perspectives in unusual ways. Each year, I find myself in the middle of a number of ‘pay it forward’ experiences that, quite frankly, make me feel good about myself. In that same spirit, I am delighted to continue this new annual tradition by giving the ultimate gift to the world…the gift of wonder. The new year always brings a renewed sense of hope and aspirations as we charter with wide-eyes into the unknown of what lies ahead. Health has always been a conundrum and mystery that even the brightest futurists scratch their heads when trying to unravel the predictions of a complex ecosystem. Given this years excitement and generous participation from the community, it is my hope to be able to provide this ‘gift’ to you each year, and perhaps even extend it beyond just health predictions. I openly invite you all to join me in ‘paying it forward’ and sharing this gift of wonder to the world. With sincerest gratitude to all those who inspire me, Gautam @drgautamgulati / @unusualinc Speaker, Author, Professor, and Founder of Unusual Inc. WHY THE GIFT OF WONDER?
  3. 3. • This is not a scientific analysis or prediction of the future by any means. • It is simply a fun odyssey into the minds of the community in an attempt to uncover what they believe will be the biggest transformational change in health for 2016. • The community was given 1 week to respond to a simple question (see next page). • The ‘community’ in this case includes those who are a part of my personal and extended social and professional network. • Answers were culled from a variety of channels including email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and other forums. • Aside from occasional corrections in grammar & formatting, entries were untouched. THE APPROACH Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the everyday thinkers and do’ers who selflessly and joyfully contributed to this annual edition as a generous gift to the world. You inspire us! Together, we can accomplish anything!
  4. 4. We asked a simple question to our networked community What do you believe will be the single biggest transformational change in health, wellness, or medicine in the year 2016? @drgautamgulati
  5. 5. and this is what they said. @drgautamgulati
  6. 6. As cognitive computing and neural networks across big data infrastructures (weather, behavior, sensor data) become more mature - we will see mobile health shift their focus from apps and interfaces to AI engagement to drive better patient outcomes and better HCP learning platforms. Data Science will go through a seismic shift to Behavioral Science. The need to start communicating information and insights will require the development and establishment of journalism skills within data science groups. This will aid in insights generation in a clear way but will also enable decisions makers to consume and act on the insights in a deliberate way. Milind Kamkolkar Data Futurist & Narrator @drgautamgulati
  7. 7. I believe the transformation from Pharmaceutical to Nutraceutical will establish deeper roots in 2016. As humans realize that nature’s chemistry requires more life times of learning than lab chemistry, we will refocus to Holistic ways of healing managing the whole body & mind rather than a specific organ systems, cells and genes. Symptomatic treatment will lose its value proposition to a root caused based cure by understanding the person, behavior and patterns. Physio, Psycho and Socio-Economics will play pivotal roles in managing healthcare and well-being of our modern society. Machine intelligence will start taking over primary and preventive care models providing cost effective scalable public health strategies and platforms. Ajith Nair Director, Strategy and Analytics, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center @drgautamgulati
  8. 8. Integrative self-help    wellness tools to apply preventive life style in fields of nutrition, exercise, reduction of stress, insomnia, pain and anxiety, will be implemented at work, at home, in schools ,in the community, and in health institutions. Avigail Berg-Panitz Social Entrepreneur @drgautamgulati
  9. 9. We are on the precipice of Telehealth becoming a reality. We will see over 50 million virtual visits next year. We used to go to banks and wait on line and now folks will soon say I used to go to the doctor and wait for 45 mins. The future is now. Anthony Manson Chief Digital Officer  Chief Organizer Health 2.0 NYC @drgautamgulati
  10. 10. Internal coach training initiatives for physicians as part of their professionalism. Margaret Cary, MD, MBA, MPH Executive Coach | Teacher | International Speaker | Trainer | Author | Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown U School of Medicine @drgautamgulati
  11. 11. My prediction is that Healthcare Systems and Insurance companies will finally accept that 'alternative payment models', like the electric car, will become a reality; furthermore, they will start to put strategic initiatives and money behind other than 'fee-for-service' schemes. Jordan Shlain, MD Founder, Private Medical, Healthloop, & Tincture @drgautamgulati
  12. 12. Information Exchange benefiting the patient and accessing their data anywhere, any time. Manfred Sternberg Attorney at Law, Manfred Sternberg & Assoc. @drgautamgulati
  13. 13. Increased awareness of mental health issues, a push for mental health parity, and a booming number of mental health start-ups will lead to renewed interest in psychiatry, the medical specialty for mind, brain, and body. We will see a push for digital technologies in the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and cognitive disorders, particularly for co-morbid medical conditions. Steven R. Chan, MD, MBA Senior Resident Physician & Digital Health Researcher, UC Davis Chair of Workgroup on Innovation & Technology, Am Psychiatric Assoc. @drgautamgulati
  14. 14. The Emergence of a New Era in Digital Health and Wellness: The Age of Implementation. "You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose." -Governor Mario Cuomo  The spirit of this quote is very relevant to digital health.  For more than a decade, the digital health world has been dominated by a focus on the possible rather than probable. We highlighted the potential for digital-focused patient-driven research to upend traditional clinical trials. We speculated about the power of the Internet to bring patients together in transformational ways. This has certainly happened, but not as fast or powerfully as we once thought. As recent studies have demonstrated, patients in the United States (and other parts of the world) are still living in a very analog world. But, we shouldn't be discouraged about this. This new-found focus on realistic innovation is leading digital health into a highly productive and impactful era: The Age of Implementation. This will be a challenging time dominated by a single question: What’s the best way to implement digital solutions so that they truly have an impact on the quadruple aim: improved health outcomes, lower costs, better patient experiences and increased clinician satisfaction? This emphasis on demonstrating digital health's true power and impact will lead us to a period where patients, clinicians, caregivers and others around the world can readily see the benefits of digital technologies on health, medicine and wellness. The movement toward this Age of Scale will take years, but will be extremely transformative. Fard Johnmar Digital Health Futurist, Researcher and Strategist Founder & President, Enspektos LLC @drgautamgulati PS: Take 5 minutes to participate in the State of Digital Health Innovation 2016  study. Share your experiences and perceptions related to digital health innovation and receive a 7+ page  personalized  innovation report. Go to  http:// to get started.
  15. 15. 2016 will see a rise in investments in solutions - devices, therapies, diagnostics, prevention & education - that aim to improve the standards of care provided to children. As we better understand the developmental origins of adult diseases and as adult diseases increasingly strike children, there will be a refocusing on pediatric health, which will represent a significant shift for an industry which has by enlarge neglected this patient population. Jessica L. Rousset Dir. CHLA Center for Innovation  Children's Hospital Los Angeles @drgautamgulati
  16. 16. 2016 is the year of the business model. Expect to see books and blog posts, conference keynotes, and an industry shift away from tech-based challenges to business model innovation.  Our healthcare ecosystem is filled with technology.  Time to redirect momentum and bring discipline to distribution of our solutions across borders and revenue models.  End the digital landfills. Christine Kraft Chief Care Officer, Voxiva @drgautamgulati
  17. 17. I think the application of machine learning and AI will be number two...but connected to the big winner. #1 is genomic sequencing and analysis.  And, of course, these data will be empowered by AI analytics. A sleeper for now will be genome editing with will take in ways unexpected! John Nosta Founder, NostaLab @drgautamgulati
  18. 18. The Rise of DIY Health and Consumer Healthcare Makers If you don't like it, make it...a wave of consumers will join the movement to transform healthcare in 2016, ushering in a generation of consumer healthcare makers empowered by data, 3-D printers, and platforms enabling them to support, build, buy and invest in next gen healthcare. Unity Stoakes Co-Founder & President, StartUp Health @drgautamgulati
  19. 19. Cloud-based, real-time marketplaces for health analytics and data will take hold as a key way to distribute computable health knowledge across traditional boundaries (org, IT, geographic). Tim Gustafson, M.D. Chief Authoring & Content Officer, Apervita (catalog) @drgautamgulati
  20. 20. Many sites will hold back on sharing patient data for research purposes, because anonymization removes too much useful detail and interoperability remains almost insurmountable. Instead of the promised future of big data crunching on enormous data sets, we’ll see more focused research based on medium-sized, local data sets. Andy Oram Editor, O'Reilly Media @drgautamgulati
  21. 21. Health plans and other risk-bearing entities will invest significantly more in member engagement activities that run in parallel to existing care delivery activities in order to support care management and risk adjustment efforts. Wil Yu VP Innovation Strategy & Business Development, Lumiata @drgautamgulati
  22. 22. No question… gene drives (Editas Medicine) Matthew Tindall GM, Consumer Solutions, IMS Health @drgautamgulati
  23. 23. 1. Corporate medicine increasing strength and creating greater monopoly. Does this result in lower pay for physicians due to less competition? 2. More venture capital and hedge fund money going into health care delivery. 3. Obesity. It’s processed SUGAR.    The public will gain greater education. Government will start to take action.  New food label requirements? Probably not 2016, but will we see regulations like the tobacco industry?   4. Increase competition in concierge, house call and telemedicine medicine with expansion into other sub-specialties besides primary care. Jay Park, MD Entrepreneur-Physician, DocNowApp @drgautamgulati
  24. 24. This is the year of breakout of telemedicine - no matter the reimbursement and regulatory burdens - people will vote with their wallets for convenience and access and start using the tele-health solutions in all their forms. Nick van Terheyden, MD Chief Medical Officer, Dell @drnic1 @drgautamgulati
  25. 25. If you’re expecting service as the driver of your health experience you may as well be living in the Victorian era. Service is one step removed from servant. It’s an outdated relationship structure. Today’s patients aren’t looking to be served or fixed.  They’re looking for a relationship founded on collaboration. It’s about working together, not working for.  2016 is the year of patient HCP collaboration. Paul Barnett CEO, Now What @drgautamgulati
  26. 26. 2016 will be the year when the majority of families in the US will have an online doctor consultation. This is the trigger needed to drive the adoption of personal health devices at home and wearable health devices for healthcare. Pierre-Alexandre Fournier CEO, Hexoskin @pafournier @drgautamgulati
  27. 27. The wisest transformation in health, wellness, and medicine in 2016: Prevention! Instead of acting as patients, we'll transform into proactive citizens taking better care of ourselves through diet, exercise, mindfulness, technology (like wearable devices), and compassion for each other. Roberta Baskin @drgautamgulati
  28. 28. There will a continued push for innovative models of care that align patient services and settings to achieve same or better quality at a lower cost. The first wave was to care for patients outside the hospital as much as possible (e.g. ambulatory), the next wave will be care for patients in their homes. We will see greater number of patient care services in 2016 that focus on this. Mazi Rasulnia Co-Founder, Pack Health @drgautamgulati
  29. 29. I think the greatest transformation will be the executive acceptance of the fact that we have overburdened physicians with EMRs and regulations, subsequently causing an increase use of innovative solutions to unburden providers by using HIT to simplify, automate and delegate routine workflow - freeing them to work at the top of their license. Lyle Berkowitz, MD, FACP, FHIMSS Director, Szollosi Healthcare Innovation Program Associate Chief Medical Officer of Innovation, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare Chairman and Co-Founder, healthfinch ("The Doctor Happiness Company") Editor, Innovation with Information Technologies in Healthcare @drgautamgulati
  30. 30. MORE INFORMATION: Dr. Gautam Gulati is a globetrotting expert on innovation. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Gulati has been helping organizations navigate amongst the tumultuous terrain of disruptive innovations.  While on paper he is typically defined  by the two letters that proceed his name "Dr", he is most  valued for  his diverse  (and seemingly random) collage of experiences, interests, and skills spanning across a wide range of industries that have come to represent his signature trademark as being simply 'unusual'.  For decades - whether it be in the form of delivering keynote talks, conceiving innovative products, advising client strategies, or throwing unusual dinner parties - Gautam has been at the forefront of delivering memorable experiences. Along this journey, he has become unusually obsessed with the power of perspective to help reimagine a world of innovative possibilities. To achieve this lofty goal, he most recently founded Unusual Inc., a storytelling media expedition celebrating human ingenuity, diversity, and imagination. Dr. Gulati is a world-renowned speaker on the topic of transformational innovation and is an active advisor to numerous companies.  He has held various executive posts as Chief Medical and Innovation Officer, and serves as adjunct faculty to both Johns Hopkins Cary Business School and Duke Corporate Education.  He is currently working on a book that uncovers the unusual truth amongst the world’s most successful innovators. Dr. Gulati has been dubbed both a hooligan and an artist that encapsulate his unusual perspectives to help tackle the world’s most difficult challenges. Speaker, Author, Professor, Entrepreneur Founder, Unusual, Inc. @drgautamgulati | | GAUTAM GULATI, MD, MBA, MPH Join thousands of leaders determined to make a difference! Sign up for my #ThinkUnusual blog to receive unusual tips on innovation delivered directly to your inbox.
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  32. 32. That’s all folks! Wishing you an unusual new year full of hope, wonder, and curiosity! Missed out entering your prediction? Don’t sweat it! Sign up for my #ThinkUnusual blog at and I will directly notify you the next time around. @drgautamgulati