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Design Thinking Workshop Participant Worksheet


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Companion Worksheet for the CVC Design Thinking Workshop

Published in: Design
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Design Thinking Workshop Participant Worksheet

  1. 1. STEP 1: EMPATHY Interview your expert / designer to learn about their personal experience as a patient or caregiver. • Ask open ended questions – what, why, and how • Listen for something unexpected • Ask why…and then ask it again…and again… STEP 2: DEFINE • Try to pinpoint your client’s specific problems or needs • Consider who, what, and why • Think big-picture to select the proper scope Write your problem statement here. Notes: Key insight: Clearly define the problem you want to tackle relating to patient-provider communication. • Understand the problem before trying to solve it
  2. 2. STEP 3: IDEATE Quickly sketch at least 6 ideas. • Generate potential ways to solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity you’ve been presented • technology, etc.)
  3. 3. Prioritize your best idea based on your client’s feedback and expand on it by drawing a detailed prototype below. • Share your prototype with your partner • Use their feedback to improve your idea - What works? What doesn’t? Notes: STEP 5: TEST Get feedback from your partner on your idea. STEP 4: PROTOYPE