namrata chhabra our biochemistry biochemistry for medics namrata's biochemistry biochemistry enzymology case studies active site dna molecular biology pdh complex hypoglycemia glycogen mutations enzyme inhibition quiz enzyme kinetics fatty liver glycogenolysis biotin diabetes mellitus pcr rna allosteric modification clinical cases case based discussions feedback inhibition role of insulin glucose alanine cycle urea pyruvate carboxylase glycolysis gluconeogenesis tca cycle atherosclerosis statins hyperlipidemia diabetic ketoacidosis refsum disease zellweger syndrome glycogenesis acetyl co a carboxylase acetyl co a fatty acid synthase complex phospholipids induction repression cofactors aspirin digestion protein misfolding protein structure cloning quick revisions sickle cell anemia replication genetics regulation of enzyme action zymogen activation mechanism of enzyme action enzyme classification ligase hyperlipoprotenemia ourbiochemistry lipid metabolism katal starvation induced ketosis transferase phosphorylase nadph pdh complex deficiency. methylmalonic aciduria folate trap methylcobalamin megaloblastic anemia gene rearrangement gene amplification locus control regions gene expression glucagon hyperglycemia and glycosuria molisch test osazone test inversion test hiv rna polymerase transcription base excision repair xeroderma pigmentosum nucleotide excision repair mismatch repair deamination cori cycle pyruvate fructose glucose hypolipidemic drugs niacin benedict's test rna editing lactate secondary structure of protein sds page si rna vitamins alcoholism visuals alcohol carnitine fatty acid chylomicrons tay sach's disease gaucher disease oxidative phosphorylation calcium copper wilson's disease obesity glucose transporters carbohydrates glycolipids cholesterol ldh regulation prostacyclins leukotrienes lipoxins thromboxane absorption hereditray fructose intoleranc fructosemia glycogen metabolism von gierke's disease rl shunt galactosemia pyruvate kinase deficiency site specific mutagenesis gene cloning recombinant proteins vaccine biowar gene disruption transgenesis gene mapping gene therapy southern blotting rflp artificial chromosomes viral vectors bacteriophages cosmids plamids vectors lamp assembly pcr taq man pcr real time pcr ligase chain reaction touchdown pcr hot start pcr nested pcr rt pcr reverse primer forward primer dna amplifcation taq polymerase inhibitor of electron transport chain urine analysis report metabolic alkalosis porphyrias biochemical techniques vitamin deficiencies creatinine clearance glucosuria normal reference range du-bois method for bsa calculation read formula open circuit method closed circuit method surface area and bmr starvation and bmr myxedema and bmr thyrotoxicosis and bmr bmr ribonucleotide reductase selenium poisoning kashin-beck disease keshan disease selenoproteins cytochrome oxidase super oxide dismutase lysyl oxidase menkes disease cerebro-hepato-lenticular degeneration cerebrocuprein hepatocuprein erythrocuprein glossitis pteroyl glutamic acid folic acid methyl crotonyl co a carboxylase sulphur containing vitamin holocarboxylase synthase deficiency histone biotinylation beauty vitamin egg white injury propionyl co a carboxylase intrinsic factor cyno cobamlamine vitamin b12 sugar acids sugar alcohols chair and boat conformation haworth projection fischer projection stereoisomers optical isomers aldose ketose isomers epimers anomers asymmetric carbon atom starch polysaccharides oligosaccharides monosaccharides elisa in hiv infection competitive elisa sandwich elisa indirect elisa direct elisa types of elisa principle of elisa elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay mad cow disease bovine spongiform encephalopathy dementia case study tau protein a beta peptide amyloid precursor protein prion protein prions diseases alzheimer's disease protein unfolding prion disease alzheimer disease denaturation quaternary structure tertiary structure primary structure structure and function relationship multiple choice questions animal cloning applications of rdt western hybridization northern hybridization southern hybridization recombinant dna technology gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes post translational modifications post transcriptional modifications genetic code translation dna damage and repair isoenzymes uronic acid pathway hmp pathway glucose absorption cancers anti cancer drugs tumor markers tumor suppressor genes oncogenes proto oncogenes metabolic activation chemical carcinogens etiology of cancer biochemistry of cancer clofibrate alpha oxidation beta oxidation hemoprotein viral hepatitis physiological jaundice of the new born rotor syndrome criggler najjar syndrome post hepatic hepatic prehepatic jaundice variegate porphyria porphyria cutanea tarda acute intermittent porphyria congenital erythropoietic porphyria porphyria pophyrins heme beta thalassemia alpha thalassemia methemoglobinemia hemoglobinopathies hemoglobin chromosomal translocations nonsense mutations missense silent mutations transversión transition frameshift point mutations ataxia telengiectasia progeria ku protein homologous recombination excision repair direct repair mitosis proof reading ssb primase topoisomerase helicase dna polymerase microrna snrna hnrna ribozyme rrna trna mrna chargaff rule transportation of acetyl coa high carb diet and lipogenesis malic enzyme fluroacetate uncompetitive inhibition suicidal inhibtion non-competitive inhibition competitive inhibition allosteric modulators effect of product on enzyme catalyzed reaction effect of substrate on enzyme catalyzed reaction temperature coefficient zero-order kinetics first-order kinetics iu/l product inhibition zymases coarse control fine control compartmentalization covalent modification my role as a teacher bond strain acid-base catalysis proximity and orientation covalent catalsis thermodynamic perspective enzyme specificity catalytic residues induced fit model lock and key model class-2 coenzymes class-1 coenzymes metal activated enzymes metalloenzymes prosthetic group coenzymes iub classification isomerase lyase hydrolase oxidoreductases xanthomas dysbetalipoproteinemia lipoprotein metaboilsm lipoproteins chhabra waxes fats sphingolipidosis lipid storage diseases presentations hypervitaminosis medicine minerals m.b.b.s carbohydrate metabolism lipid chemistry chemistry of carbohydrates team based learning srsa inflammation steroids nsaids pgh synthase cyclogenase prostaglandins eicosanoids ige igd igm igg immuniglobulins factors affecting enzyme activity zero order kinetics first order kinetics km immunodeficiency pnemocystis pneumonia kaposi sarcoma retrovirus cd4 haart warfarin vitamin k cycle namrata vitamin k ideal medical teacher who initiatives of faculty development multiple roles of a teacher faculty development hierarchy of faculty development strategies medical education xanthoproteic test ninhydrin test sakaguchi test transmthylation millon test transaminaton hopekin cole test biuret test decarboxylation glucogenic imino acids amino acids heterocyclic kteogenic classification aromatic ketone bodies thiophorase ketosis thiolase glycogen synthase debranching enzyme phosphogluconate pentose phosphate hemplytic anemia g6pd adp creatine phosphate atp functions of atp amp substrate level phosphorylation coupling reactions pdh kinase tpp pdh phosphatase liver cirrhosis hyperuricemia anion gap portal hypertension lactic acidosis bitot spots keratomalacia xerophthalmia night blindness wald's visual cycle cyanocobalamin adenosyl cobalamin pernicious anemia class switching m rna stability blood glucose homeostasis lag curve precautions criteria for diagnosis of dm renal glycosuria contraindications glucose tolerance test- indications diabetic curve types of gtt normal curve preparation of a patient tourniquette test petechiae subconjuctival hemorrahges subperiosteal hemorrhages collagen scurvy ascorbic acid vitamin c vitamin c deficiency heller;s ring test proteinuria hay sulphur test volume urinalysis benedict;s test glycosuria specific gravity ketonuria heat coagulation test phosphotungstic acid test sulppjosalicylic acid test jaffe;s reaction fehling test creatinine uric acid odour urinary ph rotheras test hypercalcemia hypocalcemia pth calcitonin calcitriol deep vein thrombosis ph meter funnel watch glass digitalis flame photometer spectrophotometer hartnup disease tryptophan heparin gel electrophoresis immunoelectrophoresis paper electrophoresis slab electrophoresis bial's test barfoed's test seliwanoff's test opportunistic infections full blown aids phase of sero conversion window period aids related complex persistent generalized lymphadenopathy acute hiv infection aids negative control positive control lac operon rifampicin mitomycin actinomycin splicing rho protein promoter tata box transcription unit template pribnow box dimers single base damage bloom syndrome cross links hnpcc strand breaks two base damage nag arginosuccinic acid arginine uraemia citrulline ornithine carbamoyl p alanine glutamine glutamate ammonia transdeamination transamination 6 bisphosphatase hexokinase glucokinase fr 1 citric acid cycle kreb cycle 2 3 bpg dhap glyceraldehyde-3-p hypolipoproteinemia vldl ldl lipoprotein idl hdl transport of cholesterol variations of serum cholesterol levels ezetimibe cholesterol synthesis- details of steps pufa c-peptide oral hypoglycemic drugs metformin microalbuminuria rothera's test glycated hb insulin fructosamine nephropathy retinopathy gangrene neuropathy cataract diabetic foot hyperosmolar non ketotic coma polyuria advanced glycation end products insulin resistance type 2 type 1 sorbitol alpha keto acid dehydrogenase complex thiazole alpha keto glutarate dehydrogenase complex beriberi thiamine blood gas analyzer megx glutaminase respiratory acidosis alpha helix auto analyzer protein synthesis srebp erucic acid chromatography gamma counter melas cathepsins lada m-rna r rna t-rna sn rna hn rna mi rna sickle beta thalassemia. hbsc hbs anemia. sickled red blood cells glass wares urine report blood biochemistry reagents spot questions reduction conjugation oxidation hydrolysis gall stones hypertension growth factors graphs starvation acetaldehyde beta hydroxy butyrate acetone hypoglycemia. dicarboxylic aciduria lipase bile salts niemann pick's disease cytochromes chemiosmosis ubiquinone iron sulfur centres thermodynamic barrier enzymes activational barrier sun screen lotions hypocalcaemia vitamin d hyperglycemia emphysema. juvenile cirrhosis glycogen storage diseases citrate malonyl co a liposuction sibutramine stroke coronary artery disease lactose intolerance fibrinogen globulins albumin b6 amino acid metabolism fatty acids cpk hepatitis muscle disorders acute mi inhibition prostglandins pyrimidines nucleotides nucleosides purines affinity adsorption hplc and gas liquid chromatograohy ion exchange paper tlc pepsin proteins trypsin
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