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The Digital Patient


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A presentation on patients who are enabled, empowered and engaged with their health through digital technology

Published in: Health & Medicine

The Digital Patient

  1. 1. Educating and Connecting Patients in a Digital World Marie Ennis O’Connor @JBBC PATIENT 2.0
  2. 2. An Accidental Tourist Finds Her Way In The Dangerous Land Of Serious Illness
  3. 3. Encouraged medical professionals to treat patients as equal partners in achieving better health outcomes. Enabled Empowered Engaged
  4. 4. Pew Internet and American Life Project 1 in 20 Google Searches Related To Health
  5. 5. But not everyone is happy about “Medical Googlers”
  6. 6. In my opinion, it is an ethical and professional obligation to evolve. That’s why it’s called medical ‘practice’ Matthew Katz MD
  7. 7. “This isn’t an addition to your job. This is part of your job. This is where our patients are these days and this is where we need to reach them.”
  8. 8. Information Validation Sense of Belonging Peer-to-Peer Support Hope Connection
  9. 9. The healthcare conversation is no longer a one-way narrative but is evolving into a global, participatory online discussion
  10. 10. #IrishMed
  11. 11. Susannah Fox Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Health and Human Services “The most exciting innovation of the connected health era is people talking with each other”
  12. 12. “An army of patients connected through and fostered by the internet can find things that doctors haven’t seen” Dave deBronkart
  13. 13. “In 2003, my cardiologist told me I would never meet another SCAD patient It was just too rare Today, I “know” more than 1,000 fellow survivors – all because of social media”
  14. 14. “Smart motivated and experienced patients with an impressive and up-to- date knowledge of the best resources, centres, treatments, research, and specialists for their conditions.” Dr Tom Ferguson
  15. 15. “I’m convinced that our next exponential leap in medical progress depends on us learning from networks of microexperts” Roni Zeiger MD Smart Patients
  16. 16. Social Media isn’t a fad; It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate
  17. 17. @JBBC