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GeoServer Ecosystem 2018


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GeoServer is the start of a great open source success story. This talk introduces the core GeoServer application and explores the ecosystem that has developed around this beloved OSGeo application.

This talks draws on the GeoServer ecosystem for use-cases and examples of how the application has been used successfully by a wide range of organizations.

Andrea Amie from GeoSolutions is on hand to share success stories highlighting GeoServer use in managing vulnerable ecosystems, agriculture information management, and marine data management.

Jody Garnett will look at how GeoServer enables Boundless products including Boundless Server and Boundless Server Enterprise.

We will look at GeoServer use at OSGeo with both GeoNetwork and GeoNode making use of the technology.

LocationTech is not ignored with the “big data” players in the form of GeoMesa and GeoWave bridging to cloud data sources of epic proportion

We use each use-case to highlights a capability of GeoServer providing an overview of the application drawn from practical examples.

Attend this talk for inspiration on what is possible with GeoServer and open source.

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GeoServer Ecosystem 2018

  1. 1. GeoServer Ecosystem
  2. 2. Powered by GeoServer GeoServer is a real open source, and OSGeo, success story in its own right. ● Open Source GPL License ● Established project first released in 2001! ● Diverse global development community ● Open Source Geospatial Foundation Project since 2011 ● … but that is not what this talk is about! GeoServer, as a component, powers a wide ecosystem of great solutions!
  3. 3. GeoServer at a Glance Java Web Application to share and edit geospatial data. Publish data from any major spatial data source using open standards. Core Protocols WMS – maps WFS – vector WFS-T – editing WCS – coverage WMTS – tiles TMS – tiles WMS-C – tiles Extension/community protocols WPS – process CSW – search OpenSearch for Earth Observation – search
  4. 4. Succeeding with GeoServer
  5. 5. Introducing Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions) Andrea Aime Technical Lead @geowolf GeoServer and GeoTools core developer and project steering committee member GeoSolutions Innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions leveraging best-of-breed Open Source products. GeoServer, GeoNode, MapStore, GeoNetwork
  6. 6. Code-DE - Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform – Deutschland ● Near real-time ingestion of Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 products with global coverage - nM data retention! ● GeoServer Cluster with Open Source for EO extension ● WMS service with time dimension + WCS + direct download
  7. 7. DLR (German Space Agency) GeoWebServices ● Sentinel 5, AVHRR, MetOp GOME, TerrasarX, RapidEye, other global maps ● GeoServer Cluster ● WMS service with time dimension + WCS + direct download
  8. 8. EUMETSAT Eumetview ● Near real-time dissemination of Sentinel 3 and Meteosat products with global coverage - 10 days data retention ● GeoServer Cluster ● WMS service with time dimension
  9. 9. Regione Liguria GeoPortal ● GeoServer Cluster + Elastic cluster for metering and logging ● Peak throughput 600+ req/s ● WMS, WFS, WMTS ● 1000+ layers to cover mobility, land parcels, orthophoto, environment, etc..
  10. 10. BEV (Austrian ministry) - address register ● GeoServer Cluster + Jenkins ingestion chain for orthos ● 10TB of RGB-NIR orthos ● WMS, WMTS with INSPIRE Compliance ● Dump every 3 months of ⅓ of the map (flight campaign). Ingestion cycle went from 1M to 1W. Ingestion chain based on GDAL scripts.
  11. 11. EMSA - European Maritime Security Agency ● GeoServer with CMAP SDK for Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) Serving ● Near real-time ship position dissemination ● Ship correlation
  12. 12. GeoServer Integrations
  13. 13. Integrations - custom security support GeoServer Custom A&A Enterprise authentication Enterprise authorization GIS data
  14. 14. Custom mosaic plugin Worldwide coverage, optimize data access at the strip level, custom filtering and security inside the mosaic itself
  15. 15. Microservice + custom data sources
  16. 16. WPS-Remote Community Module Integration of GeoServer with remote data processing grid
  17. 17. Product Integrations
  18. 18. Boundless Deliver innovative solutions, empowering customers to understand their world Introducing Jody Garnett (Boundless) Jody Garnett Training Specialist @jodygarnett GeoServer and GeoTools core developer and project steering committee member
  19. 19. Built on leading open source geospatial software Publishes geospatial data as web services ● Flexible architecture to host web mapping applications ● Physical hardware ● Virtual environments ● Cloud platforms Available in 2 editions ● Standard | on-premise hosting ● Enterprise | cloud-optimized hosting
  20. 20. Additional components: GeoServer extensions: ● GeoServices REST API ○ Interoperability with ArcGIS clients ● SLD/YSLD ○ Styled Layer Descriptor (for cartographic rendering) ○ YSLD a syntax-abbreviated version ● MapBox Style ○ Use JSON-based styling for both client rendering of vector tiles, and for server use in GeoServer.
  21. 21. GeoServer Boundless Server Administration GeoServer UI, REST API GeoServer UI, REST API, WPS Builder, Composer, Cloud Watch Web Services OGC WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS (optional), CAT (optional) OGC WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS, CAT (optional) GeoServices REST Styling SLD, YSLD (optional), CSS (optional) SLD, YSLD, MapBox Vector Tiles optional included Data Stores PostGIS, Oracle, SQLServer, ArcSDE, GDAL, GeoPackage, NetCDF, MongoDB PostGIS, Oracle, SQLServer, ArcSDE, GDAL, GeoPackage, NetCDF, MongoDB, AWS S3 Distribution WAR, Windows, Binary WAR, VM (Virtual Machine), CentOS / Ubuntu, Amazon Web Services, Docker Containers Database n/a PostgreSQL/PostGIS Related Technology GeoWebCache, GeoTools GeoWebCache, GeoTools OpenLayers, WebSDK Support & Maintenance Community participation geoserver-users email list, issue tracker Commercial support & maintenance Boundless Connect portal, 24/7 (optional)
  22. 22. A Native Cloud Deployment ● Designed & Optimized for the cloud ● Platform as a Service The Cloud of your choice ● Amazon Web Services (AWS) ● Microsoft Azure ● Other - supporting Kubernetes Easy Start-Up & Maintenance ● Delivered as a single, self-contained executable ● Common extensions bundled together ● Centrally managed configuration service ● Usage & performance monitoring
  23. 23. ● Cloud-Native ○ Takes full advantage of cloud architecture ○ Install via containerized JAR files ○ Uses Redis to create & use an in-memory, stateless data catalog
  24. 24. Open Source Integrations
  25. 25. GeoNetwork Catalog searches, editing, …. Maps
  26. 26. GeoNetwork
  27. 27. GeoNode
  28. 28. GeoNode
  29. 29. World Wind Server ● “an open source Java project that assembles GeoServer for easy distribution and implementation” ● “WWSK is preconfigured to deal with common services and file formats” ● Cross-platform installer for easy setup! ● Disappointing bits: ● Forked GeoTools GeoPackage module at GT 1.16 and kept the fork going instead of contributing back fixes ● Forked WMS module to do some fixes ● None of the fixes was contributed back to GeoTools/GeoServer using the advertised procedures: ○ ○
  30. 30. Cloud Integrations
  31. 31. Store, index, query, and transform spatio-temporal data at scale in Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and Kafka. Distributed Spatio-temporal Database - Built on Hadoop and Accumulo - Scales to billions of features - Written in Scala - Apache License, v2.0 Informal: “Distributed PostGIS” Cloud Stack and Distributed Resources K A F K A HDFS Accumulo
  32. 32. Connect distributed computing and key-value stores with modern geospatial software to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets Distributed Spatio-temporal Database - Spatial index for Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, Dynamodb - Scales to billions of features - Written in Java - Apache License, v2.0 Cloud Stack and Distributed Resources K A F K A HDFS Accumulo
  33. 33. S3 integration ● GeoWebCache Tiles can be stored in S3 (supported) ● Single images and mosaics can be stored in S3 (experimental) Image mosaic WMS WMTS
  34. 34. Thank you! GeoServer Ecosystem Questions & Discussion
  35. 35. Q: What about “upstream” technology? Built using these key technologies: ● Spring Framework ● GeoTools ● JTS Topology Suite ● JAI and JAI-EXT ● ImageIO and ImageIO-EXT Along with a wide range of Java libraries: ● Apache Commons ● Guava ● … And a bit of help with drivers and data access: ● GDAL and OGR