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LIS 694 mobilelibraryproposal

  1. 1. Jenny Yamamoto June 22, 2012LIS 694: Project Proposal
  2. 2.  Located in Wahiawa, HI.  29% of the surrounding population has a B.A. degree or higher  10% living below the poverty level1  Student body population (based on 2010-2011 school year data)  2,000 students  30% military  40% eligible for free or reduced lunch status  13% enrolled in special education services  6-year accreditation from the Western Association of Schools & Colleges21 "Wahiawa CDP, Hawaii." U.S. Census Bureau. (accessed June 6, 2012).2"Leilehua High School: School Status and Improvement Report." Hawaii StateDepartment of Education. (accessed June 5, 2012).
  3. 3. Current Collection Data  23,000 items  Non-fiction, fiction, biography, Hawaiiana, reference, Manga and periodicals  10 database subscriptions  Launched e-Book offerings 2011-2012 school year33Lau,Y. (2012, June 18). Interview by J. Yamamoto [Personal Interview]. LeilehuaLibrary 2012 School Year Data. Email.
  4. 4. As technology continues to progress and webecome more and more immersed and dependenton it’s many facets, it is key that our educationalsystem and individual schools continue toprogress with it to meet the demands its studentswill be expected to fluently navigate, apply andsucceed with. This proposal is aimed at creating,developing and implementing Leilehua’s mobilelibrary program to encourage furthertechnological application as well as meet thewants and needs of its students, many of whomuse their mobile devices as their main source ofInternet.
  5. 5.  American Library Association (ALA)  It is vital that library’s employ mobile technology as a way to connect with its users.4  At the 2011 ALA Conference, Oxley a librarian from a private, technology driven school, talks about the innovations being utilized and/or being encouraged by the library.5  QR codes  Apps (EasyBib, Social media…)  Interactive games4Vollmer, T. (2010, June). Theres an app for that! Libraries and mobile technology: An introduction topublic policy consideration. Policy presented at 2010 ALA Conference ALA 2010: mobile technology in thelibrary, Washington DC. Retrieved, C. (2011, November). Mobile technologies in libraries. Slides and presentation presented at ASLA
  6. 6.  Leilehua needs to develop, launch and maintain a mobile library App to meet the wants/needs of the students as well as remain relevant.
  7. 7. Boopsie for Libraries66Boopsie for libraries: The complete mobile solution for your library. (2012, February13). Retrieved from
  8. 8.  Survey of 100 students at Leilehua High School stated their main source of Internet usage was a mobile device.  Reasons: computer with no Internet at home, more reliable network connection/speed than school7  The library is constantly filled with students perusing the collection, seeking assistance with the collection and borrowing materials. A mobile library would benefit the library staff, staff and most importantly the students.7Interview by J Yamamoto [Personal Interview]. Main source of Internet searching.
  9. 9.  Two-year study organized by designated librarian  Year One  Quarterly data documentation (usage and borrowing)  Quarterly user surveys  End of year one  Advertisement and external motivational program evaluation  Committee representing all parties to examine data, evaluate mobile library App effectiveness and make recommendation.  Year Two  Quarterly data documentation (usage and borrowing)  Semester user surveys  End of year two  Librarian to develop summary of mobile library App success/challenges  Committee to reconvene, evaluate and determine whether to continue, cancel or modify the mobile library App.
  10. 10. Timeline ActivitySummer 2012 Propose mobile library App to administrative staffFall 2012 Begin serious conversation with Boopsie for LibrariesSpring 2013 Work with Boopsie to develop mobile site Determine and create advertisement/external motivational programs (including games) Work with administration and tech personnel to work out determine all usage guidelines Conduct training for all staffFall 2013 Launch the mobile library App, troubleshoot internally and Boopsie (if site issues) Advertise the mobile library App Implement external motivational programs At end of quarter 1 and 2 collect data and conduct surveys At the end of quarter 3 and 4 collect data and conduct surveysSpring 2014 Committee to meet on mobile library effectiveness At the end of quarters 1, 2, 3 and 4 collect data and conduct surveys at the end of quarter 2 and 4.Spring 2015 Analyze, interpret and evaluate data collected over 2-year period Committee to meet on overall program evaluation continuance, cancellation or modification.
  11. 11.  Librarian in charge of technology as well as a technology personnel designee will take the lead role in development, implementation, training, troubleshooting and evaluation of the program.  Start-up time will be heavy, maintenance will be light.  No additional staff needed.
  12. 12.  Advertising by students for students  The librarian will work closely with all parties, but will leave creativity to the perspective classes and individuals.  School’s news (video production class/teacher)  Social media, activities, games (marketing class/teacher)  School’s website (Webmaster, marketing class)  School marquee (student activity coordinator)
  13. 13.  Librarian and tech designee need to be proactive in keeping the mobile library App successful.  Occasional advertisements, interactive mobile library games  Training of new students If funding should be lost, librarian would need to be prompt in seeking grant and outside donations.
  14. 14. Item Cost Staff Time (Approx.) Standard Boopsie for Libraries Feature $2,495 annually Set Integration Fee $995 (One time fee) Set-up 50 hours - Librarian & tech designee Staff/student training 10 hours - Librarian & tech designee Maintenance and troubleshooting 10 hours - Librarian & tech designee Data collection/Evaluation 20 hours - Librarian Advertisement 100 hours - Librarian, video production teacher, marketing teacher, webmaster, student activities coordinator8Nickell, S. (2012, June 20). Interview by J. Yamamoto [Personal Interview]. Boopsie forlibraries school availability and informal quote. Retrieved from Email.