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how to use open content / open educational resources for management education using social software tool? OpenScout ( provides access to thousands of hours to freely available management contents - we discuss how to utilize social software in learning scenarios as well as for the adaptation of learning materials

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Open management education and social software20110407

  1. 1. Open Education and Social Software – A Solution for All Education Problems?Experiences from the OpenScout project Henri Pirkkalainen & Jan Pawlowski Global Information Systems University of Jyväskylä
  2. 2. Global Information SystemsMission Statement Creating and validating new solutions for Information Systems in a global context - this includes the support of individuals and organizations to improve competitiveness, performance, and mutual understandingTopics Designing work and learning processes in globally distributed organizations Design & development methods for global information systems Culture analysis and awareness Support tools for knowledge intensive processes in global organizations ICT4D: ICT for development E-Learning and knowledge management in global organizations
  3. 3. Open Educational Resources (OER)Open Educational Resources (OER) have become awidely discussed and promising concept for educatorsOngoing discussions and past studies regarding openeducation often connected to a specific resource or anartifactThe focus – OER‖technology-enabled, open provision of educational resources forconsultation, use and adaptation by a community of users fornon-commercial purposes‖ – UNESCO 2002Such as: digital learning objects (full courses, modules etc.),articles, textbooks, software tools, simulations or animations,electronic textbooks, as well as syllabi, curricula and teachers’guides
  4. 4. OER examples courses available to be reused or modified to different contexts
  5. 5. OER examplesPresentations such as the one you are looking at or the one below
  6. 6. OER examplesArticles, papers, books or journals etc.Even material that doesn’t have learning outcomesattached to them but can be used as support material Article example
  7. 7. OER examples Even images, links, short texts and similar web assets that are not usable on their own but can be embedded to learning materials view:1051
  8. 8. But also.. OER is very connected to concept of open educational practicesincludes access to• instructional designs,• didactical plannings such as lesson plans, casestudies or curricula also includes one of the most valuable resource: sharing experiences about materials and lessons between colleagues
  9. 9. ..and Closely connected to concept of Open SourceSoftware toolsOpen services
  10. 10. Problems related to online content and OERHow do you know which information you can re-usethat you come across online? IPR issuesWhere to find good resources?Currently no ―Google learn‖Open materials scattered in several repositories anddatabases Single access points needed!
  11. 11. Licensing: Creative Commons You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work Under the following conditions: Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Share Alike. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.
  12. 12. Social SoftwareUmbrella of technologies under a fuzzy conceptEasy way to spread, distribute, and disseminateinformation to a wide communityEncourage people to dialogue and discourseEasy content creation and sharingAggregating wisdom of the crowdsTransparent
  13. 13. OpenScout ProjectOpenScout is a European project Co-funded by EU eContentplus Programme Targeted Project in the area Educational Content 18 partners in 14 countries organized in 8 groups Duration: Sep. 2009 – Aug. 2012 OpenScout stands for Skill-based scouting of Open user-generated & community-improved content for management education and training
  14. 14. OpenScout approachOpenScout first prototype
  15. 15. Supporting internationalization of OERAiming to identify usage patternshow open contents are modifiedand applied to new settings– fitting the requirements of the usersGiving recommendations whichtype of tools can be used withspecific type of learning materials Material prepared for different learners (Blanchard et al. 2005)– According to the license of the material– For example Microsoft Word and GoogleDocs (collaborative writing) for .DOC-files– ..or simple web editors for web based materials etc.
  16. 16. Social Software in OpenScout OpenScout and social softwareCommunity building (social networking functionalities)Experience sharing possibilities (messaging facilitiesoffering forums, instant messaging and commentingetc.)Offering ways to collaboratively edit materials andbeing tightly connected to the interest groups in theportal
  17. 17. Social Software applied to OER processesBundling Social Software within the portal – Some as key components of the portal, some as supportive tools for specific processesUsing SoSo for communication to support the collaborativescenarios..also to adapt materialsSocial networking functions as a framework to attract people togroups and raise awareness and share experiences about OER – Utilizing blogs, feeds, social bookmarks in the social network to bring the wisdom of the crows to relevant audienceAlso connecting to OpenScout from existing social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, iGoogle etc. – Or from Learning Management Systems (LMSs): Moodle etc
  18. 18. Bundling Social Software within the portal Search interfaceSNS as a framework for Quality and discourse and competence networking Material type services License Communication tools Adaptation tools IM Conferencing Educational Social software tools … as collaborative •Packaging Forums •Learning adaptation tools • collaborative design writing •Knowledge • Wikis mapping • Note sharing …. …
  19. 19. ExperiencesPeople want to use familiar tools– Not willing to change to other tools, even if these would be more stable or richer on functionalityHaving tools available isn’t enough, they have to bepresented in a meaningful way at the right timeTools have to respond fast and be effortless to useTools should have effortless accessTools should be bundled to accomplish specific action– e.g. building your own course out of open material
  20. 20. Challenges and possibilities
  21. 21. Contact us…Prof. Dr. Jan M. Pawlowski M.Sc. Henri henri.j.pirkkalainen@jyu.fiGLIS on the web… OpenScout
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention