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Linked in digital dma 9 29-11


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Linked in digital dma 9 29-11

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Course LinkedIn … Building yourProfessional Presence Hub Fall 2011 Lynchburg CollegeSchool of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2011
  2. 2. Over view• How to find your target market online?• How to make your message stand out and be noticed?• How do to connect and converse with peers?• How can you measure your efforts?• What are LInkedIn best practices ? © 2
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn ?1. Provides a meeting place where people expect to “do business”2. Leverages relationships by making connections visible3. Helps maintain personal relationships and build new ones4. Provides a platform for the most effective form of Marketing - Word of Mouth5. Provides assess to powerful professional search6. Links to all other essential Social Media Tools © 3
  4. 4. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS - JULY 2011 ABOUT 119 120+ Million MILLION* LINKEDIN MEMBERS WORLDWIDE * This number is an approximation of total member registrationsCredits: Amodiovalerio Verde
  8. 8. Who Is On LinkedIn? © 8
  9. 9. It Is Not Your # of Followers But How You Use Them• Most Users Utilize 5% of the functionality (benefits) © 9
  10. 10. What Do You Want To Do On LinkedIn? Google Page Rank; Personal & Company Answer Questions- Speak to Successes & Failures- Opinions / Polls Promote- An Industry Personal - Groups- Track Start-Ups Brand Proactive - Advanced Search Research Networking - Events - Employer & Employee Reference - Company Culture Productivity Check - Growth Potential - Staff Turnover Job Search, Find Experts, Recruit / Head hunt Hire & Partners Get Head hunted Interviews Ask for Advice Sales Lead Generation Sales Acceleration © 10
  11. 11. Media Effectiveness: Professional Services (B2B)1. REFERRALS At least half of 1. Existing customers these didn’t 2. Influencers (who are not customers) exist 10 years2. Networking ago! 1. Physical – Dedicated Networking Groups, Industry Associations, Expos, etc 2. Virtual (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)3. Website, Blog, Online Video4. Search Engine Marketing 3 years ago you 1. Paid Search / Pay Per Click couldn’t manage 2. Search Engine Optimization most of these 3. Banner Ads from one5. Email (Existing Customers) – Keep in Touch interface!6. PR – Online7. PR - Traditional8. Direct Mail & Telemarketing9. Trade Press / Local Paper / Niche Magazines © 11
  12. 12.
  13. 13. LinkedIn Best Practices1. Develop a unique profile – Design your Brand, e.g.: Matthew Banks2. Maximize your profile3. Connect - Import Contacts - people you have a relationship with: • Clients • Suppliers • Prospects4. Recommendations: Giving and Asking for5. Participate: Join Groups6. Research: Listen, Understand member needs, Ask Questions7. Build Credibility by developing content by focusing and delivering on your Brand • Share PowerPoints via Slideshare8. Build Relationships: • Add Value (Promote Content, e.g.: Blog), • Answer Questions9. Help others get more connected: Teach and Encourage10. Promote Content with Applications (Behance)11. Create groups for conversations, connections12. Get in Front of Prospects • Introductions • LinkedIn Mail • LinkedIn Advertising © 13
  14. 14. Case Studies From My Network 14
  15. 15. Find Your Target Market Online1. Build your network2. Look at the most connected in your network3. Start with low hanging fruit; those that share • common schools, interests, LI groups • alignment of job experience • greatest “emotional credits with”4. Search • people • groups 15
  16. 16. A d va n c e d Pe o p l e S e a rc h Examples 1. Category 2. Position 3. Qualities 4. Keywords © 16
  17. 17. © 17
  18. 18. © 18
  19. 19. How To Make Your Message Stand Out and Be Noticed?Utilize The Principles of Word of Mouth Marketing:• Give people a reason to talk about your products and services, and make it easier for that conversation to take place. You’ll need to be creative.Basic Elements:• Educate people about the value of your products and services• Identify people most likely to share their opinions• Provide tools that make it easier to share information• Study how, where, and when opinions are being shared• Listen and respond to supporters, detractors, and neutrals © 19
  20. 20. B e D i f f e r e n t – Yo u r B r a n d , Yo u r P r o f i l e• It is like a resume but it doesn’t have to be boring• Make sure you have the right keywords• Get someone else to proofread it or write it for you! © 20
  21. 21. Creativity Buys Precious Attention © 21
  22. 22. About the PresenterIra Kaufman, President, Ira combines 30 years of rich experiences withbusinesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the power of socialmedia for marketing, recruitment and organizational development. Iracollaborates with a team of experts to design interactive environments toby integrating traditional advertising, online marketing, public relations andsocial media. His strong values and sensitivity to organization innovationand change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing andserves as a consultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies andSenior Executive programs. Currently Assistant Professor, LynchburgCollege School of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: