Lesson plan - Action Verbs


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Lesson plan for teaching Action Verbs - Beginning Level

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Lesson plan - Action Verbs

  1. 1. Lesson Title: What do you like to do? (Action Verbs) Level: Beginning<br />Time: 55 minutes<br />Goal: Students will learn the vocabulary words for action verbs to be able to describe what they like to do. <br />Objectives: <br />The students will learn and use vocabulary associated with verbs of action.<br />The students will communicate likes and dislikes to the class.<br />The students will use the learned vocabulary to participate in a game of charades.<br />Materials/Media:<br />PowerPoint presentation with vocabulary, illustrations, and grammar forms. The vocabulary and grammar forms are used in context. <br />Handouts with vocabulary and grammar forms for students<br />Flashcards for game activity<br />Webpage and short video about activities and things to do in New York City<br />Instructional Procedures:<br />Teacher greets class.<br />Teacher presents vocabulary using the PowerPoint presentation, gestures, and movements.<br />Students repeat vocabulary words.<br />Teacher lists the vocabulary words at random and students act out as a group each action verb. <br />Teacher presents grammar forms from the Power Point presentation<br /> - I like + to + infinitive<br /> - I like + -ing form <br />Teacher asks a student what he/she likes to do, student answers. Modeling this question/answer, each student asks another student what he/she likes to do. <br />Students play charades. The teacher presents each one of the students with a flashcard that has an action verb from the vocabulary list and its corresponding illustration. One by one the students have to mime the action verb while the rest of the class tries to guess the demonstrated verb. <br />Teacher presents information about activities and things you can do in New York City. <br />Evaluation/Assessment: <br />Students will be evaluated by their class participation.<br />Homework:<br />Students will have to write five sentences about activities and things they like to do in their home towns. They will have to research for the corresponding action verbs on their own. <br />Contingency Plan:<br />If students seem intimidated by having to play the game of charades in front of the class, the teacher will divide them in small groups to complete the activity.<br />Adaptation to meet individual needs:<br />If there are some students who are not clear on the grammar structures presented from Power Point, the teacher will play an audio file where the grammar forms are used in dialogues.<br />Useful internet resource for extra-class work:<br />Action Verbs Catching Game<br />The verb pictures and texts are speeding past. Catch them and drop in the bucket. Score more points by not missing a catch.<br />Catching Game Link<br />