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Experiential Approaches to Digital Teaching & Learning


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What does it mean to engage in open professional teaching and learning practices, in an era defined by fake news and data surveillance? How can meaningful, mindful digital practices be scaffolded for students and faculty, in today’s institutions? This TEACHxperts session, presented at Northwestern University, explores digital teaching and learning as experiential learning, and overviews some hands-on experiential paths to building learner-centered, community-oriented approaches to knowledge creation and media navigation.

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Experiential Approaches to Digital Teaching & Learning

  1. 1. EXPERIENTIAL Approaches to Digital Teaching & Learning Dr. BONNIE STEWART University of Windsor TEACHxperts, Northwestern University November 30, 2018
  2. 2. Me. ● Assistant Professor of Online Pedagogy & Workplace Learning ● Program Lead, Experiential Education ● Research Lead, Provincial Cultural Strategy ● Coordinator, Adult Education ● Digital Strategist
  3. 3. MY WORK participatory learning in digital spaces as part of institutional / geographic / temporal cultures
  4. 4. tl;dr How to engage humans in stuff. Mostly online. Mostly with others.
  5. 5. How many of you work / teach / learn in digital spaces?
  6. 6. 2014
  7. 7. misinformation fake news surveillance data manipulation image via Amy Collier enclosure2018
  8. 8. How do you teach / learn in the middle of a Dumpster fire ?
  9. 9. OUCH.
  10. 10. Digital learning in 2018 has to go beyond content delivery...
  11. 11. ...or maybe we should rethink it.
  12. 12. We need models & literacies for engaged, conscious, individual & community LEARNING
  13. 13. How to Find our way?
  14. 14. EXPERIENTIAL MODELS have a lot to offer to digital teaching & learning
  15. 15. WAIT. Isn’t experiential learning about jobs?
  16. 16. Kinda.
  17. 17. Experiential Learning = Identifying fields & patterns. Practicing skills & meaning making in focused ways. Building individual & network capacity to recognize & seize opportunities. Creating systems of recognition where few exist. Building on experience via reflection to deepen learning & lessons.
  18. 18. Experiential learning is PARTICIPATORY (Conscious of the individual in Society & of power differences. Action-focused.)
  19. 19. ...just like digital learning.
  20. 20. Have you ever... ● Used team problem-solving for learning? ● Asked students to build something to learn a concept? ● Engaged in role plays or improv games? ● Assigned the creation of class texts (even short ones) by students? ● Had students do a community consultation related to a concept they were learning? ● Gone on a field trip or placement? Participatory
  21. 21. Learning by Doing. Together. “I don't know what to do, & if I did know what to do I wouldn't tell you, because if I had to tell you today then I'd have to tell you tomorrow, & when I'm gone you'd have to get somebody else to tell you.” ― MYLES HORTON, 1990, We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change
  22. 22. Participatory approaches help navigate change Change = Common feature of Digital & Experiential Contexts
  23. 23. hype. fear. uncertainty. SAME!
  24. 24. Experiential learning also amplifies: 1. KNOWLEDGE ABUNDANCE 2. COMPLEXITY 3. PRACTICE ...just like digital learning.
  25. 25. "For the first time in human history, two related propositions are true. One, it no longer is possible to store within the human brain all of the information that a human needs. Second, it no longer is necessary to store within the human brain all of the information that humans need. Education needs to be geared toward the handling of data rather than the accumulation of data.” - David Berlo, 1975, Context for Communication
  26. 26. Experiential learning goes beyond mastery. ...just like digital learning.
  27. 27. (the slide that gets me in trouble)
  28. 28. “Nothing could be more absurd than an experiment in which computers are placed in a classroom where nothing else is changed.” – Seymour Papert, 1993
  29. 29. Different Targets Shared Core approaches basically, experiential + digital
  30. 30. SO. How can experiential approaches help me teach & Learn in the Dumpster fire digital?
  31. 31. In this afternoon’s Workshop we’ll talk about: Thinking Tools for 1. complexity & 2. Participatory Practice ...But First, a Few hands-on experiential pathsto learner-centered, community-oriented knowledge creation & media navigation 3pm Ver Steeg Lounge
  32. 32. Can learners identify practices, skills, & literacies?
  33. 33. #UWinDig (B.Ed course In Digital Tech)
  34. 34. #Ed6170 M.Ed course in Leadership
  35. 35. Can learners identify equity & power issues & navigate conflicts & difference?
  36. 36. #UWinDig
  37. 37. #engageMOOC Open course on Engagement in a Time of Polarization
  38. 38. Can learners deal with misinformation & data privacy issues in an informed way?
  39. 39. “The ultimate goal is less about teaching kids this or that, but helping people to develop frameworks for trust and where to put your trust, how to build your trust and how to recognize when that trust is being manipulated.” - Amy Collier, 2018 Tip
  40. 40. #UWinDig
  41. 41. Can learners process & present information in succinct & varied ways?
  42. 42. #Ed363 Certificate course in Adult Education
  43. 43. Can learners’ efforts & engagement be captured & recognized?
  44. 44. UPEI ExEd Campus-wide experiential badging initiative
  45. 45. #TeachComUAL open online seminar series
  46. 46. Can students reflect on their learning, potentially without the teacher as sole audience?
  47. 47. #UWinDig
  48. 48. Experiential pedagogy tips: Make audiences broad & recognitions tangible & portable Choose the experience learners will have based on what the platform makes possible Foreground your own learning attitude & process
  49. 49. THANK YOU. @bonstewart