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Connecting Beyond Content: Education in Abundance


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Keynote (with workshop) for Canada Moot 2015, on getting beyond a content-centric view of online education.

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Connecting Beyond Content: Education in Abundance

  1. 1. CONNECTING BEYOND CONTENT: Education in Abundance Dave Cormier & Bonnie Stewart UPEI/ Edactive Technologies Inc. @davecormier @bonstewart #mootca15 h"ps://  
  2. 2. What counts as education in a digital age? h"p://­‐chic-­‐apples-­‐original-­‐macintosh-­‐reimagined-­‐12100  
  3. 3. • WHY A Brief History of Content Enter Knowledge Abundance • HOW Presence Individualization Network Learning
  4. 4. The making of content
  5. 5. Rome to Rhodes (62 BCE)
  6. 6. Content is people h"p://  
  7. 7. “Those who wish to scrutinize the bosom of nature to the inmost can hear [at the University of Toulouse] the books of Aristotle which were forbidden at Paris.” - University of Tolouse Flyer, 1229 (Translated by Lynn Thorndike) Paris to Toulouse (1229 CE)
  8. 8. "Carlo  Crivelli  007"  by  Carlo  Crivelli  (circa  1435–circa  1495)  -­‐  Via  The  Yorck  Project:  10.000  Meisterwerke  der  Malerei.  DVD-­‐ROM,  2002.  ISBN   3936122202.  Distributed  by  DIRECTMEDIA  Publishing  GmbH..  Licensed  under  Public  domain  via  Wikimedia  Commons  -­‐  h"p://   Content is dead people
  9. 9. h"p://   Switzerland (1798 CE)
  10. 10. “I assert definitely, that a school-book is only good when an