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Media & information literacies: In the belly of the beast


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Media literacies in a networked age, explored through the lenses of knowledge, empire, and change. A media literacy critique of Murdoch's NewsCorp empire, delivered to LinEducation's Swedish teachers at NewsCorp itself, January 22, 2015.

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Media & information literacies: In the belly of the beast

  1. 1. Media & Information Literacies (MIK) IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST ! ! ! Bonnie Stewart University of Prince Edward Island @bonstewart #MIK2015LIN
  2. 2. Stories of Knowledge
  3. 3. Stories of Empire h"ps://  
  4. 4. Stories of Change h"ps://  
  5. 5. Knowledge Abundance h"ps://  
  6. 6. "For the first time in human history, two related propositions are true. One, it no longer is possible to store within the human brain all of the information that a human needs. Second, it no longer is necessary to store within the human brain all of the information that humans need. Education needs to be geared toward the handling of data rather than the accumulation of data.” - Berlo, 1975
  7. 7. Abundance = integration of media into daily life
  8. 8. …and education.
  9. 9. Abundance can become overload h"p://  
  10. 10. Structure of Abundance = Networks
  11. 11. We are all network nodes, able to communicate messages to other nodes h"ps://  
  12. 12. But some nodes are more equal than others.
  13. 13. Empire   h"ps://  
  14. 14. Empires are constructed from money, territory, and information. In the globalized 21st century, not all empires are geopolitical.
  15. 15. What places do you live? h"p://­‐of-­‐the-­‐Internet-­‐1-­‐0-­‐427143215  
  16. 16. Who owns the places you live?
  17. 17. 21st Century Fox •  Fox Broadcasting •  20th Century Fox Film •  20th Century Fox TV •  Fox Sports •  Fox News Channel •  Fox Business Network •  National Geographic Channels •  BSkyB = $73.45 billion News Corps 2013 •  Dow Jones •  Wall Street Journal •  Harper Collins •  New York Post •  The Australian •  The Herald Sun •  The Daily Telegraph •  The Times •  The Sun = $9.44 billion
  18. 18. Empire has effects
  19. 19. Empire & education
  20. 20. In an era of networks, we the people have the capacity to speak back to empire.
  21. 21. What does ‘fair’ mean when critiquing a position of empire?
  22. 22. Messages are constructed
  23. 23. Some messages have WAY more power & money behind them, and way more reach. h"ps://  
  24. 24. Key Media Literacy Questions 1. Who created this message? 2. What creative techniques are being used to attract my attention? 3. Who is the audience? 4. What values and points of view are represented and omitted? 5. Who gains profit or power if I accept this message?
  25. 25. Change h"ps://  
  26. 26. It was once enough to have – and teach – literacies for broadcast messages
  27. 27. New tech + old approaches