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Small ideas: Big impact. 20 e-learning micro-innovations from around Europe


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The powerpoint presents 20 micro-innovations - improvements in education motivated by individual innovators in Europe's schools, universities and workplaces. These are the best 20 cases found from more than 120 submissions through the VISIR project -

The presentation was given at the :
- EDEN 2013 'Joy of Learning' Conference in Oslo, Norway.
- ICT Innovations Conference 2013 in Ohrid, Macedonia
- The EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2013 in Barcelona, Spain
- The VISIR International Seminar at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels Belgium in March 2014

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Small ideas: Big impact. 20 e-learning micro-innovations from around Europe

  1. 1. Presenter Name Event Name 20 e-learning micro- innovations from around Europe Anthony F. Camilleri Small Ideas – Big Impact
  2. 2. Limits of Current Approach Availability of tools Vision of a Better future Incentive to change DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Looking at education today:
  3. 3. Micro-Innovations micro due to implementation scope size of idea-generator degree of actual change not due to impact potential
  4. 4. Micro-Innovations „give me a lever long enough…..and I will move the world“
  5. 5. Results of the Project so far • 120 collected cases • Reflecting 25+ trends • these are the top 20
  6. 6. Apps for Good Innovator: Iris Lapinski Place: United Kingdom Type: Public Private Partnership Guide to Slides Short URL QR Code Meta-Data Summary
  7. 7. Section Heading Technology enabling interaction Micro-Innovations
  8. 8. Apps for Good Innovator: Iris Lapinski Place: United Kingdom Type: Public Private Partnership Apps for Good Learn App Programming help change the world Innovative for: learning by doing, student motivation
  9. 9. The Sentinel Innovator: Paolo Ferri Place: Reggio Calabria, Italy Type: Private Initiative The Sentinel Teach Energy Saving by putting students in control of their school Innovative for: learning by doing, student motivation, use of technologies & visualisation, school governance models
  10. 10. SCALE Innovator: Bridie Jones, Ray Higginson, Colin Torrance Place: Pontypridd, UK Scaffolding Learning with Twitter Simulating Clinical Rounds with the help of twitter and video Innovative for: simulation, interaction methods
  11. 11. Section Heading Technology enabling employability Micro-Innovations
  12. 12. AUTH Innovator: Ioannis Stamelos Place: Salonika, Greece Type: Public Initiative - EC AUTH Give Students Work-Experience by allowing them to contribute to live code projects Innovative for: student motivation, employability
  13. 13. Virtual Placements Innovator: Hilde Evers & Lieve Mulier Place: Belgium & Finland Type: Private Initiative International Innovation Lab Give Students Work-Experience by allowing them to participate in virtual work placements Innovative for: student motivation, employability
  14. 14. Section Heading Technology giving rise to new learning experiences Micro-Innovations
  15. 15. Gen-Y Innovator: Steven Ronsijn Place: Leuven, Belgium Type: Public-Private Initiative Gen-Y Entrepreneurship Education inspired by ICT-innovation models Innovative for: simulation, learning by doing, full-class integration, sustainability models
  16. 16. Podcasting Innovator: Cinzia Chelo Place: Asti, Italy Type: Private Initiative Podcasting – vivere la citta’ Teach History & Geography by turning students into virtual tour guides Innovative for: learning by doing, student motivation, student-centred learning
  17. 17. Podcasting Innovator: Pauliina Venho Place: Espoo, Finland Type: Public Initiative Vocational English Mobile Route Teach Conversational English through an interactive technology- enabled learning route Innovative for: learning by doing, full-immersion learning, integration of technologies
  18. 18. Podcasting Innovator: Yvette van den Bersselaar Place: Espoo, Finland Type: Public-Private Partnership Ecologically Intelligent Teach Biology On-Site Through the use of augmented reality technologies Innovative for: learning by doing, full-immersion learning, augmented reality
  19. 19. Section Heading Technology enabling new ways to learn Micro-Innovations
  20. 20. QUB Exam Revision Innovator: Colin O’Hare Place: Queens University Belfast, Ireland Type: Public-Private Initiative QUB Exam Revision Exam Revision by creating a video-summary of the course Innovative for: Student-centred learning, new pedagogies
  21. 21. Eversheds Innovator: Eversheds Place: Global Type: Private Initiative Eversheds Targeted Professional Education using a skills compass Innovative for: Efficiency of learning outcomes, business setting
  22. 22. City of Young Research Innovator: Andreas Sexauer Place: Karlsruhe, Germany Type: Private Initiative City of Young Researchers Teaching Languages using self-created materials Innovative for: Integration of different technologies,
  23. 23. WiiFiiz Innovator: dr. Károly Piláth Place: Hungary Type: Private Initiative WiiFiiz Teach Principles of Motion by hacking the Wii-Mote Innovative for: New uses for tools, simulation
  24. 24. Team-Player Innovator: Christina Becker, Martin Händeler Place: Nordrhein-Westfalen Type: Public Initiative - EC Team-Player Improve Intercultural Understanding through vocational game-based learning Innovative for: Integration of concepts, game-based learning
  25. 25. Section Heading Technology increasing access
  26. 26. LogiAssist Innovator: Fraunhofer Institute Place: Germany Type: Public-Private Initiative LogiAssist Occupational Training through contextual mobile learning for truck-drivers Innovative for: mobile learning, contextual learning, learning-at-work
  27. 27. Robo-Braille Innovator: Lars Ballieu Christensen, Svend Thougaard Place: EU Type: Public-Private Initiative RoboBraille Education for the Blind through integrative text-to-speech and braille technologies Innovative for: ease-of-use, linguistic reach, integration of technologies
  28. 28. Settimocielo Innovator: Augusta Torinese Place: Settimo Torinese, Italy Type: Public-Private Initiative Settimocielo 3rd Age Technology Education through community-linked blogging Innovative for: Target group, community-integration
  29. 29. Section Heading Technology supporting learning
  30. 30. SEVAQ Innovator: EFQUEL Place: Brussels, Belgium Type: Public Initiative - EC SEVAQ Institutional Quality Processes using an off-the-shelf tool Innovative for: Institutional integration, ease of use, potential impact
  31. 31. OLPC-IT Innovator: Paola Limone; Dario Zucchini Place: Piedmont, Italy Type: Public Private Initiative 1 PC per ogni bambino (OLPC) Improve PC-use in schools using techniques designed for the 3rd world Innovative for: adaptation of existing concepts
  32. 32. Section HeadingSome Trends
  33. 33. Observation 1 Innovators are not replicating current approaches
  34. 34. Observation 2 Innovators are prizing interactive approaches
  35. 35. Observation 3 Technology works as an enabler… it is a means to an end
  36. 36. Observation 4 Public-Private Partnerships encourage innovation
  37. 37. Observation 5 Many innovations arise from integration
  38. 38. Observation 6 The lone inventor is alive and well
  39. 39. Observation 7 All approaches increase The Joy of Learning
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Presenter Name Event Name Technology-Enhanced Micro-Innovations in European Education Thank-you for your attention Questions? Anthony F. Camilleri ( Presentation available from: Released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Belgium License You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work Under the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Share Alike — If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.