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City Drivers


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CityDrivers is a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) to improve the ability of creative professionals to provide services based on service design and co-development

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City Drivers

  1. 1. CITYDRIVERS-FORUM LAUREA TIKKURILA 13.2.2018 ENoLL Living Labs, a transnational co-creation environment President Tuija Hirvikoski PhD (Industrial Management) | MSc (Public Administration) | MSc (Physical Education) Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland | GMS +358 400 940 804 | Ratatie 22, 01300 Vantaa, Finland || innovations/laurea-living-labs European Network of Living Labs President | | Open Innovation Luminary Award 2016 , Living Labs for Open Innovation Infrastructure Creation | Member of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) | Member of Horizon interim evaluation expert group (SwafS/RRI) Bridging the investment gap: How to tackle the challenges? Committee of Region Opinion Member of Uusimaa Regional Coordination Committee & Chairing task force | | RIS3
  2. 2. Living Labs innovate and Co-create added value with, for and BY European citizens, Europe and its Regions, Cities, and public , private and third sector organisations
  3. 3. ENoLL’s Mission: ColLaboratory • Europe needs a Pan European Large-scale Open Innovation Ecosystem • Participative RDI work of experimenting for innovations and their diffusion through various scalable RDI activities and stages • By using the bottom up methods across Europe, we can listen what the citizens and users want to solve and we know their real problems, values and solutions while noting a different social, legal, and cultural settings in variable environments. • Besides Living Labs, there is a need to incorporate also other “labs”, as well as the traditional actors of the innovation system (universities, corporations, public bodies, SMEs..) and other hidden actors (industrial living labs, etc.) initiated by Artur Serra ENoLL / i2CAT Foundation
  4. 4. Macro Meso Micro Idea - Concept - Prototype - Validation - Launch - Post-launch ENoLL offers you 170 Living Labs’ network, expertise and services developed since 2006 An innovation protocol - From idea phase and customer understanding to prototyping, validation and post- launch development - From micro to the most macro level innovation - To scale up from one city and country to another - For citizen driven societal development …providing access to reviewed open innovation ecosystems with cities, regions, firms, third sector and research organisations and citizens for joint value co-creation, rapid prototyping or validation to scale up and speed up internationally ENoLL president European Network of Living Labs is your intermediary..
  5. 5. Transnational co-creation and experimentation speeding up global market take-up of our solutions € 3,02 million
  6. 6. Labification – Witnessed a mushrooming of “Labs” • Living Lab • Urban Lab • Change Lab • City Lab • Design Lab / Design studio • Gov Lab • Impact Lab • Innovation Lab • DESIS Lab (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) • Lab-like Initiatives • Maker space • Policy Lab • Reality Lab • Social Innovation Lab • Fab lab • Science shop • Experience lab • Citizen science Modified from Guidelines for Urban Labs (2017)
  7. 7. Benefits to multiple stakeholders Enhancing innovation by new means Benefiting contexts; real-life environments Opening new business opportunities • Benefits to companies – Cost efficient access to end user data/experience – Earlier product change/modification will be cheaper for the company – Tie customers and users to a company and its activities • Benefits to users – Possibility to influence – Solve problems of everyday life, which is otherwise unsolvable – More functionable product or new user driven products • Benefits to developers – Supports core activities, brings resources and possibilities • Benefits public financiers – Support objectives of financiers 8 Leminen, S. (2015). Q&A. What Are Living Labs? Technology Innovation Management Review, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp. 32-38. Leminen, S. (2015). Living Labs as Open Innovation Networks- Networks, Roles and Innovation Outcomes. Aalto University. Helsinki, Finland. Doctoral dissertation.
  8. 8. Digital era speeds up new forms of co-creation 9 Creative methods Technology enhanced development
  9. 9. Open Science OI.2 Living Labs 2.0 More Science based Start Ups Faster market Access Renewing Industries Market creating innovation FAIR (findable, accessible, interpretable, re-usable) A protocol and methods for large-scale and cross-border co-creation and experimentation Citizen Science and new Business Models
  10. 10. Innovation as the outcome of a complex co-creation process involving knowledge flows across the entire economic and social environment. The concept of Open Innovation is constantly evolving and is moving from linear, bilateral transactions and collaborations towards dynamic, networked, multi-collaborative innovation ecosystems 11
  11. 11. “The year is 2030. Open Science has become a reality and is offering a whole range of new, unlimited opportunities for research and discovery worldwide. Scientists, citizens, publishers, research institutions, public and private research funders, students and education professionals as well as companies from around the globe are sharing an open, virtual environment called The Lab Carlos Moedas (2016) Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World. Open Science Policy Platform Commissioner Moedas’ Vision for 2030
  12. 12. How to scale up from micro to macro with the help of international networks and the European Comission EXAMPLES
  13. 13. Scalingup Living Labs as a viable business model scalability Espoo city schools as a Living Lab ecosystem City of Espoo Living Lab 6 Cities Living Lab ecosystem Finland as a Living lab Schools as Living Lab handbook The City of Espoo as Living Lab 6 Cities strategy New investments New Start Ups Attracting foreign investments, experts and companies Tax income Espoo schools as an International level reference platform Edu Export Companies growing and creating new jobs Schools Teaching Everyone to Innovate! Katja Hagman
  14. 14. generation-research-medical-innovation
  15. 15. Open science and innovation in urban research
  16. 16. The role of the creative economy to reinvent our cities Alain Heureux CEO Brussels Creative and Co-founder Creative Ring
  17. 17. Aarhus Espoo Eindhoven Ghent Barcelona Cardiff Rennes Brussels Poznan/Wroclaw Bristol Sofia Trondheim Leipzig Turin/Rome/Palermo Cluj Zlin/Brno Edinburg/Dundee Alain Heureux CEO Brussels Creative and Co-founder Creative Ring
  18. 18. Ecosystems-as-a-Service Alain Heureux CEO Brussels Creative and Co-founder Creative Ring
  19. 19. Digitising European industry Anne-Marie Sassen – deputy Head of Unit Technologies & Systems for Digitising Industry, DG CNECT/A2, European Commission #DigitiseEU – encouraging the global network of Living Labs to get involved
  20. 20. What is a Digital Innovation Hub? one-stop-shop Services to help companies with digital transformation multi-partner cooperation specialist expertise infrastructure brokering/ matchmaking awareness creation innovation scouting digital maturity assessment visioning and strategy development mentoring training Access to Finance investor readiness services Digital Innovation Hub Competence Centre Digital Skills Digital Transformation Experiments Working Group report on DIHs: hubs-mainstreaming-digital-innovation-across-all-sectors-final  Provide support to existing industry to manage their digital transformation, mainly through testing and experimentation  Competence Centres are at the core of DIHs (ecosystem approach)  Variable geometries: technology applications, sector, SME focus etc.  Provides opportunities for both ICT users and ICT suppliers experimentation and testing pilot factories Fab-labs coaching fabrication of new products €£$ incubators investors SMEs governments research organisations other Orchestrator large companies CC start-ups training providers
  21. 21. DIH Possible role of co-creators • When new digital products are developed, provide a possibility for co-creation/validation by users How to get involved? • Contact your local digital innovation hub (see catalogue) and see if there is a possibility of collaboration • Liaise with national initiatives on digitisation • Engage with European actors and convince them of your added value, so you can be included in the consortium for a proposal. Now proposals are open for robotics DIHs. • Working group on Digital Innovation Hubs Report: innovation-hubs-mainstreaming-digital-innovation-across-all-sectors-final • Brochure on Digitising European Industry actions/digitising-european-industry-taking-stock-18 • Catalogue of Digital Innovation Hubs • I4MS: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs • Smart Anything Everywhere 24
  22. 22. Never hear “NO”, hear “NOT YET!” In many countries the public sector already utilizes co-creators. Next we’ll bring the message to the industrial sector for more competitive market and user driven products