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Presentation at the LILAN final conference

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Mikael Borjeson ENoLL

  1. 1. European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) Mikael Börjeson, Sweden ENoLL Council  20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  2. 2. Overview• ENoLL, history and value.. •  CoreLabs 2004-2007 (Launch Helsinki, 2006 – 10 members)• What is the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)• Who are our members?• ENoLL supports the EIP AHA• ENoLL in Smart City- and Future Internet Initiatives• Find out more…20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  3. 3. What is (the value of) a Living Lab? • Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations • Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP) for creation, prototyping, validating and testing new technologies, services, products etc in real-life contexts • Empower citizens (end-users) as active co- creators of value, ideas & innovations that can benefit the whole society • Moreover, Policy-makers & citizens can use Living Labs to design & refine new policies in real-life scenarios20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  4. 4. Where does it come from and how did it evolve into ENoLL?• Originated for MIT (US), further developed in Europe• Supported by EC as bridging the gap between R&D and market entrance (faster take up of R&D results) and enable SMEs obstacles on local and regional markets in the fragmented European market place• Linked with EC policies and initiatives EU2020, Digital Agenda, especially through initiatives such as EIPs on Smart Cities, Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), Future Internet, Design …• Several Living Lab initiatives supported by the EC as well as national programmes (FP7, CIP ICT PSP programme, etc)20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  5. 5. ENoLL in short (1/2) • ENoLL informal network launched in 2006 under the Finnish EU Presidency, grown into a non-profit international association representing a diverse community of over 300 ENoLL ‘certified’ Living LabsAll Living Labs:www.openlivinglabs.eu/livinglabs 20/09//2012  
  6. 6. ENoLL in short (2/2)• ENoLL association is lead by ENoLL effective and associated members (General Assembly) with elected management board (Council of 20 members)• ENoLL office in Brussels (2010) facilitating knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between its members: •  Network events to exchange information and best practice •  Disseminates information on EU funding and project opportunities, supports to build project consortia and develop joint projects •  Influences EU policies and engages in debate with EU institutions (consultations, workshops etc)• ENoLL is also partner to key few EU-funded projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole network20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  7. 7. ENoLL full members•  IBBT-iLab.o (BE)•  Flemish Living Lab Platform (BE)•  Northern Rural-Urban Living Lab (FI)•  Laurea Living Labs Network (FI)•  HumanTech LivingLab (FI)•  Suuntaamo Tampere Central Region Living Lab (FI)•  Helsinki Living Lab - Forum Virium Helsinki (FI)•  Ways Of Learning for the Future (FR)•  Telecommunication Networks Integrated Services Laboratory (EL)•  Trentino as a Lab (IT)•  Lighting Living Lab (PT)•  i2Cat- Catalonia Digital Lab (ES)•  espaitec Living Lab (ES)•  Bird Living Lab (ES)•  Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab (ES)•  Botnia Living Lab (SE)•  Manchester Living Lab (UK)•  City Lab Coventry (UK)•  The European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network (IT)•  Aalto University School of Economics (FI)•  ESADE (ES)•  Finnish Living Lab Network of Universities of Applied Sciences (FI)20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  8. 8. Living Labs, Smart Cities & Future Internet     Smart cities:policies, application pull, public data, citizens initiatives [ Citizens ] Living lab: User-driven playground for co- creating Future Internet testbeds as and validating innovative technology platforms scenarios and services20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  9. 9. EIP AHA European  Innova1on  Partnership  on  Ac1ve  and  Healthy  Ageing ENoLL Commitment   ENoLL published a commitment to EIP AHA Action Group C2: Interoperable •    independent Living Solutions •  Active in the Interoperability sub-group in the area of application interoperability and supporting the socio-economic evidence and implementation subgroups (mainly in the WPs related to User Empowerment and involvement) •  ENoLL Commitment is built on following: •  Coordination of a pan-European community of Living Labs in the domain of Health and AAL that will contribute to the availability of interoperable independent living solutions with special focus on application, organizational and service interoperability, and that will support cross-border development and testing of solutions, considering contextual factors, business models and strong involvement of user communities •  Predecessor of this commitment is the APOLLON project, carried out by many ENoLL members, and that has taken an important role in networking and harmonising Living Lab approaches throughout Europe •  Results from the APOLLON project have been officially transferred to ENoLL for open exploitation towards the wider community of Living Labs, including the Health and Independent Living Thematic Network •  ENoLL is also involved in the FI-PPP as a partner in the CONCORD project supporting one of the main FI-PPP pillars: the user driven20/09/21   approach
  10. 10. EIP AHA ENoLL Planned Activities   •  Based on the concept of community and consensus building and, exchange   of knowledge and experiences, ENoLL carries out projects and relies on its members while collecting and bringing together knowledge from multiple projects and actions carried out a local, regional and European level in the AHA domain. •  As part of its networking activities, ENoLL plans for organising AHA workshops and networking activities in order to: •  Gather input from many projects about the current usage of standards, challenges and success stories in the implementation of interoperable solutions and applications for Independent Living •  Promote the usage in current and future projects of interoperable AHA solutions aligned with EIP-AHA plan and actions. •  Forster partnerships among the ENoLL members and between them and the FI-PPP and AALOA community as a platform to design and implement these solutions and applications involving many SMEs and many users all over Europe to gather evidence about return of investment20/09/21  
  11. 11. Find out more…• www.openlivinglabs.eu• Follow us on Twitter @openlivinglabs and on facebook• www.fireball.eu• http://smartcitiesnetwork.eu/ (beta)• www.apollon-pilot.eu •  Cross-border pilots on: Homecare & independent living service, Energy efficiency, eManufacturing & eParticipation• www.fi-ppp.eu• http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ livinglabs• Technology Innovation Management Review (Sep 2012)20/09/21   20/09//2012  
  12. 12.       THANK YOU ! URL: www.openlivinglabs.eu Mikael Börjeson: mikael.borjeson@cdt.ltu.se ENoLL Office: info@enoll.org  20/09/21   20/09//2012